Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost Walkthrough

Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost – Game Introduction

Welcome to the Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost walkthrough on Gamezebo. Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost is a point-and-click adventure game played on PC and Mac created by Casual Box Studio. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to how to complete Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost.

General Information

Getting around

In this game you need to explore various scenes to find items and solve puzzles. You can find out what to do in any given scene by scanning the scene with your cursor. When you’re playing in casual mode, items and other interactive zones occasionally sparkle to help you find them.

The cursor will change into the following icons when you can interact with something:

  • Hand: grab an object
  • Magnifying glass: zoom in on an object
  • Jigsaw pieces: use one object on another. Sometimes you need to combine 2 or more items in the inventory to make a new one before they can be used. If this is the case, both items in the inventory will show jigsaw pieces when you put your cursor on them
  • Gears: activate an object or start a puzzle
  • Footsteps: leave the scene


All puzzles can instantly be skipped – you don’t have to wait for the skip button to charge. When you click the Skip button, you can choose to skip instantly, meaning the puzzle will be solved for you, or to take a Joker. A Joker will simplify the puzzle by adding more pieces or taking away options. You can use 2 jokers per puzzle.

All puzzles have a Reset button. Hit the Reset button to delete your progress and start again. When you hit Reset when you’re playing one of the randomized puzzles, you will likely be presented with a completely new puzzle with a different solution.

Diary and guide

In the bottom left corner of the screen is your guide. The guide has 2 sections. The diary part of the guide keeps track of the storyline. The guide shows your current objectives in red. Below the objectives is a list of questions you may have when trying to complete the objectives. Clicking on these questions will give you detailed answers to these questions. So if you’re completely stuck, the guide will invariably help you get back on track.


Objective: Take the key and the plan of the house

  • Click on the car door to open
  • Take the car keys out of the ignition
  • Click on the car keys in the inventory and use them on the glove compartment
  • Take out the key and the plan of the house

Objective: Enter the house

  • Click on the steps to the house to walk to the entrance
  • Click on the door handle. It will tell you to use the key
  • Take the key from the inventory and use it on the lock. The door will open
  • Before you go in, take the sealed envelope from behind the name plate next to the door
  • Click on the door to enter

Objective: Turn the light on

  • Pick up the 3 pieces of the light switch (yellow)
  • Use the repaired switch on the switch on the wall (orange)

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Click on the switch to turn on the light

Talk to the ghost. He will give you a pendant and tell you you need to free six ghosts that are held captive in the mansion.


Objective: Meet the first ghost

  • Before you go into the living room, have a quick look around the hallway. There is a locked door to the right, a broken vase with a dead plant for which you need something sharp and the dog is trapped on the first floor
  • Take the music score from the wall cabinet on the left

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Go into the living room on the left where you will meet Yumanco

Objective: Restore the Kapangya book

  • Find the 6 pages (yellow) that were torn out of the Kapangya book
  • Also pick up the second sealed letter (green)
  • Zoom in on the Kapangya book (orange)

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Put the pages back in the book

Objective: Assemble the base of the statuette

  • Look inside the book to find out how to assemble the statuette. You will first need to find the base and somehow light a fire inside it
  • Leave the book to go back to the living room
  • Collect the 4 pieces of the statuette lying around the room (yellow)

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Among the pieces of the broken cabinet on the floor, near the chess board, is a puzzle box (orange)
  • Solve the jigsaw puzzle on the lid of the box to find the Kapangya eye. To move the pieces, click two pieces to swap them around

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Click on the piano in the back of the room and watch Yumanco play
  • Put the music score you found in the cabinet in the hallway on the piano
  • Four of the piano keys will faintly light up in red. Play the keys according to the order on the score – the key on the left corresponding with the lowest symbol on the score etc.

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • When you’ve played the correct order, the jaw of the statue will appear inside the piano
  • Go back to the hallway and walk into the corridor at the back. The final piece of the statuette will be lying on the floor (yellow) and the third letter is stuck behind the side table on the left (green)

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Take the painting from the wall and find a rope behind it
  • Open the drawer of the side table and find a lighter
  • Go into the closet on the left
  • Take the lighter fluid from the shelf and the light bulb from the back wall

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Leave the closet and go into the kitchen
  • Take the rag from the table, the knife from the cabinet door and the saucepan from the counter top (yellow)
  • Run the tap (orange) by clicking on it and fill the saucepan with water – you will need this later on in the game

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Go back to the entrance hall and use the knife from the kitchen on the dead plant in the pot to get twigs
  • Go back to the dining room and zoom in on the statuette
  • Put the base of the statuette in place
  • Inside your inventory, use the rope on the sticks to tie them together. Then place the bundle of tinder wood inside the base of the statuette
  • Inside the inventory, put the lighter fluid in the lighter, and then use the lighter to light the wood inside the statuette
  • When the fire is lit, place the next piece of the statuette on top. It’s a flat, square looking piece. Refer to the diagram in the book if you’re not sure

Objective: Assemble the head of the statuette

  • You should already have all the rest of the statue pieces. Refer to the previous section if you don’t
  • First place the jaw on the statuette, followed by the two curved pieces around the sides
  • Finally, put the head in place and place the eye in the head

Objective: Activate Kapangya’s 4 powers

  • Zoom in on the statuette
  • The first clue is “two dragons to elevate rock”, so click on the buttons until you have 2 red dragons. Then click the statuette’s eye to activate the ELEVATION effect
  • Next is “an eye and a dragon to cast light” so turn the top button into a blue eye and leave the other as a dragon. Then click the eye to activate the ILLUMINATION effect
  • “Two eyes and the earth will quake” – two blue eyes for the QUAKE effect
  • “A dragon and an eye to shadow the sun” – a dragon and an eye for the ECLIPSE effect

Objective: Find the guard’s spear

  • Collect the 5 pieces of spear lying around. The last piece is inside the cube on the right

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • You need to determine how many cubes the structure is made of. The puzzle is always the same and the answer is 39
  • Take the last piece of the spear out of the stone structure and give the spear to the ghost

Objective: Enter the temple

  • Select the Kapangya statuette from the inventory and click on the temple door
  • Activate the elevation effect by entering 2 red dragons and clicking the eye
  • When the door is open, go in

Objective: Get the 4 great sorrows

  • It is dark inside the temple, so select the Kapangya and enter a blue eye and a red dragon and click the eye to activate the illuminate effect
  • On the stairs are 2 sets of fresco pieces – 5 yellow pieces and 5 green pieces. Collect them all
  • Put the yellow pieces on the fresco to the left of the stairs
  • To complete the yellow and green frescos you need to select the two pieces that will fit into the empty spaces and complete the picture, so you need to look carefully at the markings on the pieces. I can’t give you the solution as this is a random puzzle and the answer will be different each time, but below is an example

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • When you’ve selected your 2 pieces, click “submit”. If you get it wrong you will get a new set of pieces
  • After you’ve completed the fresco, take the first great sorrow from the wall
  • Do the same with the green fresco behind the stairs
  • When you have the yellow and green sorrows, go upstairs to “death row”
  • Upstairs are two more frescos – a red and a blue one. Pick up the red cartridge and place it on the red fresco

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • These two frescos are a bit different. You need to place all 5 pieces on the correct place of the fresco. You can do this by drawing a line between the piece and the general location on the fresco. When you’re done, click “submit”. Again, if you get it wrong you will get 5 new pieces

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Take the red sorrow from the wall
  • The blue cartridge is on the other side of a hole in the floor you can’t cross. Select Kapangya from the inventory and click on the ceiling above the gap
  • Select 2 blue eyes and click on the eye to activate the quake effect. The ceiling will collapse, closing the gap
  • Pick up the blue cartridge and do the same as with the red fresco
  • When you have all 4 sorrows, go to the top of the pyramid up the stairs at the back of the corridor

Objective: Sacrifice Kapangya

  • Select Kapangya and click on the sky
  • Select a dragon and an eye and click the eye of the statue to activate the eclipse effect
  • Zoom in on the altar and place the sorrows in the spots roughly matching the image on the sorrow itself. They’re quite hard to see, but the solution is below

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Finally, place Kapangya in the center
  • When you return to the mansion, don’t forget to pick up the key that Yumanco dropped on the living room floor


Objective: Help the ghost called Natsumi

  • Leave the dining room and have another chat with Nathan
  • Go into the back corridor and click on the basement door
  • Use the key Yumaco dropped to open the door and go downstairs

Objective: Turn on the light in the cellar

  • Use the rag from the kitchen table to take out the broken light bulb
  • Then replace it with the light bulb from the closet
  • Click the switch on the right to turn on the light
  • Grab the broken pruning shears from the shelf on the right. Open the toolbox on the same shelf and take out the hammer. Knock over the container of coal. Take the screwdriver from the crate on the left. Take the fourth letter from the trash can on the left

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Use the hammer on the vase in the back to break it and pick up the piece of paper
  • Zoom in on the grate in the cellar floor

Objective: Unscrew the grate in the cellar

  • Select the screwdriver and click on the grate to zoom in on a puzzle
  • You need to completely unscrew all 4 screws. However, unscrewing some will tighten others. You need to figure out which ones to unscrew first to get them all out. Right clicking loosens, left clicking tightens. In my game I unscrewed top left first, then top right, bottom left and bottom right. I kept repeating this pattern until they were all unscrewed
  • At the bottom of the grate is a piece of charcoal and at the top left of the hole is a screw you can pick up – take them both
  • Go back to the cellar and click on Natsumi, who is hiding in the dark in the back
  • Give her the paper and charcoal. Then click on her again and she will draw something for you. Pick up the sketch

Objective: Trim the bonsai to look as Natsumi remembers it

  • In your inventory, repair the broken pruning shears with the screw
  • Select the shears and click on the bonsai
  • You get 7 moves to prune the tree. If you get it wrong, you have to start again

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

Objective: Find the bridal suite

  • Pick up some of the pink leaves from under the tree, then walk to the Zen garden in the top right
  • Click on the Zen garden for a puzzle. You need to determine which of the 6 areal views matches the garden. Pay close attention to the locations of the rocks in relation to each other and to the lantern. Each time I’ve played it the answer has been C. This lights the lantern
  • Click on the center door in the back to enter the bridal suite

Objective: Tidy up the bridal suite

  • The suite is a mess and you need to restore it to its original state
  • First, pick up all the items lying around: 2 pieces of the table (blue); 2 bowls (orange); 3 parts of a kimono (pink); thetea pot and teapot stand (green); the bento box and the meal, the torch and the incense stick (all yellow)

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Once you have cleared away the larger pieces, you can pick up 2 more table pieces (yellow) and the incense holder (green)

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Now click on the bed, the screens, the bonsai and the open door in the back (to roll down the curtain)
  • Once the bed is made, you can click on it to get a brief image of what the reinstated room should look like
  • Put the petals on the bed; place the kimono pieces on the screen – first the white one, then the pink one, then the red one; place the table on the floor between the cushions; put the two bowls on the table; put the teapot stand on the table and place the tea pot on top
  • In your inventory, put the meal in the bento box and put the box on the table
  • Now click on the bedside cabinet and solve the puzzle. You need to determine which of the stacks of stones matches the outline in the middle. Each time I played this, the answer was 3
  • Go back to the Zen garden and light the torch in the lantern
  • Now go back out to the park and use the burning torch to light the 3 lanterns on the path to the bench: first the one by the bridge, then the large one at the front and finally the one by the bench
  • Click on the bench for a classic “mastermind” puzzle. You need to figure out the correct order of 4 cobblestones by selecting 4 stones and putting them in the empty circles. There are 8 colors to choose from and each color is only used once in the sequence. When there is a cobblestone of the right color in the sequence, one of the water lilies on the right will light up. When there is a stone in the correct spot, you will get a lily with a flower. There is no real trick to this, you just have to use guesswork and logic to find out the correct order. Unfortunately, you only get 8 moves to get it right. If you fail, you will get a new sequence and have to start again
  • Get the oil lamp from the bench and go back to the bridal suite
  • In your inventory, put the incense on the holder and place it on the floor by the table. Then light it with the torch
  • Hang the lamp above the bed and light it with the torch
  • Finally, put the torch on the wall by the bed
  • When you get back to the mansion, pick up the coil of rope Natsumi left behind

Murray the Pirate

Objective: Bring Murray the pirate’s galleon back to its former glory

  • Go back to the entrance hall. The door to the dining room is now open, so go in and talk to Murray
  • Pick up the 6 pieces of the vase (yellow) and the fifth envelope (green
  • Then get the picture frame from the sideboard in the back (orange) and put the vase in its place

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

Objective: Find the treasure hidden in the dining room and give it to Murray

  • Murray will set fire to the carpet. Fortunately, you’ve been carrying a saucepan of water since the start of the game (if you haven’t, go back to the kitchen, pick up the saucepan, run the tap and fill the pan). Extinguish the fire with the water
  • There is a key under the mat, take it
  • Put the picture frame on the wall above Murray (blue in the previous image). It reveals a picture of the room with a section scratched out. Click on the black area to reveal the clock in the display cabinet. It is set to 5 minutes to 6

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Now use the key on the display cabinet in the back of the room, on the right to open it, and zoom in on the clock
  • Set the clock to the time in the picture – the right button moves the minute hand, the left button the hour hand
  • A compartment will open. Take out the torn page with 13 on it
  • Now zoom in the shelves on the left side of the room and put the torn page on the book at the end. Inside is a jigsaw puzzle

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • The picture of the jigsaw puzzle reveals another clock. This one is set to 3 o’clock

Objective: Fix the galleon

  • Go back to the clock in the display cabinet and set it to 3
  • Another compartment opens. Take out the boat mast
  • Click on the galleon in the back of the room and place the mast on the boat
  • This unlocks the cabin at the back, so click on the cabin for a numbers riddle. It says:

All numbers are even
The second is half the first
The first is the highest
All are different
The last is less than five

  • The answer is 8, 4, 6, 2, so enter those numbers
  • Take out the treasure, go back to the dining room and give the treasure to Murray

Objective: Find Murray’s chest

  • Pick the berry and catch the crab when it scuttles past

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Then go to the creek under the arch
  • Put the crab in the hole under the rock (orange), and take the map he pushes out

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Click on the skeleton twice to get a hollow reed and a strap
  • When you click on the parrot, he will fly off with the pearl
  • Go back to the beach, select the map and click on the sand for a puzzle. You need to repeat the pattern that lights up. With each step, one more cross is added to the pattern. If you make a mistake, you will have to start again with a new pattern. When you’re done, a red cross appears on the sand

Objective: Take the pearl from the parrot

  • In your inventory, put the berry from the beach on the hollow reed you found on the skeleton
  • Use the blowpipe to shoot at the parrot
  • Take the pearl and get another puzzle. For this puzzle, you need to guess where the pearl is buried. Each time you click a square, a number will appear, telling you the number of squares between you and the pearl – horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You get 6 moves

Objective: Make a shovel

  • Go back to the creek and walk to the branches to the left. Click on the branches to get another puzzle. You need to pick off the branches one by one, always taking the one that’s on top. When you’re done, you get a shovel handle
  • Go back to the beach and walk into the water. You can only stay under water 30 seconds before having to go back to the beach
  • Under water, pick up the shovel head and the stick

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • When the oyster opens, put the stick in it to prop it open. Then take the pearl from your inventory and replace it for the key inside the oyster

Objective: Find Murray’s chest, continued

  • Now you have the two pieces of the shovel, put them together in the inventory. If you use it on the red cross straight away, it will break again, so you need to strengthen it with the strap, then dig at the red cross
  • Use the key from the oyster to unlock the chest and click to zoom in
  • Take out the second piece of the locket
  • When you’re back in the mansion, have a chat with Nathan and take the hook Murray left behind

The Pharaoh

  • Put Murray’s hook on Natsumi’s rope in your inventory
  • Go back to the entrance hall and use the rope and hook to climb to the dog. Note that once you are upstairs, you cannot go back downstairs. It is possible for you to miss one of the letters downstairs and be stuck upstairs without it. However, this doesn’t seem to make a difference for the outcome of the game
  • On the upstairs landing, take the sixth letter from under the rug
  • Enter the bathroom through the first door on the right and pull back the shower curtain

Objective: Wake up the pharaoh

  • Pick up the 2 pieces of yellow bottle and a piece of the red bottle

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Click on the wall cabinet, open the door on the left and take out a piece of the blue bottle and a piece of the green bottle

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Click on the pharaoh in the bath and pick up the remaining blue, green and red pieces

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Click on the pharaoh’s beard for a picture with a clue. The bottles need to be placed on the floor blue, red, yellow, green, clockwise from top left
  • Now click on the floor for a slide puzzle. The bottles need to be moved to the X of a matching color. However, they will keep sliding until they hit another bottle or the edge of the field. One possible solution is outlined in the figure below

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • When you’re done, the pharaoh will wake up

Objective: Enter the pharaoh’s tomb

  • Talk to the merchant on the left and click on the paper on the floor
  • You need to match the images on the tiles with the images on the cards. The images are likely to be in a different order than in the image below, but they match in the same way

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • When you’ve completed the puzzle you will get a key
  • Go to the entrance of the pyramid

Objective: Find your way through the labyrinth

  • Pick up the medallion of Hathor
  • Go left into the key room and zoom in on the puzzle
  • Place the key from the merchant with the other 4 keys
  • In the middle is a grid that can be turned into a cube when you fold along the lines. You need to place the 5 keys on the grid to make a cube matching the images on the left. So, you need to visualize how the different sides connect when the flat grid is turned into a 3D cube. You can rotate the keys by right clicking on them, but this isn’t necessary

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • When you’ve finished the puzzle, click on the cube to push it down and open the pyramid
  • Now closely look at the panel next to the entrance. You will enter a labyrinth where each room has 3 doors. You need to go through the doors according to the dots on the panel

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Enter the pyramid and go through the doors in the following order: left, middle, middle, left, left, right, right, left, middle. If you make a wrong turn you will be transported back to the start of the maze and you’ll have to start again
  • Make sure to pick up all figurines you find along the way – there is one in every room. Room 9 also has the medallion of Amon

Objective: Assemble the pharaoh’s boat

  • In the final room, click on the little boat in the back for a puzzle. You need to place the figurines on the boat according to the images on the wall. The boat has two sides and each side is represented in one of the images. You can tell which image is which side by figuring out what is the front and the back of the boat (the stern at the front is higher than the back). You cannot place a figurine in the wrong spot – it will simply return to the inventory

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Take the ankh key, zoom in on the ankh shape by the door and place the key. Enter the tomb

Objective: Restore the purification ritual

  • Inside the tomb, pick up the medallion of Isis
  • Zoom in on the sarcophagus. Inside it are the medallions of Thot, Osiris, Anubis and Horus. Take them all
  • Go back to the tomb and inspect all the statues in the back. Remember their order from left to right. The order is: Isis, Thot, Horus, Hathor, Osiris, Anubis, Amon
  • Zoom back in on the sarcophagus and place the medallions in the same order as the statues
  • When you’re done, the mechanism at the top opens. Click on it
  • Turn all discs until al blue and red sections connect to make 2 closed circuits. Unfortunately this puzzle is random, so I can’t give you the solution
  • When you’re back in the mansion, pick up the ochre chalk from the bathroom floor

The monk and the abbot

  • Go back to the landing for another chat with Nathan and then enter the bedroom through the second door on the right
  • Click on the bedside table, open the drawer and click on the crucifix

Objective: Find the monk’s bible

  • Click on the dog to have him help you find the bible
  • Take the bible from the dog and give it to the monk. He will give you a mirror fragment

Objective: Drive the poltergeist out of the bedroom

  • Find the other mirror fragments as shown in the picture. You will need to pull back the blanket to find the one on the bed

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Zoom in on the mirror. There are 4 more mirror fragments scattered around the mirror (including a very small one on the ledge below it). You should have 9 pieces in total
  • Repair the mirror by placing all mirror fragments in the empty spots. The tiny piece you found on the shelf goes just below the skull’s jaw on the lower edge of the mirror
  • Now click on the mirror for a puzzle. You need to place the mirrors on the left on the main mirror so the light beams connect 2 tiles with the same number on the edges. When they’re connected, they will turn green. Move the mirrors around until all tiles turn green

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • When you return to the room, the poltergeist appears. Keep clicking on it until it disappears

Objective: Cure the abbot

  • Right now there is nothing to do in the first scene, so move on to the cloister
  • Pick up the 4 pieces of bottle (yellow) and the plate (green)

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Go down the stairs in the back and pick up the sickle that’s on the stairs
  • Go into the jail and talk to the “witch” behind the bars. She will tell you how to make a cure for the abbot
  • First give her the wooden plate by putting it on the circle of sand on the floor in front of her cell
  • She will ask for a lot of different plants, and instead of constantly walking back and forth between the countryside and the cell, go back to the countryside and collect all plants using your sickle

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Some plants will give you a puzzle before you can take them. These are memory puzzles: you have to memorize a grid with 12 different plants in 30 seconds and then answer a question about the grid. The puzzles are randomized so I can’t give you the answers
  • Also collect the piece of wood on the path (green)
  • Go back to the cell and give the witch the plants in the order she asks for them by placing them on the plate. The order is shown in the image below
  • In between each plant you need to grind them using a pestle you can make from the piece of wood with your sickle.
  • When you use the pestle on the plate after plants 1 and 3, you will get maths puzzles in which you need to determine how many of each plant there is so the numbers in each row and column add up to the numbers on each side. These puzzles are randomized
  • When you use the pestle on plants 2 and 4, you get a puzzle in which each row and column only contains one of each tile. These puzzles are also randomized

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

1. Plant with a bud like a snake’s head
2. Plant with a leaf like a fan
3. Plant with white, foul-smelling flower
4. Plant from “death’s garden” – i.e. the plant that grew on the tombstones

  • When the remedy is done, pick it up and give it to the witch
  • Give the bottle to the witch. Make a stopper from the cork using your sickle and give that to the witch, too
  • Go back to the abbot and give him the potion
  • When you’re back in the mansion, pick up the bottle of holy water the monk left behind


Objective: Open the door to the attic

  • Leave the bedroom and go to the attic door at the back of the landing
  • Find the last letter tucked behind a painting on the right wall
  • Put the ochre on the door. You will be asked how many triangles you can find in the pentagram. By my count there are 35, but frustratingly, the answer you need to enter is 30. Check the image below to find out why (the game only seems to count 5 of the triangles outlined bottom/middle, but i.m.o. there are 5 going clockwise and 5 counterclockwise)

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Pour the holy water on the door and go to the attic

Objective: Finish the ritual

  • Click on the candles on the floor and place the soul pendant in the center
  • Untangle the lines until you make a pentagram on the floor

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

Objective: Escape from hell

  • Grab the injured crow, the knife, the beetle, a piece of the walking stick and the empty hourglass. There is also a lemon on the tree, but you can’t get to it yet

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Walk to Soul Valley
  • Get the butterfly wing, the stick, the second piece of the walking stick and the heart (yellow). Use the knife to get the eyeball (orange)

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Click on the hands that stick out of the ground to talk to the first ghost. He wants a heart, a beetle and some clover. Give him the heart and the beetle and walk to the River Styx

Objective: Cross the Styx

  • Take the clover, sand, stone, string and last piece of the walking stick

 The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

  • Go back to soul valley and give the clover to the ghost
  • Click on the hands again and talk to the second ghost. He wants an eye, injured bird and an hourglass. Give him the eye and the crow. Put the sand in the hourglass and give that to the ghost too
  • The third ghost wants a butterfly wing, walking stick and a rotten fruit. Give him the butterfly wing and the walking stick
  • Go back to the Tree of the Hanged
  • Put the string on the stick, and then put the stone in the slingshot. Use it to shoot the lemon out of the tree
  • Go back to Soul Valley and hold the lemon in the green fumes to make it go rotten. Then give it to the ghost
  • The last ghost you encounter is Richard. Go back to the Tree of the Hanged and tell the man his brother is safe. He will give you a coin
  • Go back to the Styx and give the coin to the boatman. Click on him again to cross the Styx
  • On the other side, go up the stairs to the gate. You need to move the blocks horizontally to make rows of 3 or more. Keep collapsing the blocks until there only are a few left below the red line

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