AG Drive Tips, Cheats and Strategies

In case you missed it, late last week I reviewed the fantastic futuristic racing game, AG Drive. In my review I praised the game’s visuals, level variety, and the game’s ability to consistently deliver a smooth experience even when rocketing at neck-break speeds through the game’s gorgeous environments.

Veteran racing game enthusiasts and newcomers alike are going find AG Drive challenging in various ways, but the difficulty can be curved a bit by some careful driving and a bit of planning.

Players interested in ensuring they come out on top, and get the gold, will certainly want to take heed of the following AG Drive tips, cheats and strategies.

Practice Makes Perfect

AG Drive tips cheats strategies
Sharp bank left going 1334 kmph? No sweat.

Because the racetracks in AG Drive are built like rollercoasters, there will be times when you are driving up a steep incline and have no idea what is just over the crest. The road could corkscrew around a bit, requiring drivers to navigate the twists perfectly or risk scrapping the side and losing speed. Sometimes the road just takes a hard turn at the top and you won’t know about it until you’re slamming head-first into a wall, or worse: watching your hover-car fly off the edge of the track, —which can happen in certain areas where the side bumpers are not in place.

It is really frustrating at first because of the nature of the race and how you’re going so fast through these crazy turns, spirals, and jumps that you can’t really accommodate for unexpected turns until it’s too late…but don’t let yourself get too frustrated. The tracks stay the same from race to race, so once you get used to one track’s particular hazards, you’ll greatly increase your ranking in future races.

Hands At 10 and 2

AG Drive tips cheats strategies

I found that because AG Drive is motion-controlled (tilting the screen left and right turns your vehicle left and right) it can be detrimental to play in your usual gaming posture, and some adjustment is needed if you’re going to be able to play as best as you can.

For me, I found that the easiest way to play AG Drive was to hold my iPad out in front of me, at about steering-wheel distance. This stretched my arms forward and made it easier to turn the screen left and right, as opposed to holding the iPad closer to my face with my elbows bent with the end result looking like I’m partaking in some odd chicken dance as I flap my elbows up and down to turn my car.

Smart Savings

AG Drive tips cheats strategies

It might be really tempting to unlock that glossy orange paint color for your racer, but I’d highly recommend focusing on upgrading your vehicle a bit first.

Upgrades make a very noticeable difference, and arguably so will a fresh coat of paint, but the fresh coat of paint won’t improve the car’s handling whatsoever. No matter how many fiery colors you paint it, your car won’t go any faster unless you upgrade its parts.

Time After Time

AG Drive tips cheats strategies

Some of the time-based events can be particularly tricky. You may execute the race flawlessly and still come up short of the gold. Remember, the default racer has a handy little booster ability that you can utilize to squeeze a few seconds off your time. The ability can also be upgraded (another reason to put off the paint job) to further improve performance and cooldown time.

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