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There are lots of MMORPGs on mobile, so it’s likely that you’re at least passingly familiar with the sort of game that RebirthM is. But make no mistake: few games from the genre are as epic in scope and teeming with detail as this one.

The world of Arcroth is a daunting place, with much to discover and learn. This guide should help you take your first tentative steps in RebirthM’s vaulting fantasy universe.

Other characters, human or otherwise 

As you wander around in Arcroth you’ll routinely bump into other characters, some of them controlled by other human beings in undisclosed locations throughout the world and some of them controlled by AI.

NPCs with yellow notifications over their heads have a quest to dish out, while those with green notifications are packing subquests.

To interact with another character in RebirthM you simply have to tap on it. If the character in question is an NPC, you’ll either get a quest, an explanation, or just a bit of incidental dialogue to add color to the universe.

If the character is a human, a little box will pop up allowing you to make a friend request or a party request, view their stats, or block them, among other things.

Questing and subquesting

RebirthM’s story is built on quests. They drive the narrative on, introducing you to new characters and sending you out into the world to explore and kill stuff for XP and loot.

One of the game’s neat features is that it lets you complete these quests automatically, so that you only have to watch your character moving about on the screen. You can take control back whenever you like by touching the virtual joystick.

Every time you complete a quest you earn Carets, gems, items, and XP.

Some journeys in RebirthM take longer than others. You can choose to skip the longer ones by spending Carets. Or you can ride on the back of a Wybern, which also costs money but looks far cooler.

There are sub-quests to do as well as quests. These are available in the Quests tab on the main menu, and you can have 15 running at a time. If you have quest buster tickets, you can even complete them instantaneously.

To start running towards a quest during gameplay you simply tap the quest in question on the left of the screen, where all active quests are arranged in a column.

The Gathering 

Whenever you’re not actively taking part in a quest – or even when you are but you feel like a break – you can do a spot of gathering.

Several different things are available to gather. You can mine gems, for instance, or pick herbs and roots.

Slotting a gem into an equipment slot bestows extra properties on you, and you can turn herbs into an enchanting elixir. Or, you can eat roots just as they are for a boost in stamina.

Items, currency, and upgrades

Completing quests and conquering dungeons gives you all kinds of bounty. You’ll earn equipment, gems, orbs, tokens, and miscellaneous other things. You can peruse your loot by tapping on the Inventory icon, and you can upgrade your equipment by visiting the Blacksmith.

In addition you’ll pick up Carets and gold, as well as XP, every time you complete an achievement or a mission. To claim these goodies you have to go to the Quest screen.


There are two different kinds of skills in RebirthM. You’ve got your active skills, which are the special moves you pull off in battle, but then you’ve also got your passive skills, which give you permanent enhancements, such as resistance to fire, extra attack power, and much more.

Your skills – like your items, pets, mounts, and so on – can be levelled up using gems.

Mounts, Pets, Changeforms

Alongside the Inventory and Blacksmith icons in the main menu is a Collection icon. This takes you to your collection of mounts, pets, and changeforms.

Your mount is what it sounds like – a large animal that you can ride from place to place. Not only does this dramatically cut down on your travel times, but your mount also imparts additional effects. For example, your first mount gives you an evasion boost at level 1, and you can level it up for further boosts.

Your pets follow you around. Unlike real pets, which tend to get in the way, these pets are incredibly valuable. They attack your enemies in battle, and give you helpful effects like a boost to the amount of gold and XP you get from a fight, a touch of fire resistance, and that sort of thing.

And your changeform is the ability to transform into a monster that gives you powerful boosts in battle, for example increasing your attack damage.


After a little while you’ll unlock the ability to visit dungeons, where you can take on swarms of baddies and bosses for loot, XP, and all that good stuff. There are several different dungeons to visit, including a scenario dungeon, which is tied to the story, a daily dungeon, a mage tower, a raid, and more.

You can return to the same dungeon after you’ve finished it, and even send in a scavenger to redo it for you, though your rewards diminish with each attempt.

If you die while attacking a dungeon, you can revive yourself with carets. Likewise, during normal gameplay you can spend carets to be revived exactly where you fell. If you don’t feel like splashing out, you’ll wake up at the nearest restart point.

Use these tips for yourself now in RebirthM, available via both the App Store and Google Play.

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