A Guide on How to Get the Most out of Mahjong Mystery

While mahjong is a simple enough game, Mahjong Mystery has depth and tons of features, taking the classic version of the game to the next level. The core gameplay mechanic of matching pairs of tiles on a board is relatively …

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While mahjong is a simple enough game, Mahjong Mystery has depth and tons of features, taking the classic version of the game to the next level. The core gameplay mechanic of matching pairs of tiles on a board is relatively straightforward, but the rest of the game is packed with various different quests and activities designed to help you make as much gold as you can as quickly as possible.

To help you navigate the many paths available to you for increasing your stockpile of sweet, sweet gold, we’ve teamed up with developer Difference Games to bring this guide to getting the most out of Mahjong Mystery.

Mahjong Mystery is all about gold. Without gold coins you can’t unlock new stages, and without unlocking new stages you can’t get to the end. Obviously.

There are several ways of obtaining gold coins. The first is simply this:

Play Rounds of Mahjong

While you won’t earn as much from completing stages as you spent on unlocking them in the first place, this gold is still a vital part of your income.

If you’re low on gold at any point you can revisit stages you’ve already completed, giving you limitless earning power. Paywalls? What paywalls?

You may have noticed that each stage comes with a star rating. This is all about speed. The faster you match tiles, the more exponentially quickly your combo bar fills, and if you fill it three times over you’ll get the maximum possible number of coins for that stage.

If you get stuck while playing a stage you can tap on the icon in the bottom-left of the screen for a hint, but beware: this will cost you your combo, and potentially a star or two.

At the end of every stage you’ll get a chance to watch a video for 50k gold coins. This is much more than you’ll earn for completing the stage, and well worth doing – not least because it also gives you a shot on the prize wheel, where you can win tens or hundreds of thousands more coins.

Finally, at the end of every stage you’ll get some collectibles, and that brings us nicely to the next path to riches.

Craft Treasures to Sell

If you tap on the inventory icon (the round bottle at the top of the screen) you’ll see the collectibles you’ve amassed. You can sell these treasures individually for 5000 a pop, but you can also save them up to craft potions and jewelry for much larger rewards.

Visit this screen regularly to make sure you’re getting the most out of your collectibles, perhaps clearing out the more common ones and saving the ones you need to craft your next high value item.

Claim your Star Rewards

The icon to the right of the inventory takes you to your star rewards page. As you start to build up a collection of stars by completing stages, you’ll be able to redeem these as daily rewards (more for logging in each day), wheel rewards (bigger prizes on the wheel of fortune), map treasure (treasure chests littered across the map), and crafted items (more gold for selling combined collectibles in your inventory).

Difference Games says: “Make sure to apply all your star rewards by tapping in the top right corner.  These will let you significantly increase your daily bonus, coins from treasures, coins from crafting and coins from the wheel spins.”

Collect Your Magical Globe Coins

After a couple of rounds Mahjong Mystery will give you a Magical Globe. Gold coins steadily drop into this at a rate of one every second, and the capacity of the globe grows after each round. You don’t have to do anything to keep this happening, but you do have to remember to cash out whenever the globe fills up. You can find the icon on the bottom-left of the screen.

Complete Your Daily Tasks

Every day Mahjong Mystery gives you three tasks to complete. If you don’t complete them one day they roll over – partially completed – to the next. These tasks involve doing stuff you’re likely to do anyway, like unlocking five normal levels, spinning the prize wheel five times, and unlocking five expert levels.

It pays to tailor your gameplay around these tasks to maximize your daily income. There’s a multiplier attached to your reward for doing tasks, and this increases as you tick them off.

Difference Games says: “Make sure you do your quests every day.  Each time you complete a quest your multiplier will raise so you can get even more coins on all future quests.”

Upgrade your Pet

After finishing 20 stages you’ll get the opportunity to liberate a pet (just look for the cage on the path). This pet gives you a coin multiplier for every level you complete and, as you progress through the game, you’ll periodically get the chance to revisit your pet and upgrade it, increasing your multiplier even more.

Difference Games says: “After unlocking levels 21-40 you can upgrade the creature and then get 4x the coins per level. If you have enough coins it can be worth unlocking a bunch of levels and not playing them right away.  Then you can upgrade your creature and when you do play the levels you will earn lots more coins.”

Open the Treasure Chests

Littered along the path are treasures chests that become unlockable as you complete stages in normal and expert mode. Keep checking in to see whether you’ve completed enough stages to unlock these chests, which erupt with gold coins.

Difference Games says: “Rare treasure chests appear at the end of each land, by the door. They require you to complete all 20 levels in order to open them. They give you a TON of coins and also increase your coin multiplier. It can be tempting to open them right away but an even better option is to wait until you get the ‘open rare treasure’ quest. This way you can immediately complete it since you already have a rare chest ready to pluck.”

Do Quests

At the bottom-right of the screen is an Hourly Quests icon. Check in here every hour (or when you feel like it) to play a quest for craftable items.

Also dotted along the way you’ll find blue, yellow, red, and green quest orbs, which you can complete for craftable items and multipliers.

Difference Games says: “Keep an eye out for quests that reward you for completing bonus levels. The Red and Blue bonus levels allow you to use hammers. With enough hammers you can instantly complete these levels at 3 stars. Of course, your best option is to play the levels and save your coins, but if you don’t have enough time and would otherwise leave the quest undone, then you should buy a bunch of hammers to quickly complete the levels and claim your quest rewards. It will pay big dividends with all future quests paying out more.”
Mahjong Mystery is a huge, varied, and totally free casual game that’ll keep you busy for months. Download it now on Google Play and iTunes.