A Fairy Tale Tips Walkthrough

a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:17:”A Fairy Tale Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:4334:”Check out our tips and tricks for A Fairy Tale, including a video that demonstrates an effective strategy for getting gold medals.


  • Select two blocks of the same color, which are open on at least one side, to remove them.
  • Collect diamonds by combing a diamond-block with a pickaxe-block.
  • Diamonds that are dropped on the ground will not be collected.
  • Diamonds that are on the playing field at the end of the level when all blocks turn gold will be collected.
  • Activate the bomb blocks by freeing them. All blocks along the fuse will be opened up.
  • You will receive a medal by finishing the level in time.
  • If you finish the level in half the time or less, you will receive a gold medal.
  • If you finish the level later than half the time, but before the meter goes into the red, you will receive a silver medal.
  • If you finish the level while the meter is in the red, you will complete the level, but not receive any medal.
  • For every 20 gems you collect, your rank will rise one level.
  • After certain levels, you will play a bonus level where you need to remember the location of an x amount of fairies under a grid of unflipped blocks.
  • When you’ve finished the quest for the first time, you will unlock the Master Quest, which is a harder version of the normal story mode.


  • Drop multiple blocks in one move for combo’s. The more blocks you drop at once, the bigger the combo. A good way to set up a combo is by thinning out the blocks at the top, and drop a big batch of blocks at once by playing away one of the top blocks.


  • Fairy tiles stay on the board until all surrounding webs have been removed. They also hold up any blocks directly or indirectly connected to it, so free these as soon as possible or the level will not continue up.
  • Some of the tiles have flowers growing on them. You need to clear these to flip the tiles into play. To clear unopened blocks overgrown by flowers, remove at least two bordering blocks at once.
  • To clear a locked tile, first uncover both a lock and key. Then simply match both tiles.
  • Stone chains need to be removed to unlock the tiles below them. Remove the stones by matching both ends.


  • Delfbert’s Staff will destroy any tile it is matched with. It can also be used to set free trapped fairies!
  • When there is a set of bombs, try and free it up as soon as possible and let them take out a big chunk of blocks for you.


  • The Chief’s Power-up can create a vertical blast that will destroy all tiles in that column.
  • Delfbert’s Power-up can destroy all of the flipped tiles on the board.
  • Wilf’s Power-up can set off an earthquake that will force lots of tiles to break away and fall.
  • Angelica’s Power-up can create a horizontal blast that will destroy all tiles in that row.

If you want to get a high score, or collect the medals, there are a few mistakes that can be easily made. The following tactics should be avoided:

  • Just clicking any combination of blocks.
  • Focusing on making big combos, but forgetting about time.
  • Clicking fast, but neglecting to try and make combos.

Instead, what you want to focus on is making big groups that can give you a good combo. Also, though, make sure to play it as fast as possible, even if that means settling for a smaller combo. The time bonus, and the medal, will make up for the combo points you may have lost.

Click here to watch a video of an example of how to play a golden medal strategy.

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