Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise Walkthrough

By Jennifer Allen |

Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise is a compelling adventure game from Yak & co. The first episode in a continuing series, it has you trying to track down and capture evil spy, Ruby La Rouge, by infiltrating her secret lair. Gamezebo’s Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise guide will help you decipher the many puzzles within, and get one step closer to finding Ruby La Rouge.

General Tips

  • When a cutscene pops up, you can always skip the dialogue by hitting the fast forward button in the right hand corner.
  • Remember to stop and smell the roses. You don’t have to just follow this walkthrough – poke around and tap on objects to learn more about them.
  • Not everything has to be done in a specific order. Be flexible and experiment.
  • The downward arrow in the top left hand corner takes you back to your previous location. It’s easier than using two fingers to swipe backwards.
  • Want to rewatch a cutscene? Go into the pause menu and options to do so are there.


  • Approach the front of the house.
  • To unlock the front door, tap on the flowerpot to find a key.
  • Pick up the key and use it on the panel to the left of the door.


  • The correct sequence of buttons to tap is highlighted in the screenshot.
  • Look at the vase on the coffee table.
  • Open the top and hit the secret button.
  • Go to the control panel to the right, and collect the handle on the shelf.
  • Press the buttons on the bottom right hand corner until all the lights shut off.
  • Head into the back room, before going upstairs to the library.
  • Knock over the lamp and check out the books behind it.
  • Pick up the uncovered magnet.


  • Go back a couple of steps to the entry lobby with the fish tank.
  • Look at the fish tank to see a key.
  • Put the magnet on the glass over the key, then move the magnet to guide the key out via the filtration system.
  • Open the filter and take the key.
  • Go upstairs to a new area, and unlock the door with that key.
  • Open the nearby drawer to get Wedge 1.
  • Go in the right door into the bathroom.


  • Run the shower and wait a moment to see a clock face appear on the glass. It shows 3.00.
  • Open the cabinet, take note of the symbol on the shampoo bottle, and take Wedge 2.
  • Move the pots on the left aside, and flick the switch to activate a safe room.
  • Take the telescope.
  • Flick the switch again and leave.
  • Go through the left door to Ruby’s study.


  • Look at the clock and move the hands to change the time to 3.00.
  • Take the diamond from the resulting secret compartment.
  • Take a look at the gramophone to the left. Take a record from the shelf and place it on top of the player.
  • Use the handle from your inventory, and spin it until the meter goes red.
  • Pick up the screwdriver that flies out.
  • Look at the contents of the desk. Most notably, the symbol on the note under the blueprints.
  • Leave the room and go through the back to enter Ruby’s bedroom.
  • Go upstairs to her loft.
  • Look at the chair.
  • Push the cushion aside to pick up Wedge 3.
  • Look at the table and move the plant to pick up a Cube.


  • Move the plant pots hanging from the ceiling according to the screenshot. They now match with the lobby arrangement.
  • Pick up the resulting Wedge 4.
  • Place the telescope on the tripod that’s now in the room.
  • Backtrack to the entrance lobby.
  • Look at the control panel again.
  • Place your newly acquired Cube in the hole on the right.
  • Rearrange the colors of the cubes so they go red, white, orange, blue, yellow.


  • Take Wedge 5 which has just appeared.
  • Head into the living room in the back.
  • Look at the alarm on the door and use the screwdriver to open it.
  • Use the diamond to reflect the beams, unlocking both the front and back doors.
  • Go outside.
  • Pick up the glass on the table, and knock the table over.
  • Take Wedge 6 from under the chair.
  • Open the pool filter on the deck, and tip your glass in there.
  • Move to the right, to the next part of the pool.
  • Look at the plant, and take the keycard from under its leaves.
  • Go back a little to take a look at the pipe on the left of the same room.
  • Spin the handle clockwise until it comes off. Pick it up.
  • Go back inside the house.


  • Go out the front door, right back to where you started.
  • Investigate the area to the right, and place the handle on the pipe.
  • Spin it clockwise to switch off the water.
  • Go all the way back to the second pool area.
  • Press the button that can now be seen in the pool.
  • Take Wedge 7 from the nearby panel.
  • Tap the top middle button on the panel twice, followed by the middle button once.
  • Go into the garage.
  • Open all the cupboard doors. Take the oil can, two corks, and plunger.
  • Use the oil can on the trapdoor in the garage. Open it to grab Wedge 8.
  • Go back to the pool room.
  • Put the corks into the left and center pump holes.
  • Go all the way back to the front of the house, and to the right hand area.
  • Spin the handle counterclockwise to turn the water back on.
  • Head back to the second pool area, and grab the fish bone in the water.
  • Go to Ruby’s bedroom and give the fish bone to the cat.
  • Take the lens from the chair and head upstairs to Ruby’s loft.
  • Place the lens on the telescope and look through it.


  • Zoom in a little to see the number 1771 on the lighthouse.
  • Go back to the bathroom, and turn on the tap.
  • Use the plunger to uncover a key, and grab it.
  • Go to the living room. Check out the coffee table.
  • Press the buttons – top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left, to see a keyhole.
  • Use the triangular key to unlock the panel.
  • Draw the three different patterns on the board. They appear for a moment, so just copy the patterns.
  • Take Wedge 9 from the opened panel. Notice the symbol on the drawer.
  • Go way back to the front of the house and the area with pipes.
  • Look at the electrical box and pay attention to the symbol.
  • Use the keycard in the machine here, to open the glass panel.


  • Spin the four dials to match the symbols shown in the screenshot.
  • Take Wedge 10, as well as the key.
  • Go back to the garage and use the key on the toolbox.
  • Pick up the hammer, lightbulb, key, and Wedge 11.
  • Backtrack to the electrical box outside, and use the key.
  • Take the yellow fuse and return to the garage, to place it in the fusebox.
  • You need to move the yellow block to the connector on the right hand side of the screen.


  • The screenshot gives you an indication of what you’re aiming for. Focus on getting the two tall fuses to the bottom, and work around there.
  • Head back to the pool and grab Wedge 12 from the filtration system.
  • Go to Ruby’s bedroom, and you’ll find a box at the foot of her bed.
  • Put all the wedges in the slots, and grab the ruby from it.
  • Go to the entrance lobby, and use the ruby in the bull’s eye socket. Take the pianola roll from there.
  • Go to the library and place the roll in the piano.


  • Repeat the three songs that are played to you. Look at the diagram above and follow this order: BCE, BCEEGH, BCEEGHHGFCB
  • Take the hacking tool from the secret compartment.
  • Go downstairs to the living room.
  • Use the glass of water on the fireplace.
  • Take the tile.
  • Look at the painting on the wall, and move it to reveal a safe.
  • Move the inner wheel until the dot is on the left by the arrow, then do the same with the outer wheel, before finishing with the middle one.
  • Put the tile in the gap.


  • Move the tiles so they look like this screenshot.
  • Hit the glass window until it breaks.
  • Use the code 7667 on the key panel. The panel is broken, so it’ll show as 1771 – like the number on the lighthouse.
  • Move the dials so that all the arrows point at each other.
  • Start with the far left dial, then the bottom one, middle, and far right one.
  • Use the hacking tool on the resulting panel.


  • Starting from the left, tap on it when the white number is in the middle section. Repeat for all the lines.
  • Pick up the C4 and press the button.
  • Go back to the front door.
  • Smash the bulb with the hammer.
  • Pick up the item that falls out.
  • Go to the library now.
  • Remove the cushion from the seat, and put the new item in the slot.
  • Take the phone.


  • Go to the pool where the locked trap door is.
  • Place the explosives on it and put the phone on top.
  • Go back to the study and look at the phone.
  • Tap the speaker button, before entering the number for the C4 phone – 921981.
  • Go through the secret door to finish the game.


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