Age of Champions Walkthrough

Age of Champions – Game Introduction

Age of Champions is a Facebook game developed by KlickNation that lets players go on a quest as a champion to lead an army to the capital city of Skyreach. Choose a faction, travel and fulfill quests, fight battles, hire military advisors, upgrade your technology and grow your army to become the new emperor. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Age of Champions.

Game Interface

At first glance, the interface may be daunting as it has a lot of icons and bars to be able to find your way through the game. Here is a run down of what each item represents and what it can do to help you strategize. A screenshot is provided below for your reference.

Age of Champions

Your wealth and progress bars are found at the top right and are as follows:

  • Level – your current level and points until you reach the next one
  • Energy – needed to complete quests as you travel
  • Stamina – used in battles when you invade other lands
  • Gold – needed to purchase upgrades for your army and buildings
  • Crystals – used to buy premium items

You will gain experience points and gold as you level up by fulfilling quests and fighting in battles. Your energy and stamina will be refilled as you reach a new level or you can also wait for it to recharge as indicated by the timer. Crystals are rewarded through quests as well or you can purchase them with real world currency.

Here’s a tip: Bank your gold before you leave the game. This will ensure that it isn’t looted during battles when you are offline.

The four icons you see on the left will take you to your home page that shows overall statistics, limited items, profiles, past activities and announcements; the gifting page to send weapons or magical items to friends (allies); the alchemy to conjure magical items; and the trophy room where you can reach goals and receive rewards when you’ve fulfilled them.

The main menu are as follows:

  • Travel – complete quests and follow the storyline
  • Battle – invade other player’s lands
  • Army – hire more soldiers into your army
  • Forge – buy weapons and protection for your army
  • Buildings – construct businesses, technology and food buildings to aid you in your quest
  • Player – edit your profile and upgrade your champion
  • Market – purchase limited and high valued items

Your Champion and Faction

When you start the game, you will need to identify your champion and faction. You can choose having a human, an elf or a minotaur to lead your army. Your faction represents what you believe in, whether it be ambition and power; anarchy and independence or law and order.

Age of Champions

This is subjective and choosing what you stand for doesn’t directly affect gameplay. It is only for other players to identify you.

You can edit your champion’s avatar anytime through the Player menu. You can change its gender, race, hair and skin color, facial features, armor and coat of arms.

Age of Champions

It is pretty extensive and you can spend hours just choosing your champion’s identity.

An Epic Adventure

Fulfilling quests is one of the core activities in the game. It guides you through the storyline to decide where to go on next. You are provided with a map which you can click through as you journey through each land.

Age of Champions

There are two ways to travel. One is to use the mini map found on the upper left of the screen. It’s divided into 4 regions which you can click through at any time. You can also click on the arrows at the edges of the screen.

Not all areas are open for you to travel to and will only unlock after you fulfill the requirements. Some will open up when you’ve finished a quest or reach a certain level.

Each quest will require some amount of energy and the map will also indicate the number of experience points and gold you will gain after you’ve done it. Important milestones stands alone and you only need to do it once. Some can be played multiple times until you get the full reward. These quests are there to help you gain more experience and increase your wealth but doesn’t necessarily affect the storyline.

Age of Champions

Grow your Army

Having more soldiers is one way to win battles against other champions. But quantity is not the only thing you need but having the right soldiers by your side. As you progress through the game, more powerful soldiers will be available for you to hire. You can choose from humans, minotaurs, elves and even hire advisors.

Age of Champions

Here’s a tip: Have a good mix of each race based on their power level and life points. Disband (sell) weaker soldiers when stronger ones are available. There is no point keeping them since they will lose in a battle quickly.

Invade Enemy Lands

To gain more experience and gold to continue on with your quest, invading other champions is needed. Going to the Battle menu, you’ll be able to choose an opponent. You have 6 choices. You can pick a worthy opponent that is at par to your skills (which is the default) or choose one from a faction, the top 50 champions or look at what faction is leading.

Age of Champions

Choose wisely and check how many soldiers you are up against. The number of wins and losses can be a guide but looking at your opponent’s profile is the key to winning a battle by clicking on their name.

Upgrade your Champion

The last man standing in any battle is your champion against other players. The only way to survive is to ensure it is equipped with the necessary skills. You can upgrade your champion by going to the Player profile. Skill points are rewarded when you reach the next level.

Age of Champions

Use those points to upgrade your power level, life and stamina points and lastly increase the maximum level of energy for you to do more quests.

Set an Alert and Follow for Updates

Be sure to click on “set an alert” on the top of this page to be notified of any updates, reviews, posts, tips, and cheats for Age of Champions. We’ll be updating our guides all the time.

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