3 Stars of Destiny Walkthrough

Welcome to Gamezebo's walkthrough for 3 Stars of Destiny. INTRODUCTION The entire walkthrough is packed with loads of screenshots and maps instead of tedious descriptions. That does not only save me some time and energy but it also it will be less tiresome for you than having to read through a great wall of text. I prefer NOT revealing the story/plot of the game, so I will only describe what to find where and how you shall proceed in the game. The game play is elaborately explained in the t…

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s walkthrough for 3 Stars of Destiny.


The entire walkthrough is packed with loads of screenshots and maps instead of tedious descriptions. That does not only save me some time and energy but it also it will be less tiresome for you than having to read through a great wall of text.

I prefer NOT revealing the story/plot of the game, so I will only describe what to find where and how you shall proceed in the game. The game play is elaborately explained in the tutorials; simply choose to keep them on at the beginning of the game.

The game also has three difficulty modes: easy, normal and hard. The description of each mode is given so I won’t repeat them. Similarly, the difficulty of random encounters can also be set according to your choice at the beginning of the game. There are some goodies available at Aldorlea games forum:

1) start the game with Random at level 60.

2) play in ‘hell mode’ with goddess Yveen. You can install it if you hate leveling up.

3) play with all the characters at the start.

Now there are a few things which are not very common in role-playing games, something which are only Indinera special attractions. Like the buying and selling prices of items are different in different shops.

Another thing which you may notice is that the xp gained from fights is different for some characters. Similarly, a particular item like a luck ring can make your chances of obtaining rarer items from fights or anything else easier, a hat of persuasion can help you buy or sell items at a profit and having qualities like perception increases the probability of finding hidden items.

There are also some party members who gain a special skill called “talk” after attaining a certain level. Use that skill from their skill set and discover how it helps your party members. There are also a total of 51 secret rooms, special items, and many Easter eggs hidden in the game. There are also many unique side quests which make this game more special than other rpgs. Keep exploring these secrets. Now let’s go ahead and begin the saga.

Note: You may use the ‘find’ option (press ctrl+f  key together) as a shortcut to find things in the walkthrough quickly, but make sure that the spelling is correct or else you won’t be able to locate the phrase or word you are looking for.

(P.S. All the maps are prepared by me except for some towards the end, which are taken from aldorlea community. I have labeled the maps which I took from that forum.)


The game starts with a cut scene; watch it carefully as it gives you an idea of how the story will proceed. After that, you will be transported to the edge of Indinera to meet your hero-Random. The in-game instructions will give you a head start as to what you need to do. Enter Random’s hut and open the chest beside his bed to get a wooden shield; equip it. (From now on whenever you discover or buy any equipment, whether weapon or armor, give it to your party members if it increases their stats.)

You can use his bed to heal Random and his party for free. If you choose to keep the tutorial on, you will get all the instructions for how to proceed in the game. But in case you didn’t, and now have forgotten how to see your quest book, or change your party members, etc., then here is what you do:

  • Press f6-to select which party member you would like in your active party.
  • Press f7-to see your quest book and see what chores you need to do in order to proceed in your main/side quests.
  • Press f8-to see the hall of glory. Here you will see the comparative rankings of your party members according to their highest stats.

The stationary bunnies are save points, so save as often as possible to avoid restarting the game all over in case of accidental shutdowns or power cuts. Each quest is marked with a number, which you will need to enter when required. Now we can pick up from where we left off.

Quest 1: Bring goods for parents

Let’s start off with our first quest. Get outside Random’s hut and pick up the leather armor and big acorn from the ground.

Cross the bridge to your right and gather 5 apples lying on the ground near the tree and a temporary boost of strength crystal; check the screenshot if required:

Again cross the bridge to your right onto the next area. Open the chest to get 3 gold. The golden scorpion will give 35 gold every time you beat it by exiting and re-entering the screen.

Cross another bridge and see the screenshot to collect an xp pumpkin and 4 parrow eggs from the ground and enter the 1st secret room inside the big hole in the tree trunk.

The room has 5 sticks of dynamite, 1 Big acorn, 1 magical acorn and an assault scroll. Get back and walk a bit to find a signpost to your south, it leads to the dangerous yak. Walk south into that area and avoid the yak (its too difficult for your level)-there to the lower left of the area obtain the red colored bat skin from the ground. Exit the dangerous yak zone and walk up north. You are about to enter Mt Zulle territory.

The enemies you’ve faced so far in this area randomly drops the following items:



Giant snake

Snake hair

Golden scorpion

Gold nugget

Wicked bush

Energy herb

Giant spider


Talk to the blue haired forest guard Norbert. Enter Mt Zulle.

Mt. Zulle: Explore the place and talk to everyone here. There is a chest which seems inaccessible. Refer to the screenshot to retrieve the attack up lv2 potion from it.

From there go down and walk to your left till you come across a wooden shield lying on the ground:

The house beside it is occupied by Liliane, who will give you a side quest (quest 6). The weapon shopkeeper will offer you the special earth and fire swords if you talk to him a couple of times.

Enter the house beside Liliane’s house, the fat man with a back pack buys big acorns for 4 gold each, if you obtaib the hat of persuasion later, equip it later so that you can sell acorns for 7 gold each to him. Don’t forget to buy the ‘quiet wood’s’ musical box from the items shop. Now go to the house where a green haired girl is standing. Talk to her and see what she has to say. That is Random’s house. Enter it and talk to his mom, she will give you 10 golds for bringing the goods. Quest complete.

Get outside the hut and from there we will take off for our next quest.

Quest 2: finding the elf

Exit Mt Zulle onto Indinera, i.e. from where you came. Walk up to Random’s hut and follow the south western path via the bridge (you may come across a crystal for temporary boost of resistance on your way). Cross the bridge through a number of waterfalls till you reach this area:

Turquoise lake: the monsters are similar as near Random’s hut. We will name this area as ‘spot1’ for future reference. Collect all the apples you see scattered here. From spot1 go up the upper path over the log, you will see another golden scorpion there and a chest. Retrieve the power gloves from it and then take the western path from ‘spot1’ through the fountain. You will come across a sign-“become lucky, throw a coin in the lake”. I would recommend wasting your gold here once you have the luck ring! Now walk up the upper right side from this signpost and you will come across a chest to your left. Open it to get a snake blood.

Now check the screenshot to find another secret room (2):

It contains 2 magical acorns, a purple sparkle rendering 1 HP to all party members, 2 life apples and an explosion scroll. Return to ‘spot1’ and take the southern path now. You will reach turquoise lake.

We will refer to this area as ‘turquoise lake spot’ for easier reference. From here go through the southern path as directed by the arrow.

Indinera woods: enemies encountered here are:



Giant snake

Snake hair

Golden scorpion

Gold nugget

Wicked bush

Energy herb

Giant spider


Forest wasp

Wasp sting


Wolf pearl

Walk downwards. Remember this area as ‘spot2’:

Collect the apples, big acorns, green ooze and 4 parrow eggs that you see marked by white. Go to your left up the log first and pick up everything you see. Open the chest to get nature ring. Refer to the screenshot to find another secret room (3).

It has hat of persuasion, xp pumpkin, the witch buys red apples, wolf pearls and parrow eggs.

(NOTE: from now on whenever you buy or sell items from shopkeepers wear the hat of persuasion to get more profit from selling and to lesson the price of the goods while buying).

Return to ‘spot2’ and take the right path. Grab everything you find lying on the ground on your way. Talk to Harald and see what he has to say. Walk up one of the logs lying obliquely and take the left side first.

You will find an iron shield and bog acorn. Then go to your right side and pick up a big acorn and aged mugworth. Get down the log and walk past the other logs till you reach an elevated platform.

Keep walking and collecting the items galore lying everywhere towards the dead end first. You will find a witch Roslyne standing at the dead end. Talk to her she will give you a quest (quest ). Walk back up the elevated platform and get the 55 gold from the chest along the numerous other things lying on the ground. Get down the platform and walk onto the edge of Indinera (refer screenshot) in the next area. Heal and then talk to the elf girl. Quest complete.

Watch the conversation, it will call for an unexpected fighting event. The spirit of pond randomly drops morning drop. To the left of that spot check the screenshot to pick up an acorn at the bottom and the top wall beside the chest hides another secret room (4).

It yields 4 water balls, 11 eagle eggs, 408 gold and ½ claw.

Return by one screen, the chest has wooden shield. Walk to your extreme right of this area and follow the screenshot to discover another secret room (5).

It has 225 gold, xp pumpkin, thunder beans and Al’ kazayer roll. Return to Random’s hut. You will find someone amiss and a letter. Read it and another quest will be triggered automatically.

Quest 3: Find and rescue Guanidia

Return to the turquoise lake spot. You will find Guanidia standing in front of the pillar on the lake. Heal up and try to talk to him, you will be ambushed suddenly by elves. Defeat them. Quest complete. Watch the events and conversation. Return to Random’s hut. Observe what our characters got to say; another quest is added to your quest book and Guanidia joins your party.

Quest 4: Who is Sarah?

We need to go back to Mt Zulle. If you have enough cash then upgrade your weapons and armors. Enter the house beside Random’s parent’s house. That is Sarah’s house. Talk to her father, Mr Brandolino. Then get outside her house and walk east. You will find her wandering around. Talk to her and then off we go for our next quest.

Quest 5: Meet Sarah in the cave of Fal

Head outside Mt Zulle and talk to Norbert the forest guard, he will tell you where the cave of Fal is. Visit the turquoise lake spot (refer earlier screenshot) and take western path this time as marked by the white arrow. Pick up the red apples (one of them is hidden by the tree) on your way over the log. Obtain the parrow eggs before moving onto the next screen. There you will find there a mushroom roaming about; talk to it and you will be able to buy an xp pumpkin (return to the mushroom every time you complete some important quest as it would sell something new).

Pick up the leather coat and parrow egg by referring to the screenshot. You will also find the secret room (6) in the tree trunk.

It has 5 big acorns, magical acorn, ark flare scroll, mandragore root and xp pumpkin. Return outside the secret room and take to your left as shown by the arrow. You will come across a temporary strength boost crystal; there’s nothing more in this area. Follow the arrow in the screenshot and enter the elven city of Falafia.

Falafia: explore and talk to everyone. You can rest at the inn for 6 golds. Don’t forget to buy the luck ring and vision hat from the items shop

(NOTE: from now on make Random wear the luck ring in the following situations:

Buying and selling-some shop keepers will show you special items or will give discounts which normally they wouldn’t have had. Equip the luck ring along with the hat of persuasion.

  • Fights-chances of dropping rare items are increased. Chances of evasion are also increased.
  • Talking to someone-the person may give you some extra benefits or quest or reward if you have the luck ring equipped.
  • While opening chests or discovering something-sometimes you will get different items from chests or discover different things while exploration if you have this ring equipped.

So it is advised that you have it on all the time to get the best items or benefits).

The pet shop sells equipment for animals; you can upgrade Guanidia’s weapons and armors here. Refer to the screenshot to find a pair of stamina shoes:

Talk to the guard to the right side of the small lake at the center of falafia. He will allow you to pass. Go down from there over the log to the other side and keep walking till you find a cottage. Enter it and seek permission from Zelyus to enter the cave. He will grant you access to the cave north of his cottage. Go there straightaway.

Cave of Fal: climb down the rope ladder and save at the rabbit. The common monsters here are:



Indinera crab


Crude sword

To the right of the rabbit lying are grey mushroom and leather clutch. Take to your left first and walk up to the statue. Pick up the three grey mushrooms beside it. Go up and open the chest to get a power pepper; click on the crystal on the bank of the pond and you will be ambushed by the spirit of pond.

Return to where the rabbit was and head northwards this time. From the bifurcation take the right path first to collect the benevolence shower from the chest. Then return to the bifurcation and go through the left route. Again from the following bifurcation take to your left and examine the tree at the dead end to get 3 spicy mandrake.

Continue along your main path into the next area. There head down the first path and open the chest to get archer bandana. Go further down and to your right to pick up the stamina shoes from the ground. Follow the right path to find another secret room (7).

It has 3 mellow nectars. Return to the entrance of this area and walk along the straight path.

On your way check the crystal near the waterfall to be ambushed again by the spirit of pond. After getting done with her go through and inspect that spot to randomly obtain any one of the following-blessed oak cane, water bow, ivory shield, crude sword, malachite crown, crystal claws, or the water sword (remember that the luck ring increases the chance of getting the best item). Save and heal at the rabbit.

See the screenshot to pick up the mithril dust and healing potion from the chest.

Head southwards first to get the iron clutch and return to the spot shown in the screenshot now walk eastward and you will be suddenly attacked by the kayzer crab, the game will allow you to heal or change equipments. It deals good deal of physical damage, susceptible to glue; it randomly drops kayzer crab scale (armor for Guanidia).

Keep walking till you reach the next area. To the right side you will see a magicka tincture lying on floor. Head to the western path and click on the crystal to fight the spirit of pond. Carry on northwards till you find the blue colored water ball on the ground. Walk up to the area depicted in the next screenshot, and remember the area as ‘spot5’.

Pick up the golden apple and elven dew before moving to where we can find Sarah. Walk downwards as shown by the arrow direction till you reach the waterfall. Don’t talk to Sarah at first; discover the secret room (8) as shown in this screenshot:

It contains xp pumpkin and water ball across the gap.

Break the mirror to randomly get any one of the following-ice sword, fire sword, earth sword, air sword, water sword or thunder sword-ice sword, fire sword, earth sword, air sword, water sword or thunder sword. Return to Sarah and talk to her. Quest complete. After the conversation is over, heal and start walking back through the passage you came from and you will be attacked suddenly by the cave dragon. Fight it, it may randomly drop dragon wing.

Go back to where Sarah was standing near the waterfalls and inspect the spot, you will obtain a green ooze. Go to ‘spot5’ and take the eastern path this time. Keep walking till you find a path going up to another small pond.

Click on the spots marked with white to get two grey salts. Walk southwards and retrace your way Falalia. Exit falalia and talk to the magic mushroom, buy a magical acorn from it and go back to Random’s hut.

You will find Leyn waiting for him at his doorsteps. You are left with some instructions by him. Rest and save at the hut and take off for Mt Zulle to Random’s parents. Talk to Random’s father to your right inside their house and see what he has to say. Sarah will join your party. Upgrade her equipments. Before we go ahead with our main quest let’s get some errands done.

Quest 6: getting rid of mushrooms

Visit Liliane’s house and click on the mushroom growth over the outside of the roof. Sarah will do the job. Quest complete, however you won’t get any reward from Liliane.

Now visit the house beside the item shop, it’s the elf guild of Mt Zulle. Talk to Tesul and he will grant Sarah membership into this guild. Talk to him and then with the witch, Tatyana, to get a quest (quest 7).

Quest 7: Find the Rusty Powder

Go to the turquoise lake and reach the ‘spot2’ (refer turquoise lake guide detailed earlier). Refer to the screenshot to find the rusty powder:

There is also some here:

Some more is up on the ledge above where Harald was standing. Before returning to Mt Zulle you can buy weapons and armors for Sarah from Falalia.

On your way enter Random’s hut and watch the conversation. If you have the luck ring equipped then you will get 55 gold, if not then 24 gold. Heal up and visit Mt Zulle. Go to Tatyana and give her the rusty powder, quest complete. She will gift Sarah a magical wand (best when used against undeads).

Now you can go through the door to the other room of the guild where you will talk to the old woman Loretta. Sarah will need at MN 200 to concentrate with Loretta (quest 8).

Follow the white arrow mark in the room to land beside a previously inaccessible chest.

It contains 3 mellow nectar, knowledge book and mind up lv2 potion.

Quest 8: concentrate

Level up Sarah upto level 11. If you’ve reached level 10 already using the xp pumpkins then you can attempt to kill the dangerous yak, south of Mt Zulle. It would give you 204 xp and randomly drop yak claws (weapon for Guanidia). The beast inflicts madness so its best to use the Al’ kazayer scroll on it after weakning it. Then use the elven dew, mind up lv2 potion, knowledge book etc on Sarah and then equip her with the magic wand and nature ring; now talk to Loretta. That should work. After quest completion she will give you benevolence ring.

The girl, Galcine, standing next to Loretta sells items. Buy as many mana healing items as possible from her because you will need them later in the game and there won’t be many shops to buy them. Also don’t forget to buy status curing items.

Now level up your characters for a couple of levels (the golden scorpion drops gold nuggets and gives 35 gold and 11 xp on average). If you find that too tedious then you can do the same at the trials (your next quest) but for that pile up your regenerative items because you won’t find much healing items later. Also buy one power ring, speed up ring and if possible the plate armor. Before leaving for your main quest visit the magic mushroom near Falalia to buy medical herb from him.

Quest 9: The trial

Heal up and save; now visit Random’s parents house. He will speak of the trial. Talk to him twice to get directly transported to the trials. If you want to come back at any point before entering the trial you can talk to Mr Pendragon, he will offer an option of going back home. Equip sarah with the magic wand and benevolent ring to reduce her mana cost of holy spells. Enter the trial and face the two ghosts blocking the way….this is the point of no return. You are locked in the trial hall unless you complete it.

The random encounters here are:




Holy mirror


Lesser werewolf

Beast claw

Giant bat

Bat hair


Healing potion

Don’t talk to the witch standing in front;  you will soon know why, and you can come back to her later. Whichever option you choose, the crystal relevant to that will appear beside her, so click on it to get the boost. Now enter the first room to the north which you come across.

Open the chests to find two holy mirrors and pick up the mist pebble from the floor.

Proceed along the main way till you reach a crossroads, which will be our landmark for future reference.

Take the northern path first. You will reach spot 6:

Open the chest to get a warrior helmet. Take the southeastern path first from spot 6. Flip the first switch on your way and carry on. To your right you will see a chest containing energy herb. The gate in front is shut, but we will return here later.

Now return to spot 6 and take the western path. After walking a bit, walk up to the chest in the lower room to find a healing potion. Continue north from there till you reach spot 7:

Open the chest to your left to obtain benevolence shower and savior book. Now talk to the small fire marked in the screenshot as a spark. A new member joins your party! Don’t proceed ahead, we will come back here later.

Return to the crossroad and go to your right. Immediately to your north you will see a barricade; press enter or action button to open it and retrieve the chest of healing potion from that small room.  Save, heal and proceed to the next area. You will be greeted by a yak. Fight it and enter the room straight ahead of you, which we’ll call “spot 8” for future reference.

Press the upper switch, don’t press the lower switch marked with a red cross as it would drop a gate behind you. Pick up the two holy mirrors, one from floor other from the chest and head upwards along the white arrow. Open the chests along the way to collect thunder bean, fire powder and the one to the extreme top right has holy mirror. Walk along the path till you reach the platinum sword:

It will require 340 strength for Random to pull it out (which is the reason I told you to level up).

You can come back to it after leveling up in this dungeon and just before encountering the boss fight. Keep walking and you will come across a gate blocking your way to the south. We will come back here later. Now go back to the cross road and follow the southern route this time. On your way pick up the xp pumpkin and carry on to reach a bifurcation. In the next area take to your right and keep walking till you reach a room with a switch. Flip the switch on, pick up the mirror and return to the bifurcation.

Go to your left and open the chest to get 25 gold. Head back to spot 6 in the northern area and take the southeastern path. You will find that the area which was blocked by a gate is now accessible. Gather the assault scroll from the ground, medical herb from the chest and flip the switch on. Go back to spot 6 and you will see the section marked as ‘behind bars’ in the screenshot is now open.

Go through that passage to discover archer’s main gauche and elven hat from the chests. Visit the area we marked as spot 7 and where we found spark; continue north from there. You will reach the area of the pink flame:

Open the chests to get two energy herbs and two healing potions. See the white circles in the screenshot to pick up the two mist pebbles from the water.

Walk to your left first from here. Pick up the holy mirror from the floor and refer the screenshot to discover the secret room (9) in the cracked wall.

You will be required to send only guanidia and spark into it. Press the switch on the left side of that room to access the main area full of items. They are: assault scroll, four power peppers and spirit of heroes.

The section of that room on the right has a holy mirror, silver shield (from chest) and an explosion scroll. Return to random and Sarah waiting outside. The chest on the right side of the pink flame has a silver sword. Now go the witch near the entrance of the dungeon; she will give you four options to choose from-

  • red-temporary strength boost crystal
  • green-temporary resistance boost crystal
  • blue-temporary speed boost
  • yellow-temporary mind boost.

Choose red, you will discover why. Return to spot 8 and go down to access chests from the previously inaccessible area. Flip that last switch on and retrieve the silver staff and knight helmet from the two chests. If you have leveled Random up to around level 18-19 then equip the power ring on him and use both his power surge spell and the temporary strength boost crystal from the witch to boost his strength up to 340, then pull out the platinum sword.

Now its time to face the boss. Return to the pink flame room and refer the screenshot given earlier to pass through the passage which leads to the boss (it will be open by now if you’ve flipped all but one switches on in this dungeons). Save and heal before facing the ghost, it’s the trial guardian. It inflicts madness and frightened states, can be dealt with Random’s physical strikes, Sarah’s holy, Guanidia’s kamikaze and spark’s fireball. After defeating it touch the pink crystal. Quest complete. You will be transported back to Randoms parents in their house.

Random’s parents inform that they need to duel with another team who reached before them. don’t talk to Random’s father now; remember that after getting this quest if you talk to Random’s father then you won’t get another chance to complete your errands at Mt Zulle. So let us finish some tasks before going for the duel.

Sell off the big acorns for 7 golds each with the hat of persuasion on to the man in one of the residences. You can also sell off wolf pearls, parrow eggs and eagle eggs to the witch in secret room (3) in indinera woods. Visit the talking mushroom near Falalia to buy elven dew from him. Buy heaps of health and mana regenerative items because you won’t get them for sometime following your quests.

Quest 10: the duel

After you are done with your preparations, return to Random’s father. He will take you to the duel. The duel will be a cake walk for you if you are using Random’s cross cut skill. Quest complete.

The next cut scene is going to transport your characters to the western exit of Mt Zulle. Watch the conversation carefully and save in a different save file as you won’t be able to return to Mt Zulle for now.


Northern Indinera Woods: The random monsters encountered here are:



Forest Lycose


butterfly powder

Wild orc


Titan wasp




river herb

Indinera bush

river herb

Spark will find indinera truffle, indinera potion, water ball in observant mode of his fighting strategy if he has gained that skill. Refer to the screenshots to collect the xp pumpkin and spicy mandrake from this area and carry on.


The next area is northern Indinera woods. Here you will be chased by three guards. You can fight them for some good xp as they will re-spawn and sometimes annoying as well. I’m giving the screenshots and names of the items which you will find in this region instead of describing their location, which you will have to find out for yourself.


Jump from the log which hangs in mid-air onto the next region. To the right of the small pond-like waterfall there is a log; walk on it towards the following area:

Pick up the four mandragore roots and two thunder beans from that portion. Now go this region where Random is standing and press the action button or enter to jump.

Watch the next conversation. One of your characters will be injured and you will need to do something about it before proceeding.

Quest 11: find something to cure Sarah’s leg

Now you need to get something for Sarah first or else it will become difficult for you to survive in this forest with only two members in your party. Follow the way shown in the screenshot to reach the shack first. Enter it and see what Guanidia has to say.

Peep in both the baskets and see what happens. Gather the grey salt, power pepper and the rolled up blanket and move out of the house. An event will occur, fight when called for, its easy and the witch may randomly drop mandragore root. Return to Sarah; mend her leg with the items collected.

Quest complete; now your team is ready to move ahead. Instead of putting up a tedious explanation of what items are to be found in this area, I’m providing the screenshots:



The secret room (10) has yveen potion, heaven elixir, magicka tincture, flower of aquapanga and life beans. Now proceed to the area filled with red millipuves. Observe Sarah’s instructions carefully as if any millipuff happens to touch you, your party will be killed. You have to avoid them carefully (if they approach near you just stand still and they will go away) and walk onto the next region.

Follow the directions shown in the map to find your way out and also to pick up the treasures along your way.

You will end up in the next area:

Collect the items on your way to the village of Lamia; the secret room (11) has 5 life apples and 3 golden apples and the secret room (12) has 4 morning drops, 1 pacification scroll, 1 golden apple, 335 gold and the 1 elven dew.

Don’t forget to talk to Nirae, the fairy. She will give you an interesting quest and an Nirum axe. Heal up, save and then enter the lamia village.

Quest 12: heal the sick millipuff

Watch the events, fight when called for. When random enters the small hut, pick up ark flare scroll from the ground, rummage the basket and barrels for magicka elixir, onion soup, 4 animal food and two salmon. Grab the green colored sick millipuff and head outside the hut.

There is going to be a long series of fights but eventually things will end up positively. Quest complete. Now you can explore the lamia village, buy and sell items/equipments or rest at their inn. Exit through the southern end of their village onto the marshlands of xen.

Marshland of Xen: When you exit the lamia village, you will get to see a cut scene. Then you will land up in the poisonous garden. You will find millipuffs flying over here too, avoid them and walk over the logs. From here you will have to make your way to the Marshlands of Xen.

The random enemies encountered here are:



Swamp Lizard

Power claws

Swamp firefly


Wild orc

Titan wasp


butterfly powder

Forest Lycose

Indinera bush

River herb

Living rock

flower corolla

Swamp piranha

Water ball



Giant scorpion

Giant scorpion scales

(You will get river herb, thunder beans, mist pebbles, indinera tea and indinera potion  in fights if spark is in observant mode). Refer to the screenshot to explore the poisonous garden:

There are a total of 6 mawaneyl berries to collect from the logs and one paralysis scroll (sometimes you may also find a temporary mind boost crystal).

Enter the secret room (13) to collect 8 mawaneyl berries. If you are quick and kill the little spiders that run away then you will get 1 power peppers and 1 grey salt. Follow the arrow direction to proceed onto the marshland of xen.

When you enter the marshlands, see what the characters have got to say. Random will learn a spell called ‘egress’ by which he can return to the beginning of a dungeon. This is useful when you are running short of healing items and want to get out of a dungeon without any further encounters with monsters. From now onwards remember to level up because you will be facing two mini-bosses here which would require a level of 30 to face them.

This region has nothing so walk southwards into the next area. Refer the map to make your way in the marshland of xen.

Pick up the following items as shown in the image-fire shield: 3 river tear, poison bow, assassin hood and 1 aged mugworth. There are two secret rooms in this area: The first room (14) has 2 XP pumpkins, 2 river stems and 3 river tears; punch the tree marked by the blue arrow as fast as possible to receive quick peaches (highest punches of 150 or more yield 3 quick peaches).

Secret room (15) has 1 condition malachite (all), the 2 quick peaches, 1 spirit scroll, and the 1 snake blood. Enter area 1 as shown in the map of the Marshland of Xen.

Collect the items as shown in the map. The secret room (16) has 2 growth bean, 632 gold, 3 quick peaches, 1 aged mugworth and a temporary mind boost crystal. Go to area 3.

The secret room (17) has temporary boost of resistance, necroleech and 402 gold. You will also see a large scorpion-the raflesia unborn. Don’t fight it now, you will need a fire sword to kill it; we will come back here later. Then return to area 1. Refer to the area 4 map to exit to marshland area 4, which looks like this:

Retrieve the items shown in the map. The secret room (18) has temporary weapon boost crystal, 4 necroleech (all), snake blood, green ooze and condition malachite (all). Exit to area 1, ignore the path to area 5 for the time being; we will return here later. From there, go back to the first region where you entered the Marshland of Xen (see the map titles). Refer to that map to visit area 2

Check the log (marked in the map) twice to get a luck ring and 500 gold. Move down to the next screen-area 6. Collect the items as shown in this image:

The secret room (19) has 469 gold, 531 gold, 1 aged mugworth, 1 snake blood, 375 gold, 280 gold, and 465 gold. Move on to area 7 as marked in the map.

Here you will find a man who buys firefly nectars (wear hat of persuasion to raise the selling price).

Pick up the items you see lying and after you are done go ahead towards the blond haired girl standing in front of the dilapidated tomb. She is Baretta and before you talk to her, make sure your party members are around level 25-30. You are going to need that level at least to complete the quest she is going to offer. If you’re not prepared then level up before you talk to her. When you talk to her, choose to help her and you will be able to enter the tomb she is guarding; in return she joins you. Note that you won’t be able to leave the tomb unless you complete her quest.

Quest 13: find Baretta’s relic

Enter the tomb-Uzair’s crypt. You can change your active party members by pressing f7. Don’t forget to use Baretta’s perception skill to find items and craft skill to upgrade weapons.

The random encounters are a bit tough:



Giant scorpion

Giant scorpion scales


Python skin

Wild orc


Underground lycose



Xen Monstruor

monstruor scales



(You will get darkness box, bromium, necro tear and gem of defense in fights by spark in observant mode in this area).

Head southwards first; you will reach this area:

Find the uzair key from the small square indent in the wall marked in white (you may also find a temporary crystal of speed).

Return to the stairs and enter the right room. Open the chest to collect 34 gold. Walk up to the tomb in the north (marked with a blue arrow). Press the action button/enter and see what Baretta does. The entrance to the deeper tomb will open up. Enter the actual Uzair crypt. Go up first from the entrance.

Make your way to the secret room (19) to find 473 gold, magicka scroll, 339 gold and 2 power peppers. Pick up the indinera potion from the chest and head down the stairs.

The next region looks like this:

Go to the right side first to pck up the items because later you won’t be able to retrieve them once a switch is pressed. Collect the items marked in the catacomb, turn on the switch marked in white, go upstairs to open the two chests containing detox shower and ark flare scroll, retrieve the power pepper, river tear, green ooze and oxyfolia from the secret room (20), before approaching the boss Uzair.

Enter the solid looking wall marked as ‘to uzair’ to find him. Heal up and save before you climb the stairs, you will be ambushed when you’ll climb the stairs. Then go ahead and talk to Uzair; you will be called for a tough fight. He will summon creatures to help him and will inflict poison, frightened and cold statuses on your party. He will randomly drop a moonshade orb, holy mirror and you’ll receive the uzair cane after winning the fight. Use Random’s egress spell to the tomb’s beginning.

Exit the tomb onto the marshlands. Go back to area 4 and from there take the route to area 5.

Keep collecting the items on your way and when you reach the spot marked with a white star you will be ambushed by a series of monsters. Carry on to the path marked as ‘way to xaloo-maloo-bahmaha’. You will be called for another encounter before leaving that place.

Watch the events, you will end up in the tribal area after that. Now you can explore the tribe. Don’t forget to equip the hat of persuasion and luck ring when buying and selling items. Upgrade the weapons and armors of your characters; talk to a lamia standing under a plant and he will give you the quest to find the 6 orbs of elements.

Buy the wonder eye artifact from him (costs 400 gold with hat of persuasion on, you can find the orbs only if you equip the wonder eye on anyone in the party). There is also a punching plant here, punch it fast to get quick peaches. Talk to a lamia at the bottom right of this place and he will take you to the town of Xen.

Xen: this is a wizard town. Talk to everyone here. Talk to the botanist (Djezabel) as well, she will give you another quest to find three rare flowers. In another house resides Leanda Gorfulthot; she has found the orb of power. We may need to return to her.

Enroll Sarah in the guild of Xen. The wizard will allot another quest to find the weather circle in the marshlands. The other wizard with brown robes standing beside him will ask you to bring mithril and bromium to create a powerful artifact called basla mammoth (bromium is found by fighting in the Uzair tomb with spark in observant mode).

The girl beside the glowing crystal will teach Sarah and Baretta spells for 1000 gold each. There are three to choose from-healing, damaging and corroding. Damaging gives you soil typhoon. Power 226 earth/water (small defence from enemy) may shrink, disease and venom. The corroding spell gives you a swamp corrosion spell. May poison, weaken, and cause bleeding, venom and disease. Healing gives you marshland heal spell of 120 hp healing power (since Sarah naturally aquires healing spells on leveling up I would recommend to pick up the other two spells for both of them).

Buy the fire sword if you didn’t buy at Mt Zulle, you will need this to kill the scorpion (raflesia unborn) in marshlands. Buy some snow coats also before leaving Xen.

By now you will have a bagful of quests! Return to the lamias. Talk to the lamia in the upper left corner and he will transport you back to the marshlands of Xen.

Quest 14: finding the three plants

Go to area 3 by referring the marshlands map and pluck the Zoizo Raflesia as shown in that map. Walk up to the Raflesia unborn, heal up and fight it. It is weak to fire, but quite tough and casts venom. Poisoning/contaminating should help in your process to kill it. It randomly drops raflesia hat and after the fight you will gain the raflesia berries.

Exit to Marshland of Xen map and pluck the pink flower marked as nenula novella. Then go to area 7 map and pick up the blue colored botinacea drulea flower. Return to the lamia tribe using random’s egress spell and from there onto the town of Xen. Go to the botanist, quest complete. She will give you a pearl shield.

Quest 15: find the weather circle

In the area 1 map go to the spot marked as weather circle. Quest complete. Return to the wizard guild and Sarah will be rewarded with the geomancy skill. After that you can buy items from the wizard shop keeper there. Buy the fairy love accessory. The guildmaster will teach you the circle of meditation spell for 500 gold.

Now go and rest at the inn in the wizard town. You will find one of the party members missing. Go inside the house just below the wizard’s guild. The girl will be able to tell you where to find your party member. She will take you to another region.

Quest 16: rescue Guanidia

Enter the hut. Fight when called for. Now explore the warehouse to gather the items marked in the screenshot:

Random encounters here are:




python skin


health auquilfolium

Xen lamia

river herb

(You will find health balm, health elixir, health auquifolium when spark is in observant mode).

Take your route to the way marked as 1:

Pick up the items you see. Go up the path marked as ‘way to guanidia’ and rescue him. Quest complete. Return to the previous room and go down the path marked as ‘2.’

Collect the items and with Guanidia in the party check the crack in the wall to get attack up lvl 3 potion, weapon up lv 2 potion, mind up lvl 3 potion, defense up lv 3 potion, armor up lv 2 potion and aura up lv 2 potion.

Exit the warehouse and the girl will take you back to Xen. If you want to complete some errands, buy, sell, or rest at the inn, go for it. Then leave Xen via the path just south of the items shop. You will have two places you can go to: leave via the shore or leave to the valley. Choose the shore first.

Shore– the random encounters here are:



Coast shark

Shark wing

(You will find shark tooth and shark wing in fights with spark in observant mode). From the entrance, go down a bit until you see a small zigzag of water near the edge. At the upper left point beside the zigzag you will find a secret room (21).

In this secret room is a fairy that will increase your levels by 2 and then disappear.

When you leave the area after inspecting the fairy, your party will get +1 lvl and +20 MN. Explore this place and pick up the two solitary salmon and the royal trout from the shore.


There is nothing much here to explore, as the area is quite linear. When you reach this region, heal up and save before moving ahead. Your party will be ambushed by a group of sharks:

The green colored middle shark Bruce is susceptible to numb and poison/venom and can wipe out a party member with one blow. It will randomly drop Bruce shark scale and after the fight you will gain 5 shark meats. Go down the path marked by the arrow. In that area, pick up 2 moon fish and two salmons and walk up to the extreme lower right of that region. You will find a boat there.

Now before you board the boat, keep walking along the wall above the boat till you reach this spot:

This is a secret room (22). It has 2 royal trout, 3 salmon, 2 trout, 3 moon fish, ocean love (all), 409 gold and anchor of seven seas. Return to the boat and sail onto a gorgeous beach.

Gorgeous beach– random encounters here are:



Swamp firefly

Firefly nectar

Coast shark

Shark skin

Giga scorpion

Giga scorpion scales


Python skin

Spark will find mist pebbles, darkness box, river herb, gems of demence, firefly nectar in fights in observant mode. The beach is simple to explore, so move around at your leisure and pick up the following items that you find- 9 sunshine herb, trout, 303 gold, 168 gold, temporary crystal of speed, 3 moon fish, 225 gold and a spicy mandrake (hidden partially by tree).

You will also find a crystal containing a wand/sculpture that cannot be moved or taken out:

Remember its location; return here when Luciana joins your party, for she will be able to get it. Now go back to the shores by the boat.

There is nothing more at the shores, go back to xen, rest at the inn if you like and then we will go forth to find two orbs (make sure you have the wonder eye artifact worn on Random). Go to the marshlands first; visit area 1 and enter the secret room (23).

You will see the orb of water in that room:

Collect it to get 15Pw to all water-based spells. Now go to the area of red millipuves before entering the poison garden. You will find the orb of earth there; it adds 15Pw to all earth spells.

The list of remaining orbs are given at the end. Go back to Xen and exit. This time go down the valley. You will reach Sankt Leona Northern Lands.

Sankt Leona Northern lands (the maps of this area are taken from aldorlea game forum). This place is snowy so gear up with your ice protection equipments. The random encounters you’ll face here are-




Solitaire feather

Evil bunny

Bunny claw

Sick bunny

Bunny fur

Winter flake

Crystal rain

Snow giant

Medical herb

Morning wraith

Moon dew

Spark will find haze of regain(all), champilooh, flower of aquapunga, morning drop in observant mode. Pick up the items shown in the map.

The wolves here can wipe out any party member, but Sarah’s death spell works wonders on them.

You can level up if required. The way south to Sankt Leona is frozen, so you need to find something to melt the ice in order to go further. Refer to the map to reach the spot called ‘shovel digging’ and press enter/action button when you see a blue arrow. You will need a shovel to dig the lava pit.

Quest 17: find something to melt the glacier

Take the way east. You will be surprisingly attacked by the bunnies. Finish them and carry on. You will land up here:

Collect the items shown behind the trees, the lava shield relic and talk to the man. He will give you a shovel. Return to the previous screen and dig up the lava pit you observed before. Quest complete.

Carry on to the next area.

You will reach deeper areas of Sankt Leona northern lands.

Go down just a bit and then head right. Go up the area that looks like a path. Pick up the 5x toxic grappa around the lava pond. Explore the area and pick up the items shown. The secret room (24) has 318 gold, 3 moon dew, 243 gold, 555 gold, 436 gold, 132 gold, 461 gold. Take the route east first. You’ll arrive here:

Collect the items and enter the cave. It’s a house in a cave, and has a holy mirror. Exit the cave, as there is nothing more in this area. Return to the previous area and take the southern path this time to reach this region:

The cave to your left is filled with bunnies. Enter and exit the cave and face them about 4 times and you will get a nature bow. Kill them all (it might take a while) and you will get 12x roast beef.

Keep walking towards the lava pit and pick up the indinera tincture and heaven elixir on your way. There you will find the orb of ice (+16 Pw to all ice spells). Get the temporary boost of resistance and exit the way shown by the arrow to your east. The next region looks like this:

From the secret room (25) you will get a temporary boost of resistance, 3 mellow nectars and heaven elixir. Collect the items from the pots by clicking on them as shown in the image. Make your way to Sankt Leona.

Sankt Leona– As soon as you enter the town, Random will comment and a blond girl will come up to you. She is Lisa and will join your party. Talk to everyone in Sankt Leona. Don’t forget to equip the hat of persuasion and luck ring while buying and selling anything.

Upgrade your party’s weapons and armors. Visit the residential quarter of Sankt Leona and you will see a hooded man beside the pet shop. Talk to him and accept his quest. One girl, Janet, inside a house in the residential quarter of Leona, will give you a quest of finding a pink ribbon.

Quest 18: find pink ribbon

You will find the silk ribbon in Lord Hamford’s house; give it to Janet and she will give you 500 gold (200 gold if you are not wearing the hat of persuasion). Quest complete.

The barrel outside Lord Hamford’s house has a magicka potion. Pick up the blue colored knowledge book from house beside bluestone residence. The upper barrel below the bluestone residence has 5 moon fish and the lowermost barrel has 3 trouts. Walk south of the weapon shop where a man is standing alone. He buys shark tooth for 6o gold with hat of persuasion on.

The barrel above him has 86 gold, the other one which lies on the same row of that barrel beside the house has revive potion. Join the fighters guild for 500 gold, Aaron will give you a quest to find a evil imp. The chest inside the second room can build powerful weapons if you can prove your worth. Now before we proceed to Rillia we must complete some errands.

Quest 19: finding the rogue imp

Go to the northern lands of Sankt Leona where there was a save point rabbit (one screen down just after the melted glacier). Walk up the elevated path to your right and this is where you’ll find the imp.

You will face two rounds of attacks by ordinary imps and the third time with the evil imp along with its troops. Sarah’s summon dryad spell is effective against the troop. You will get oraklion relic after defeating it. Quest complete.

Return to the fighters guild and give the oraklion (make sure you don’t have any party member wearing it) to Aaron. He will give you mithril. If you have already collected bromium from Uzair’s crpt then go to the wizard guild in the village of Xen and talk to the guy who offers to create a powerful equipment if you give him mithril and bromium. He will craft basla mammoth.

Return to Sankt Leona and talk to Aaron. Aaron will sell you useful equipments. Now you can access the door to the north. Go through it onto the next room. One of the guild masters will teach counter strike spell to Random for 250 gold. The pink haired girl will give you a quest to deliver a bundle to the botanist at Xen. T

he white haired man will give you a quest to hunt down three dragons if you have achieved sufficient levels. The man will give another quest to collect six weapon relics. The purple haired guild master will give you a quest to kill the legendary creature of marshlands. Now before we go ahead for the guild quests let us complete the hooded man’s quest.

Quest 20: hooded man’s quest

Refer to the screenshot to discover the secret room.

Only Random, Guanidia and spark can sneak in there.

Random encounters there are:



Swarm of spiders

Spark will find venomous solution in observant mode. The foes are difficult to fight because they keep hitting of the target if the counter strike feature is on for any character thus killing them.Collect St Christopher scroll, pacification scroll, mithril (from one of the fire hearths), mithril dust (from the isolated skull on the ground) on your way to the green colored creature sitting at the end most room. Rescue him and go to the hooded man, he will ask you to pick up your reward from beside a barrel near bluestone residence:

Enter the spot marked with a blue arrow and voila you discovered the assassin guild. Talk to the harpy in the center named Janice, she will give you a quest (if you haven’t talk to the old man at bluestone residence then after talking to Janice you will get a separate quest-to kill Clemence, that old man. And if you have talked to the man first and then to Janice then you will be asked to steal the tax reports only). One of the cupboards have wind bandana.

Quest 21: steal tax reports/kill clemence

Enter the bluestone residence and talk to the old man to steal his reports. Quest complete. Return to the assassin guild. She will give two options- to join as Royal assassin or as shadow blade. Read the in-game explanations to know more about them.

After that talk to her again and she will open her stores for you. The shadow blade training can be taught to someone suitable for it and till now there isn’t anyone in your party to acquire it. Equip Sarah with the wind bandana, speed up level 1 potion and equipments which increase her speed to 498 and talk to the hooded guy Baron. He will reward her 33 st. talk to clovis and he will give you two potions-nitroglycerine solution and pamprium solution.

Quest 22: delivering the bundle

Go to Xen and deliver the bundle to the botanist (the one who gave you to find three rare flower quest). Quest complete.

Quest 23: kill the legendary creature of the swamp

As soon as you enter the marshlands of Xen you’ll get an option to open the wyrm foil. If you are prepared to fight then go ahead and open it. Confront the three headed wyrm. It bites chunks out of your party members. Use thunder beans to stop making its moves or else your party will lose easily. Use thunder beans to stop making its moves or else your party will lose easily. Use benumbing spells or items and poison/venom or bleed it or else your party will lose easily. You will get a snow dragon claw after defeating it.

Return to Sankt Leona fighter’s guild and claim your rewards for delivering the bundle and defeating the beast-sp for your active party members, shadow cloak and stats gain for Sarah, Random and Lisa. Now walk up to the chest which can craft items:

A guild master named Jaro will craft you items depending on who is in Your party:

  • Random- Bravery ring
  • Sarah- Nymph ring
  • Spark- Fire Gem
  • Baretta- Glitter bracelet
  • Lisa- Guardian Cloak
  • Guanidia- Serpentaire pendant.

Now we can set off for Rillia. Walk up to the horse carrier and Lisa will give you an option to stay at Sankt Leona to complete some more tasks or leave for Rillia. We will go for the latter. A brief conversation will follow and then you will find your party members on the escale, which is a place beside a river. The red flower to the extreme left beside the camp fire has a morning drop. Talk to Guanidia first and then to Sarah. You will land up in Rillia at last. Quest complete.

Rillia: Random would want to go to Pierrick and arrive in his house, Lisa and Baretta will leave your party temporarily. Your next quest is to gather the books from the school. Now time to explore Rillia. you will find Coryool in the pub beside Pierrick’s house (treat for laxius power fans).

To the extreme right of the pub is an assault scroll. Make sure to equip the luck ring and hat of persuasion on Random while buying or selling anything. Keep exploring, the barrels nest to Marlon’s HQ has stalker’s bandana. Buy a helmet off the kid in that room and go outside for a walk for approximately 1500 steps and return. A fairy will be in his place. Buy the Nirum boots from her (she will offer honest prices for all items for selling purposes, so you may sell unimportant items lying in your inventory for a profit).

Head outside to the ceremony room. The cupboard on the left side of the ceremony room has an edge axe. Enter the colyseum, buy weapons and talk to the man to the right of Lord Sherman, he will reward you for 3, 6 or 9 wins in the tournament. Talk to Lord Sherman and he will ask you for 200 gold in order to participate in the Colyseum. We will return to him later.

Talk to the bishop to buy items or make donations. Enter the house beside the bishop, that’s your destination-the education school of Rillia. Talk to the guard, see what he has to say. Go to the library and talk to the pink haired girl Luciana. There is an assault scroll hidden in the bushes just south of the school.

After the conversation make your way to Careyns, Gyar Avenue. Enter the house second to the right most house in Gyar Avenue and talk to Careyn. Leave this house and go back to the end of the street. Go up one more street and head right. Go down below the tree and two barrels and walk under the house. Grab the steel fist in the lower left barrel.

Then after return to the school and go up to the second floor. Enter the open doors into the classroom, watch the conversation. Exit the classroom for your next quest, talk to Luciana near the stairs. She will join your party. Now we need to find the hills to pick up incarnate mushrooms. But before that we can do some more explorations as well. The barrel beside Careyn’s house has 3 roasted beef. The cupboard in Bombas residence has a brass fist. You will find Lisa and Baretta near the entrance of Rillia.

Enter the narrow passage between the two houses beside the item shop and press the action button or enter to find 647 gold. You can take their equipments if you want. Enter the residence up the perkin’s park, it is inhabited by Yolanda, the fire elemental. She will give you a quest to find Sanctum flames. In her house you will find the orb of fire, +39 Pw to all fire spells. The barrel beside that house has 115 gold.

The painter in Pierrick’s house will ask you to paint a picture of Random, agree to it. Go to the entrance of Rillia and Luciana will ask to pick up her cat Herasia from the library. Go the library and enter the previously inaccessible door to the north on your left. The cupboard has knowledge book and savior book. Talk to the cat on her bed, Herasia will join your party. Return to the entrance of Rillia and exit.

You will find your party near a number of tents. Exit through the left end. Welcome to the Mushroom valley.

Quest 24: find Incarnat Mushrooms

Mushroom valley: the random encounters here are:



Eden foru fora

Butterfly Powder

Blood Firefly

Gluey Honey


Waterfall hydra

Burning bull

Refer to the map to explore the valley.

The secret room (26) has a glow ball that gives 1 hp to all party members, 779 gold and ocean love (all). Fight the lamia named Gabbabili. It counter strikes; eliminate the blood fireflies first to make fighting easier. You will get a flower of aquapunga after the fight.

Go ahead into the next area.

The secret room (27) has temporary crystal of weapon boost, 5 morning drops and ocean love (all). Collect the items on your way and move on to the next screen.

Explore it, pick up the items marked in the map and exit via the path shown by the arrow. Refer to the map to gather items from this region as well.

Heal up or buy items by talking to the old woman in the house. Enter the fairy niche over the log, talk to the pink Nymph, she will give you a quest. Exit the niche and leave this region via the path directed by the arrow. You will enter the mushroom pit, quest complete. Collect all the orange colored mushrooms you see along with river stem and morning drop. Return to Rillia.

Your party will land up in the class, watch the events. Exit the class and talk to Annie, the little girl crying near the stairs. You will be given a quest to rescue her pet. Before we go ahead for that lets explore Rillia once again. Talk to Kevin the famous traveler residing beside the Colyseum, he can take you to the port of Rillia, peak of heroes (for 1000 gold) and Atlas cave (with proper equipments). We will first go to the port of Rillia.

Rillian Port-pick up the two isolated trouts on the ground and 215 gold from the chest. There is 1 royal trout a little below that slightly hidden by the water. To the right is a pathway leading to some graves. Behind the last grave is a parchment. It is a map to the southern shores. You will find a minotaur lamenting near a door, we will come back to him. Go to the other side of the port; there also collect the royal trout, salmon and trout.

Pirate’s hideout– Check the window on the left side of the port area:

You will discover a Pirate’s hideout. Explore it to find an axe for Bathabog, the lamenting minotaur we found at the ports. Offer the axe to him and he will join your party. This axe is also required to get permission from Kevin, the explorer, at Rillia to visit the Atlas cave. I’ve given the maps of atlas cave at the end for your ease of exploration.

There’s nothing more in the port area. Exit the port and return to Rillia.

Quest 25: Champion the Coliseum

Enter the coliseum and you will find a pink fairy to the right, she is one of the fairies mentioned by the Nymph for her quest. If you have sufficient levels then heal up and save and equip with the best weapons and armors; then pay 200 golds to Lord Sherman to participate in the fight. Select any one out of the three fighting modes and you will be directly transported to the arena. According to your choice you will face the following in the fight-

One vs one– You wont be able to use items here during fights. Only one hero can enter at a time. Remember in order to claim the best rewards you need to play every party member once in the one vs one fight. The rounds consists of Paican-the bull, Brutus-the warrior orc, Armageddon-the scorpion, Sanguin and last but not the least Wendala. You will get a Hero drink for winning each round with a different character. Quest complete. Continue the same with the others. With Spark be sure to set him to observant and he will find the chimera egg. The rewards for 3, 6 and 9 fights are-

1)      3 wins-silver plate armor, Archers royal and 3x saviour book.

2)      6 wins-Mithril-Om sword, 3x aged mugworth, and 3x saviour books.

3)      9 wins-royal armor, 10x aged mugworth, and 9x hero drink.

Group fights-Four anacondas and one atlas hound in first round. Two atlas hound and one salcerium breek in second round. The third round is 3 salceruim breeks. The fourth round is a armaggedon and a sanguin. The fifth and last round is Wendala, paican and brutus. You will get an Yveen potion[/color] at the end.

Theme fights-With the adults fight you will have Lisa, Coryool and Batabog. It consists of the same fights as the team fights. At the end all party members will receive +30 HP. With the girl power theme fight you will have Sarah, Luciana, Lisa and Baretta. At the end all party members will gain +20HP/40MP. Do the pet themed fight and you will get Guanidia, Herasia and spark. At the end all party members will get +50 MN. The items dropped by the foes after each fight respectively are-

  1. Condition Stone
  2. Moonstone
  3. Crystal Rain
  4. Al’Kazayer Scroll
  5. Ocean Love
  6. Yveen Potion
  7. Refined Ether
  8. Health Elixer
  9. Oxyfolia
  10. St Christopher Scroll
  11. Royal Coin
  12. Hero Drink
  13. Paralysis Scroll
  14. Life Apple

That’s all for the Colyseum. This is a good place to level up and earn great bonuses before forwarding for our main quest.


Quest 26: find Choupie

Exit via the entrance of Rillia, you will get an option to travel to witch woods. Select it to land up in Witchwoods.

Witchwoods– At the entrance you will find a man standing; talk to him. He is Coryool, he will join your party. You can always leave Witchwoods if you find it difficult at your level or are running short of regenerative items. If you happen to lose your way or you want to reach a particular destination then you can always refer to this general witchwoodmap (P.s. This map is taken from Aldorlea game forum):

The entrance zone looks like this:

The random encounters here are:



Pumpkin Head

Condition stone

Warrior Zombie

Warrior Helmet

Jacobutch or Fog vampire


Gloomy ween

Condition malachite (all)

Spark in observant mode will find germs of demence, necrotear, xp pumpkin,

The secret room (28) has 1 saviour book, 277 gold, 305 gold, 1 spirit scroll, 2 totem of evil, 1 holy mirror, and 3 mithril dust. Gather the items from the pumpkins and move on to the screen where you will find a save point rabbit.

Explore the place and collect the items shown in the map. The secret room (29) has green ooze, Al Kazayer scroll, thunder beans, holy mirror, spicy mandrake, xp pumpkin.

Talk to the witch and Luciana will get 18hp and 1 level. Exit and go to the creepy house.

Here talk to the fairy, as she will offer to either heal your party, give one level, or give an enchantment (renders incarnat aura).

Enter the creepy house. Open the chests to get magicka tea, magicka potion, 5 holy mirrors and pick up the magicka scroll. Ignore the path to skeleton tree for now and return to the witchwood entrance/area1 and take the route to the left onto area 2.

Collect the items and ignore the path leading to the eye of Witchwoods. Take the path to area 3:

Pick up the items as shown in the map and take to the path that leads to area 4:

The secret room (30) has 6 spicy mandrakes. Pick up the items and carry on to the creature’s lair.

Gather whatever you see and heal up before you face the snake. You will face man-eater rats and several skeletons. Check the cave after it’s over to get 205 gold, 4x animal food, and a dead leaves rising. Return to area 3 and take the route to area 5 now.

Retrieve the items and go onto the next area: Skeleton Tree.

The secret room (31) has 6 xp pumpkins, temporary crystal of weapon boost, river stem, thunder beans, totem of evil and necroleech (all), 2 morning drops from the jars. If you want, you can exit to the save point bunny to save your game up to that point or progress to the path leading to the spider nest from area 5.

In the spider nest, if you try to retrieve the gold from under the tree you will be attacked suddenly by a skeleton.

Mist pebble works fine on it, it revitalizes with 500 hp after 5/6 hits, Luci’s flare and Random’s lethal dance works well. It gives 2448 golds after fight and armor of roots. The spider web is a trap, fight the eternal widow if you happen to get ensnared, lethal dance and paralysis works wonders.

Collect the items and proceed to the horizon cliff.

There is nothing special here except for a few items, so gather them and go back to area 5. From there head up to the path leading to area 6 (refer to witchwood map if required).

From there make your way to the old lady first.

Heal before talking to the old lady, as it will call for a fight. The lethal dance, exorcism work well. It randomly drops necroleech. From there take the route to zombie.

The paths to the north and south lead back to the same area. Pick up the items and this time we shall visit the eye of witchwood.

This is the crossroads from where you can go to four particular ends of the entire witchwood (refer to the eye of witchwood map). Make your way to area 6 from there and then walk towards the Mansion.

Pick up the items along with the witch key and also don’t forget to retrieve 3 totems of evil, 2 hp increment of active party members from the purple glows, 3 spirit scrolls, 416 gold from the secret room (32) and then enter the mansion.

Secret Mansion: open the door using the witch key. You will find yourself inside the mansion, let’s name it room1 for ease of recall. The random encounters you’ll face here are:



Skeleton warrior

Life Apple


mithril dust

Flora tarantule

Marshland Herb

Evil Danjana

Necroleech (ALL)

Vampire bat

Bone Lycose

Bone Arm

From now onwards, I won’t tell you to pick up the items marked in the maps/screenshots and will assume that you do so. I’ll simply mention where you will be proceeding to. Enter through the left door.

The secret room (33) has rise mortal spell (purple glow ball), temporary resistance crystal boost, 1 magicka scroll, 1 paralysis scroll, and 1 XP pumpkin. Walk up to the top left corner of that secret room to discover another secret room (34)! It has 3 Magicka scrolls, 2 paralysis scrolls, 1 St Christopher scroll, 1 Al’ Kazayer scroll, 2 pacification scroll, 5 spirit scroll, and the temporary mind crystal boost.

Gather the items and then move out of the room into the entrance of the mansion (in front of three doors). Take the door on the right and you will see a switch near the entrance. Let’s name this place as a ‘hall’ for future reference.

Don’t press the switch at first. Keep walking to the right to the exit point marked by the white arrow, to the guest apartments. On the extreme right side of the guest apartment is a chest containing a buster artifact.

The room beside the chest has 3 gluey honey in the chest and two holy mirrors on the ground, healing potion from a barrel, sasma salt on the shelf. Exit the room and climb up the stairs to the left of it. You will reach the top floor. The left most door leads to 1 totem of evil and a switch. Flip the switch and get outside the room. The corridor of the top floor has 2 more totems of evil lying on the ground.

There’s nothing more in this area, head down the stairs. Directly south of the stairs you will see a blue arrow pointer. Go through it onto a new area. There retrieve the nirum armor from the upper left chest hidden by the trees. The moving purple glow balls will give 1 hp each if you can catch it. Get back inside and go into the room beside the stairs. It harbors a totem of evil and a holy mirror.

The last room left in the guest apartments has snake blood and onion soup. Exit the guest apartments and return to the ‘hall’. Now explore it and pick up the items shown in the map earlier.

The secret room (35) has 6 XP pumpkins, 1 yveen potion on the table, temporary mind crystal boost, 3 magical acorn in the chest. Before talking to the ghost on the left side of the table, heal up and save. You will be called for a fight. Equip party members with anything that protects from dark spell, Random with holy sword, Sarah’s exorcism and Luciana’s breeze spell. He will randomly drop rafferty cheese.

The door to the north is now accessible. Before moving on you can engage in another fight in order to get a relic-the hero shield; simply heal up and explore the painting marked in the map.

This fight is very difficult and a level of around 40 is expected to win it. Also don’t equip anything that encourages counter hits from your party members and protects from burnt, melted, madness, numb, cold or frightened. The spirit of the manor will keep reviving its partners, so it is advised to paralyze the two companions instead of killing them as it would make fighting easier.

Finish off the spirit first by immobilizing the companions and then handle the other two. After that carry on through the living door to the north.

The secret room (36) has 3 Benitier, 1 St Christopher scroll, 1 Yveen potion, 1 moon dew, 5 necrotear and 5 necroleech (all). Now press enter/action button at the middle column marked at lever, and the gate will open.

Collect the items and prepare for a fight against the skeleton Daramouss, after which he will drop a manor key. The chest has an unholy incantation. Press the switch we ignored when we entered this area while going back to the entrance of the secret mansion with three doors. Enter the middle door now.

Enter the open door on the left that you first come across while exploring this region. Collect the items from this room as shown:

Exit this room and flip the switch to your right. A crack will appear in the wall just above it. Enter the crack by pressing the enter key/action button twice. Spark is very useful in this area.

The random encounters here are Saurus Lycose, Chasm Lycose, bone lycose (drops bone arm).

The spiders are difficult to kill, equipments that give counter attacks are applicable here. The secret room (37) contains 3 purple glowing balls, 2 XP pumpkins and 456 gold. The oven will render five rounds of encounters and 1667 gold.

Continue until you reach the door. Enter it to find the Lucrecia key. Fight your way back out of the spider nest. Now keep walking along the corridor towards north and pick up the following items on your way-2 acid rain (all), doom helmet; up the stairs you will find doom shield , 1 XP pumpkin, 1 ark flare scroll; 1 paralysis scroll and 3 old candles by opening the gate with dead keys; the skeleton painting north of that red chest will lead onto another area.

Keep walking to your north till you reach a pair of skulls on the table. Put on the lamp beside it and you will see a path leading to a vampire noble jacket (relic). Grab it:

Flick the switch to your right in between the zigzagged way.

Then go up to the top left unlocked gate and press that switch too. Now go down the bottom to where you first entered and you should be able to get the 6x XP pumpkins. Then again walk up to the top right unlocked gate and flip the switch. From there carry on to the unlocked gate to the top left where you can see a door. Retrieve the following items from the tables- 1 dwarven bread and 2 XP pumpkins.

Move on and get the temporary crystal of resistance and keep walking till you reach the end with a vampire, a boar, a save bunny and a skeleton. Equip ice damaging weapons as the foe you are about to encounter is weak to ice, protect your party from poisoning and disease.

Heal up and save, then talk to the vampire. Fight him and get 1865 gold and zelyus ring. Walk through the curtains and pick up two totems of evil and 4 roast beef, 4 trout, and 3 medical herbs from the chest. Carry on and you will find the missing pets, quest complete. In the last lower right room is a 1 Al’ Kazayer scroll. Exit the mansion, witchwoods via ‘egress’ and return to Rillia.

Observe the events when you return to Rillia. You will end up in the house of corrections. The cabinet has 17 gold, the table has 15 gold. You can sleep on the bed to heal your party members. Talk to Guanidia and enter the crack in the wall. You will paused by someone. Watch the conversation and you’ll get transported to the Sewers.

Quest 27: find the final eye

Sewers: (P.s. Sewer maps are taken from aldorlea game community)

The random encounters here are:



Filth shark

Filthy shark wing

Blood piranha

Man eater rat

Misfit tail

Orc burglar

Healing potion

Uwe (ghost)

Ninja madu

The secret room (38) has 1 purple glowing ball, 4 sticks of dynamite, 1 refined ether, 383 gold. Explore the area thoroughly and move on to the next area marked as ‘to R1’ along with the items collected.

The secret room (39) of this area has 4 purple glowballs, 136 gold, 108 gold, 185 gold and ocean love (all).

Gather items from this area and go through the path marked as R1 D1 L first.

This region has nothing except for a chest and a secret room (40). The secret room hides 5 ocean love (all). Exit this area to go to the previous one and now take the route marked as R2.

Flick the switch to the right (you can’t move the blue one, so don’t bother) and pick up the following from the secret room (41): 2 purple glowballs, 266 gold, 238 gold, 314 gold, 198 gold, 255 gold, and 229 gold.

The man won’t give you any important clues. You can continue your exploration onto the region marked as R2D2.

Here, one of your party members will join you. Save your game here. Return to the blue switch room and when done with this place exit to the previous area. There you will see that the barricades have opened, so now you can access R1 D1 R by climbing the ladder.

The path to library will lead you to the inaccessible chest containing 11767 gold. The way to catacombs is locked from this side. Flip the switch in the other end. The catacomb will be unlocked. Before you go, you can return to the house of corrections to heal and save before continuing. Enter the library catacombs and keep on moving till you come across the save bunny. Save and carry on, watch the conversation.

Quest complete. You can choose to enter it then or later. When you chose to enter it, you are transported to the outer world.

Outer world: click on the piano and see what happens. Step into the blank darkness and you’ll get transported into a white room. Press enter in this spot and you’ll be sent to the outer world directly.

You can step back into this room for resting and healing up.

Welcome to the outer world. The random encounters here are:



Eye of the outer world


Doom messenger

Demon horns


There are many invisible platforms in the outer world. First visit area 2.

Press the lowest switch shown in the map to make the platform appear near the blue chest. Area 5 has nothing.

Get back to area 1 and inspect the piano and the locked doors to the top. Now take to your way to area 3. try to talk to the creature to the extreme right and see what happens. Start walking in the new area till you reach a glowing crystal. Touch it and you will meet someone special. There will be further conversation and teleportation.

Quest 28: find the stairs of Nevenmore (maps taken from aldorlea game forum)

Hall of Madness: walk a bit right and then down, talk to the guard named Useless. He will give you a clue to another quest: finding the experimental complex. The random encounters here are:



Spirit of fractal earth

Spirit of the watercolours


Spirit of the eternal flames

Fire powder

Spirit of the black hole



Explore the hall of madness (show screenshot).

Cats’ village:

The cats guard the village as well as the rats behind the door in between them. You can save your game at the cat near the left side of the entrance. Wear the hat of persuasion and luck ring when buying and selling items. Don’t buy the obsidian sword and cat mask, as you will get them for free later.

One of the cats give a quest to find two ores for creating claws-shrakem and zombie dust. Lunarcat will teach Herasia Lol cat skill if Herasia is in the party. You can pick up a royal trout beside the dog inside cat village. The second underwater pit has health auquifolium. Talk to the king cat and then to the cat beside him, he will give a quest.

Quest 29: heal the flame

Take Luciana and spark in the party and talk to that cat again, the flame will be healed. Quest complete. You will get an option of transferring the flame energy either to Lucian or spark. If you choose Luciana, she will gain +5HP/+10MN. Spark will get +16HP plus 2 HP from quest completion. The cat will give you a cat mask as a reward.

Rats Village: There is a quick peach under the tree in the rat village. There is a royal trout and salmon beside the deep pool in front of the four rats. The sword stuck in the ground is an obsidian sword and Random can pull it out if his strength is 1500 (use the equipments on him that increases his strength). There is also a pair of salmon and trout near the lower left end of the rat village. You may rest at the inn for 10 gold. The chest beside it has Epping War Rod.

Exit the village of cats and rats and keep walking along the winding passages. Buy a metro ticket here.

The red chest in Dr Dyper’s room has explosion bow. Get the ocean love (all) from the room of wonders:

The blue chest behind the asteroids scientist has a Iradius (artifact).

Go down the stairs below the guy who has discovered eternal youth.

Inside the weapons room, talk to the fist and you will get Automate’s Friend weapon. You may save your game at the flying frog-like creature. Enter the manor of fools first and pick up any item found lying on the floor.

The knight to the lower left side will give you a quest. The man beside that knight can cure zombification or cursed items (note: if you have equipped the doom shield on any of your party members and cannot remove it then you can get it removed here).

You may buy or sell items and weapons here. The bald man to the right will train you for 2000 gold-Random can get a choice of +15HP, +20ST, +30 RS, or +30 SP. Sarah can get a choice of +15HP, or +35ST. Coryool can get a choice of +25 HP, +20 ST, or +4 Lvl. You may rest at the inn for 10 golds.

Quest 30: cure knight’s sneezing

Exit this area and go down to the ship beside the little boy. Inspect it to get beautiful sails. Return to the knight and give it to him. Quest complete. He will give you a shatterer axe.

The doors marked as ubiquitous room are not worth importance. Buy an apartment for 1000 gold from the realtor. You will be able to earn from your room and can also rent it. Just keep checking back both in the apartment and where the realtor is after every 1000-2000 steps or so.

First the realtor will tell you a family of dwarves wants to settle in. Talk to all of them, get the payment from the head dwarf. Keep on checking back after every 2000 steps or so. Complete some side quests and get your main one progressing; fight some monsters. There’ll be a guy in a suit near the dwarves, he’s your “Revenue Agent”. You’ll get THOUSANDS in rent from him.

Take the way to your right to the experimental complex.

The way leading to illusions will simulate the mushroom valley entrance and on exit will bring you back to the previous room in the hall of madness. Check the upper wall marked on the extreme right of the map to get aldorlea ring. The barricaded gate is the stairs to Nevenmore. Quest complete. Now you need to find the key to open this gate; for that you need to visit Merlin.

Quest 31: find the key to the gates of Nevenmore

Go back two screens to the first map area. Walk up to the top area after the looped passages and enter the door where you can see Merlin the clown.

Talk to him. He will give you two cat keys which you need to take to the cat king in cats village. Go there and give it to him. You will get the key to the stairs of Nevenmore. Quest complete.

Visit the stairs again. On your way you will find two men guarding the way. Find out from them what has happened-you need Dr Dyper’s authorization to go further. Go to Dr Dyper but wont be allowed in. Leave his room and head right. You will see a dwarf in the upper right corner. Talk to him and he will offer to give you some information for 8000 gold (2500 gold with luck ring/hat of persuasion).

Now you need to head to metro. Refer the map to visit the metro station. Talk to Yul, the hairy guy and he will unlock the passages to the metro station. Make sure you have at least 3 metro tickets. Enter the metro station; the jar to the right has a metro ticket. Click on the metro ship, take the south district first onto hotel cosmopolitan.

Metro– the random encounters here are:









Hotel cosmopolitan:

Ignore the right room first. Collect the items on your exploration to the other rooms. In one of the rooms where you find zombie dust you will be ambushed by a huge spider along with bone lycoses. It will drop a Teszrandus claw after fight.

Heal up and save before talking to the girl, for you will face a tough fight. You will be entangled, made to bleed and overcome by fear when the creature hits you, but you will get a fibre-factory claw (artefact) and a random drop of condition malachite (all).

Return to the entrance and go to the room to your right. The hooded man sells you a helmet. Enter through the door, you will be at Perkin’s station.

Head up to the top and in the top left is a chest with a Torkugol (artefact). Grab the temporary resistance crystal boost in the lower right.

Go up the stairs and you will be ambushed by a Lamond and a cubulus. Enter the right room and collect the items. Heal up before going upstairs, you will be attacked by failed mutation. It is weak to physical attacks. It will randomly drop a necroleech (all), Go to the warehouse upstairs and pick up the items on your way to the guy standing at the end. Talk to him, quest complete.

Return to the hall of madness, buy metro tickets and board the metro to visit the urban district from west district. the random encounters here are:





Twilight witch

magicka potion

Pick up the xp pumpkin and talk to the little green flying frog-like creature, which will sell suits of armor. That’s it for this place. Return to the hall of madness and board the metro to twilight station.

The blue button on the left sells items. Collect the items shown in the map. The secret room (42) has 15 XP pumpkins and 1x heaven elixir. Return to the hall of madness and board the metro to the last station in the south district.

Collect the items shown in the map and return to the hall of madness. Worm hole station is empty. That’s it for the metro.

Quest 32: Find ingredients to make cat claw

Go to the cats village and give the zombie dust and shrakrem to the cat beside the small chest. Quest complete. He will make you the demoniod claw for free.

Return to Dr Dyper’s waiting room. Enter his room and talk to the skeleton hanging on the wall, he is Dr Dyper lol! Select the option ‘I don’t want to go to school’. Talk to him twice selecting this option and he will issue a fake flu certificate.

Now go to the area of your apartments and walk south beside the ship from where you stole the beautiful sails. The next area has a solitary scorpion roaming and a man beside a switch. He is the hall councellor. Talk to him, he will give you a quest.

Quest 33: Clean out the path of blood

Heal up and save before moving on. Walk down and face the first flame, it’s a blood jar. It has loads of HP, so the battle will be a long one if not difficult. Try bleeding it. It will also inflict bleeding, disease,venom and sleep statuses. It will randomly drop oxyfolia.

The next flame is Kayser crab(drops kayser crab outer scales), Uzair (drops necrotear) and then blood guardian (drops magicka acid). The blood guardian is weak and does not have much HP. The next one is a toughie- Teszrandus. Use lethal dance, mega flare and swamp corrosion on it. He will drop the Teszrandus outer claw. Quest complete. Flip the switch on and heal yourself at the crystal.

Quest 34: Kill the dangerous spirit

Go back to the manor of fools. Now you can enter the barricaded gates to the lower right side of the map. The chest has black hole sword (Relic). Talk to the guy on the right, he will say to kill a tricky spirit in the path of blood. Go back to the path of bloods where you encountered flames. Talk to the hall councilor and then o down to inspect the crystal. It will attack you suddenly and inflict many status effects-bleeding, madness,. Use Sarah’s swamp corrosion and mash it with random’s attacks. Quest complete.

Quest 35: Pass the quarantine brigade

Go to the guys blocking your way, they will let you pass. Open the gate and walk forward. Before opening the gate check the top left corner and open the chest to get the cozca (Relic), save, heal and continue to the gate. Inspect it and watch the conversation.

Quest 36: Find the gate of Nevenmore

After the conversation you will have to fight Ozur. The totems of evil, lethal dance works wonders on him. He casts mute, frightened, blindness. After he is defeated watch the pleasant surprise about two characters. Level up if required and gather as much gold possible from your rented house before we continue.

We need to go to Merlin again. Watch the conversation carefully. The machine beside Merlin sells costly equipments. You need to step into the gate behind Merlin. Be prepared before you go in, this maze will be challenging. You will get an option to divide into three groups and choose your team accordingly. First Luciana has to reach the activation switch of the maze, then Random and then Sarah.

Quest 37: the maze of Malufus (maps are taken from aldorlea.org)

The random encounters of this maze are:



Malufus reject

Malufus remnant


Xabaldos wings


Xabaldarus mask

Black hole eye

Moon Dew

Luciana-Blue Maze: To the right is an arrow that will lead you back if you decide that your party is not going to work and need to change. Below you is a question mark hint that explains the properties of platform jumping. Luci will start from this point:

Follow the path to your left, along the white arrow, to open the blue chest on your left.

Make sure you are prepared before opening it because you will be ambushed. Paralyze your opponent, luci’s over bolt spell works on it, it casts blind and paralysis, shrunk status on your party. He will randomly drop the necroleech (all). In the chest is a KR28 shield (artefact).

Go to your right along the arrow and collect the laxius armor (artifact) from the blue chest. Take the path on the right first.

The secret room (43) has 1x Al’ Kazayer scroll, 1x moon stone, 10x dynamite, temporary speed, mind and strength crystal boosts and 18676 gold. Collect the laxius armor from the blue chest; there is nothing more in this area.

Get back to the previous area and go down along the arrow.

Follow the arrow into the next region and before entering the next area save and heal up. The nest region has the bridge to the activation switch. You will be attacked by an outer whale, just stay alive for few rounds and you will be swallowed by it.

Quest 38: find a way out of the outer whale

The event will be followed by a short conversation. The random encounters here are:



Parasite devourer

Phosphorea bulb

Save and enter the little cave to pick some flesh catalyst and discover a secret room (44) (contains 3 flesh catalyst and 1 Ademia globules). The stairs on the right go nowhere, so take the stairs on the left and collect the items. Get back outside the cave and follow the arrow to your right past a yellow heart-shaped thing.

Pick up the items marked with a white circle on the map. The weblike ways will lead to smaller areas; gather the items from there as well and return to the entrance area. Now walk left along the arrow up to the chest to collect Bio-Globulus Melanine.

Follow the arrow left into the next region.

Collect the items marked on the map and return to the entrance area. From there go up to the secret room (45); there retrieve the 8 mineral salt, 4 Ademia Globulus and the old bottle. Now exit the secret room and inspect the green weedlike thing blocking the path towards the north. Use the dynamite to blow it away and carry on.

Walk forward and heal up before you move onto the next screen. When you step forward you will be confronted by a Vermine. It will randomly drop the verminator. Go up to the top and heal up. You will be confronted by the Space whale’s heart. Use Luciana’s mega freeze spell to make it bleed or Lisa’s lethal dance to benumb it. It inflicts delay and disease. Now, just concentrate on staying alive. It should go down after a time. It will randomly drop a Ademia Globulus.

Quest complete. Now heal up before you touch the activator crystal. You will be confronted by several monsters. Use dark-based spells and equipment to finish off the spirit of the artifact. It will randomly drop an artifoly. Quest complete.

Sarah-yellow maze:

The secret room (46) has 2 Malufus eyes, a temporary strength crystal boost and the 3 yellow glow balls to give your party +1 HP each. Collect the items and follow the arrow into the next area.

The secret room (47) has temporary speed boost and a dwarf who sells bateleur (artefact). Flick the yellow switch first and then move on to the unblocked gateway to the successive area.

Follow the arrow and gather the items on your way till the save point. Save, heal and carry on to the activator in the following area. The same creature will await you. Use sarah’s lethal dance on it to defeat it. Quest complete.

Random-pink maze:

Collect the items and Follow way 1 first.

Retrieve the crystals and items from the chest, the lower path leads back to the entrance area marked as ‘way 2’ in that map. Now go down to the next region.

This area is very confusing so I would recommend that you follow the arrow’s direction carefully.

The secret room (48) has malufus shield and 1 Malufus gem. Jump across the diagonal holes and move onto the next area.

The secret room (49) has 4 moon stones, 1 Malufus gem and temporary mind crystal boost. Take the arrow direction and heal up before continuing west. You will confront the same enemy. Defeat it and activate the switch. Quest complete.

You will find your party back to Merlin. The random encounters here are:



Droid tricker

Laser tron

Laser tron

Move onto the next screen. In the first room down grab the 2 zorb. In the second room down pick up the zorb. In the first room up, in the top left hand corner is a 1 karmitron.

Exit this room and keep going right. Talk to the woman a few times to be able to buy some items. Head up the path to the left of her and grab the temporary mind and speed crystal boosts. Exit this room and enter in the one to the right and down. Grab the Dynamite. Go past the locked area and then go up into the next room. Straight ahead is a temporary resistance crystal boost.

Exit this room and walk past the next locked area and down into the next room. Behind the tree up the top is a hidden XP pumpkin. Exit this room and keep going right then down. At the bottom in the first niche is a zorb. Walk down and around. In the first niche is dynamite. In the first room down below is a zorb.

Keep going right and after you walk around the wall in the way and past the little green thing that looks like a save frog, the blue switch sells items. Stock up if you need to. Talk to the crazy man a few times for him to offer some nice but expensive equipments. Grab the temporary speed and resistance crystal boost.

Quest 39: destroy Ozur

Now turn on all the switches. Now go back to the area with the barricaded paths. Go into the one to the right of the crazy lady first. Pick the dynamite, XP pumpkin and the 2 zorbs. Now exit this room and head past the floor that looks like the moon and enter into the area above that. You will enter into a red room where you will hear some creepy music.

The sign will say that the road to Nevenmore is shut down and is too dangerous. Hit the switch and an alarm will sound. Walk forward onto the black area and keep walking forward. You will reach another room.

Heal up. Now walk forward and when you get one step past the flags you will step on a trigger that will sound another siren. Now you will face the boss-Ozur. I shall not give any fighting tactics and will expect you to discover your own strategy to defeat him. Watch his dialogues and sudden interesting event of the three stars. When Ozur dies and you will be teleported to the antechamber to the stairs of Nevenmore again.

Quest 40: Pass the trial of the stairs of Nevenmore

Watch the events and conversation here. Then head right and you will see a path. Walk across and you will find your party on the other side of the gates that Ozur destroyed earlier. Now save. When running up the stairs always hold the ‘up’ arrow key. At the start when Random starts talking wait until he says “up up up” and press the up button during this text and then keep holding up until you reach the top. The whole thing should only take 1 minute and 30 seconds. Quest complete.

After this Random and his party will get transported to the sunset beach. The blue fish will unlock some goodies. The time goodie will give you points of HP for however many hours that you played for a price. The secret room goodie will convert the amount of secret rooms you found to HP for a character for a price. The relic/ Artifact goodie will allow you to convert the amount of relics/artifacts to HP for one character for a price.

If you like you can wait until you have all the artifacts/relics or more hours of playing time. You can always come back. You can leave the island by talking to the blue phoenix at the bottom of the screen. You can get teleported to Rillia, SankT Leona or Mt Zulle. Now its time to complete all the unfinished quests.

Now there are many areas which are yet unexplored. After the main quest has finished you can go ahead in the expedition to complete all the side quests now. I shall not provide all the maps for these explorations as they are not crucial for game completion. But you shall get the hints as to where to find them.

Quest 41: buy a house

If you choose to return to Rillia, you will find a man to your left. He will sell you a house for 45000 with hat of persuasion on. The house is located below where he is standing. Quest complete.

Quest 42: find the Nirum set

By this time you must have collected all the Nirum equipments. For a recap they were located at-

  1. Nirium Axe: Given by the fairy who gives the quest.
  2. Nirium shield: In the tomb of Uzair.
  3. Nirium Helmet: In the swamp.
  4. Nirium Armor: In the outer area of the secret mansion.
  5. Nirium Boots: In Marlon’s warehouse buy it from the boy/fairy.

Now simply make Lisa wear the Nirum equipments. Quest complete.

Quest 43: Pour Phileas’s Potion on his friends graves

After you return to rillia from the hall of madness, go to the left of the town. You will find a ghost, Phileas to the left of the town. Talk to him to get a quest to pour potion on his friend’s graves.

The locations of the graves are-

  1. Indinera Forest (make sure Sarah is not in the party here)
  2. Beach, Marshlands
  3. Atlas cave (Halbard’s grave)
  4. Port of Rillia

Collect reward from Phileas.

Quest 44: Kill 3 Dragons

Remember the white haired man at the guild house at Sankt Leona? After the main quest is over the Dragon Quest is offered if you equip the Luck Ring and/or Hat of Persuasion. the dragons are quite difficult to beat. The ocation of the dragons are as follows-

1)      Sankt Leona Northern lands-the snow dragon appears when the dragon box is opened near the place where the rogue imp was located. a few people are residing to the right side of the sign saying there is party on the right side.

2)      Marshland of Xen-just after you exit to Marshlands of xen from the lamia tribe, they will be standing right after you enter the screen.

3)      Atlas caves-King dragon is in Atlas caves. Stand next to old man at entrance.


Quest 45: Find all ingredients to make Roslyn’s recipe

One of the recipe ingredient-the chimera egg, can be found by spark in observant mode at the colyseum fights. The remaining can be found while exploring the other areas in the game. Return to her for a good reward.


Quest 46: Find all 6 fairies

The location of the fairies are:

1. One is at Mt. Zulle when you return on the pheonix after the main quest (Drydine).

2. One is in the Southern Shores of Rillia, and requires Perception to see (Nimphette).

3. One is at the top of the Summit of Heroes (Ode).

4. One is in the Colyseum (Saphora)

5. One is found before the FIRST Lamia camp.

6. One is found in the marshlands.

Quest 47: find the six orbs of power

The location of the orbs are as follows-

1) orb of earth in Indra forest where all the red Millipufs are.

2) orb of water in the secret rooms in the marshlands of xen

3) orb of  ice is in the snowy lands near lava pit.

4) orb of thunder is in the desert where the lords are in southern shores

5) orb of air is on top of the 55 level mountain

6) orb of fire is found in the house of the fire mages house in Rillia


Quest 48: fire equals MP

Take the test at the fire mage house in Rillia to earn MP for your party members. Quest complete.


Quest 49: find the sanctum flames

This quest was given by the fire mage at Rillia. you can find this flame at the atlas caves. Talk to Kevin, the explorer, at Rillia to be able to visit there. And for that you need a particular axe from the Pirate’s hideout at Rillian port. The areas are elaborate inside the atlas cave, so I won’t minutely describe them. Here are the maps to assist in your explorations (p.s: these maps are taken from aldorlea game community). Return to the fire mage for your reward.

Atlas caves:

Atlas Cave Entrance

Atlas Cave Ground Floor – Left

Atlas Cave Ground Floor – Right

Atlas Cave 2nd Floor – Left

Atlas Cave 2nd Floor – Right

Atlas Cave 2nd Floor – Right 2

Atlas Cave – 3rd Floor

Atlas Cave -4th Floor

Atlas Cave – 5th Floor

Peak of the heroes– Go to Kevin, the explorer, in Rillia and ask him to take you to the Peak of heroes. He will ask for 1000 gold for him to take you. There are 55 levels to go up. Fight your way up. On the 17th level make sure you equip the wonder eye and you should be able to get the orb of air. This will add +30 power to all air based spells. At the 55th level you will come across the noble guardian.

Just inflict as many status effects as you can. In particular use the swamp corrosion spell. He should go down pretty easy after that. You should now be at the top. Heal up before you go over the bridge. When you walk across the bridge you will be confronted by the destroyer. Ark Flare with Luciana works really well.

Once defeated he will randomly drop a frozen flake. Walk forward and you should find fairy Ode the drodoid. Walk forward and talk to the fairy/woman up the top. She says that she had been trapped there for many years and since you, a hero that has come to free her, she will give you a reward. You can choose equipment, magic or enchantment. If you choose equipment you will get sword (Hero sword (Relic) ), armor (Silver mist (relic) ), or staff (obsidian cane).

If you choose magic you will get Spell for Luciana (Ground of Baht-Matah ), infinite Luxury (+ 999999 gold) or initiate (Have a chance to hit your enemies before they even move, and the more healthy, the better the chance). If you choose enchantment you will get aura inside (Full HP healing before each fight), blessed touch (all party members: Blessed touch state, never be affected by a status Ailment again!), or hero tales (all party members: hero tales state, benefit forever of a powerful enchantment). Head back down to the exit.

Head back up to the top again and you should see a mirror. Prepare for a tough fight. You will now face Neyin. Now if you are having trouble, as this thing has a lot of HP and is a tough fight, try teaching Luciana the dark blast spell from the unholy incantation book. Also teach her the army of the dead spell from the dead leaves rising book. These two spells will help significantly.

Zombify everyone in your team besides Luciana. Heal up and initiate the fight. Paralyse it when you can with Luciana. Also try to inflict defense down (lord of the dance spell from the Al’ Kazayer scroll does this). You can also inflict disease status. Whack away and use Lucianas dark blast spell and paralyse him when needed. It may take a while but this should work after a long fight. It should drop a Neyn ring and 320405 gold.

The mirror will break and you can then inspect it to get 16x golden apples. Put Baretta in your team and use her perception skill. You should see 9x blue glow balls that gives +1 HP. This peak is a great place to level up if you ever need to level up.

Quest 50: find all 6 weapon relics

This isn’t a quest properly as it doesn’t appear in the quest book. It was given by the old man at Sankt Leona guild. Deliver the 6 weapon relics collected throughout the game to him. Quest complete.

That’s it for the 3 stars of destiny. Hope the walkthrough was helpful. Good luck!