Adventure Company Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Adventure Company is something of a mixture between RPG, action, and adventure game from Foursaken Media. Your band of heroes will roam the land, helping those in need – and making a little money on the side. Gamezebo’s Adventure Company …

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Adventure Company is something of a mixture between RPG, action, and adventure game from Foursaken Media. Your band of heroes will roam the land, helping those in need – and making a little money on the side. Gamezebo’s Adventure Company tips, cheats and strategies will have your team saving innocents (while making money hand-over-fist) in no time.

Adventure Prep

  • Earn those stars! Every level has at least one challenge that will, upon completion, reward your company with a star. Do this every chance you get, because those stars come in very handy.
  • Spend those stars! Once you’ve earned a star or two, you can use them in the Upgrade menu (tap the Star icon along the right side of the screen) to give your company permanent bonuses. Each upgrade is a little different, but they all have their uses.
  • Consider focusing on money-making upgrades in the early game. Several upgrades will allow your heroes to level-up faster, and those are great, but starting out you’ll want lots and lots of money. Money hires more heroes, buys them better gear, and can be used to speed up their training (once training is unlocked, anyway).
  • Get as many heroes as possible to start training before you stop playing. Basic training by itself is completely free – it just takes time. If you’re going to stop playing the game for a while (i.e. going to bed, playing something else, etc), always assign heroes to the Training Room (the barbell icon) before doing so. They’ll steadily earn experience while you’re away.
  • No, seriously, use the Training Room all the time. There’s zero penalty for doing so. You can’t use heroes who are training, but you can pull them out of training whenever you want by simply tapping on them while on the Training Room screen. You can also watch a video or spend coins (standard in-game currency) to speed up their experience gains.
  • Check the Shop often. Every few hours, the Shop (tap the sword icon) will restock with new gear. Keep an eye on it, as the equipment you can buy will usually be better than a hero’s default kit.
  • Hire more heroes. Just like the shop, the pool of wannabe adventurers will switch up every few hours. Remember to take a look at who’s available every so often (tap the + icon in the bottom left corner). With the right upgrades you might even find some very powerful recruits!
  • Know when to promote ‘em. Once they’ve earned enough experience, a hero will gain a star in the rank of whatever their current class is. Earning these non-challenge related stars will eventually unlock the option to promote a given hero to a new class. A Trainee can become a Farmer, a Fighter, or an Archer, while a Farmer can become a Lumberjack or an Apprentice, and so on. Each class has its perks, but make sure you know what you want before you commit to a given class – you can “demote” heroes if you want, but you’ll be locked in to a given class option once you pick it. So bumping a Fighter back to Trainee will not allow you to change that Trainee to a Farmer or Archer.
  • Standings are important. Every day (like, actual real world day) your company will be ranked against four others, with rank placement determining how many gems (premium currency) are earned. Try to reach the top, and earn more gems!
  • Standings are determined by one thing: artifacts. There’s a chance for an artifact or two to pop up during any mission, so try to collect them if you can. A few missions even focus on artifact collection, so they’re a decent source for a bit of farming. Repeated plays of these levels will yield smaller and smaller increases on the Standings board, though.

Fighting the Good Fight

  • More heroes makes a mission easier, but it also means less experience overall. The experience earned from a mission is shared, so the more bodies you throw into the mix the more it’ll be divvied up. If you want to promote specific heroes faster, consider taking them in solo. Similarly, if a mission is giving you a hard time, consider bringing in a bunch of heroes.
  • Forget the experience dilution – bring more heroes on defense missions. These missions require the hero/heroes to defend specific NPCs or locations, and usually take place in fairly sizable maps. So the more heroes you have the less ground you have to cover.
  • Game the challenges. If you need to make sure a defense target doesn’t take damage, bring a bunch of heroes on the mission to act as a second line of defense. If you’re supposed to avoid taking damage, bring a buddy to do most (if not all) of the work. It feels a little like cheating, but those stars are important!
  • Keep an eye out for artifacts. I know it’s already been mentioned but it bears repeating.
  • Know your enemy. You can see what types of enemies will appear during a mission by looking at the right half of the screen during hero selection. You can also tap on a given enemy type for a more detailed description.
  • Use those hero skills. Pretty much every ability a given hero class can learn is useful – from the Fighter’s defensive stance to the Farmers planter. Try to remember who can do what when you begin a mission, and take advantage of their specific skill sets when you can.
  • Don’t hesitate to take over for a teammate. When multiple heroes are brought on a mission, whichever ones you aren’t directly controlling will move around and attack on their own. Which is great. However, if one of them gets into trouble (or, say, you want to use a specific skill), you can switch to controlling them directly by tapping on the character swap icon or by tapping on a specific hero’s portrait at the bottom of the screen.
  • Mind your Mana. Special skills require the use of Mana, which is pulled from a general pool that’s shared by all the heroes on a given mission. Try not to burn through all of it with one hero if you think you might need to use another’s skills in a pinch.
  • Play around with everything. There’s no penalty for failing a mission other than the time it took to play, so don’t be afraid to try all sorts of classes and team combinations.
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