2020: My Country Walkthrough

Game Introduction – 2020: My Country

2020: My Country by Game Insight is the sequel to the popular My Country: Build your Dream City,in which you will now build and maintain your own futuristic nation. You will place government, commercial, and residential buildings; hire employees to run them; and deal with natural disasters and other unexpected mishaps while keeping your nation strong and protected by reinvesting your profits.  Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started
2020: My Country can be found by clicking on the “Play Now!” button at the top of this page.

Login options

  • You have the option to either log into the game using your Facebook account or your email account.  If you choose “Facebook” the game will ask for access to your basic profile information and your friend list. Once the game updates to social mode you will be able to visit your friends’ cities.

2020: My Country

  • You will be asked if you would like push notifications sent to your device when you load the game for the first time. You can change your notification settings at any time in the settings menu of your mobile device.

2020: My Country


  • Gameplay consists of building your country one island at a time by completing ventures which will guide you in building your own nation. You will purchase and build different types of buildings which will require varying stages of energy, funds, and items for their completion, as well as hiring employees to work there. As you build your nation, you will collect funds from the buildings at varying intervals and use that money to reinvest. You will also come across unexpected incidents or mishaps that you will have to deal with along the way. You will have to watch your funds and your environmental ratings as well. As your nation grows you will unlock fun ventures such as cruise ships and futuristic exhibits.
  • You will start with the first island shown above.
  • A. Level indicator/XP meter and energy indicator (starts out with a maximum of 21 energy)
  • B. Game Dollars – Start the game with $770,000 game dollars.
  • C. Ventures/Gold Coin indicators
  • D. (Top to bottom) Population, ecology, and electricity levels of your nation.

Game Settings

  • Tap on the gear icon at the bottom right of the game screen to bring out the settings menu. Here you can do the following.
  • Toggle game music and sound on and off.
  • Take screen shots of your nation and post it to Facebook or email to others.
  • Magnify your game screen
  • Set notifications of tasks completion, energy regeneration, and more.
  • NOTE – You can set the game to low or high activity. If you set the game to “High” activity, you will see people walking around the streets and vehicles will be in constant movement (note this will cause more incidents for you to deal with such as traffic jams and accidents). If you choose low, you will have more incidences involving building repairs. Tap on the icon of the person to toggle this on or off based on your personal preferences.
  • Tap on the “?” button to log into your profile and get further help with the game.

2020: My Country

Social Network Rewards

  • Connect to Facebook and/or Twitter and earn $15,000 game dollars for each to use in your game.
  • Note that soon you will be able to play the game with friends and will be able to send and receive gifts to help in each other’s games. Tap on the “Friends” button to activate this. As of this date of publication, it is still pending the ability to play with Facebook or Twitter friends.

2020: My Country


  • Energy is required for all tasks in the game. Your energy meter is located along the top left of the game screen, and you start out with a maximum of twenty one energy points in your meter. Each time you level up in the game, the maximum amount of energy your meter holds increases by one point.

2020: My Country

How to get more Energy

  • Energy regeneration – Energy regenerates at a rate of one point every five minutes. There is a countdown clock under the energy meter to show your progress.
  • When you level up in the game, your energy meter automatically refills as well as increases its maximum energy cap by one point.
  • Purchase using Country bucks – You can purchase energy in bundles using country bucks as shown in the image above. NOTE – If you choose to purchase the bundle of thirty energy for ten country bucks and you are not yet at level ten in the game, you can still use all thirty points.

2020: My Country

Energy Drops

  • When doing various jobs, you may be rewarded with an energy drop which is shown as a blue lightning bolt icon. This will add energy back onto your energy meter.
  • XP – Experience points are earned each time a task is completed in the game. The XP meter is located above the energy meter in the upper left hand corner of the game screen. Here you can also see your current game level.

2020: My Country

Leveling up

  • Each time you level up in the game you unlock buildings and décor items, as well as increase your energy meter’s maximum cap by one point and have it completely refilled. You also will earn one “Country dollar” which is the game’s premium currency.

2020: My Country

Building Businesses and Residential buildings

  • Tap on the “Build” button in the lower left corner of the game screen to bring up the build menu/game store. Here you will see the various structures you can purchase. Some you can purchase with game dollars and some with either type of currency. Tap on the one you wish to purchase and it will land in an open area. Note that there may be rocks and trees you will have to pay with energy to remove.

2020: My Country

  • You will see a green check mark and an “X” over the building. Tap on the check mark to start the building process. If it is a large building it will have to be built in multiple stages which can be sped up with extra energy.
  • Once you complete the building you will have to hire employees to work there.
  • Once these buildings are finished you will be able to earn funds at varying intervals, and you can take out contracts for very large sums of money, XP, and items needed to hire specific professional employees.

2020: My Country

Chance to find

  • Each time you construct a building, do a special job, or handle a mishap, there is a chance to find items you will need in other ventures. These will be shown under the option to speed up any project.

2020: My Country

Clearing trees, rocks and debris

  • You may tap on any rock or tree to remove it and that will cost at least two energy points to do so. If the building situates on an area of land with trees and rocks, you will have to pay a lump sum of energy points to remove all the debris under the building.

2020: My Country

Hiring Employees

  • Each time a new building is placed, you will need to hire an employee to work in it. This is done by collecting special items which are shown to you when you tap on the building. Each professional requires a minimum of three items which can be found by doing various jobs around town.
  • Tap on the building and then tap on the employee you wish to hire. A menu will appear, and when you see this tap on “Look for it.” This will take you to another building or special task that will reward you with this item once completed, in addition to cash and XP.
  • Note you also have the ability to just purchase these items with premium cash if you prefer.
  • Once you have all the items needed, the building will start to earn money for you on a regular basis and you will be able to collect on contracts.

2020: My Country

Collecting items

  • In addition to collecting special items to hire workers, you may also have to collect special items to complete the ventures listed along the left side of the screen. When prompted, click on “Look for items” and you will be shown where to find them. You can either complete a contract over time, or you can pay large amounts of energy in order to complete a task instantly.
  • Once you earn an item it will fall to the ground next to the building you acquired it from. Tap on it and it will either go into your warehouse inventory or will be applied toward its goal.

2020: My Country


  • Each completed building offers contracts at varying intervals. You will see a black briefcase icon over any building offering a contract. If you complete the contract you will earn a large cash payout as well as XP, and there will be a chance to find one of three items you will need in the game to help you level up faster, hire an employee, fix an incident or build a structure.
  • Tap on the building to see the contract. It will be listed across the top. In the game it will list the contract as taking minutes but it actually counts down in seconds. Tap on the first option to start working on the contract.
  • It does not cost an energy point to enter into a contract.
  • Instant completion – If you choose, you may pay large amounts of energy to complete the contract instantly.
  • Note – There are sometimes multiple contracts to choose from, as indicated by white arrows at the bottom of the contract menu. Tap on these to scroll through and choose the contracts you wish to enter into. The number of dots under the word “Contracts” indicates how many you have to choose from in a particular building.

2020: My Country

Collecting Funds

  • Once a structure is completed it will earn funds for you at varying intervals. You will see a green dollar sign ($) symbol over these structures (game dollars). Tap on them to collect funds. The more often you log into the game, the more funds you will collect in a twenty four hour period, which you may use to purchase more buildings and décor.

2020: My Country

Mini Businesses

  • You can access mini businesses through the game store such as mailboxes, hot dog and lemonade stands and much more. These are important for you because they will give you a steady income without having to start contracts and pay out large amounts of energy. You can also acquire items in some instances that can be stored in your warehouse until needed.
  • Note – Mini businesses do not have star ratings.

2020: My Country

Star Rating

  • The stars in the building information window tell you the level of your building. You earn more stars by completing orders from a specific building. This unlocks more elaborate contracts associated with the business.
  • As you level up in the game, you will see that some items can only be obtained from businesses with high star ratings.
  • The more stars a business has, the more likely you are to earn a spin on the spin and win wheel.
  • Tap on any building to see its star rating in the menu that appears.

2020: My Country

2020: My Country


  • As you level up and acquire more buildings, you will begin to notice that there are mishaps all around. These are tiny floating icons that represent things such as traffic jams, emergency letters that need to be mailed, automobile accidents, floods, etc.
  • When you tap on a mishap icon a menu will appear requesting you to spend a certain number of energy points and possibly game dollars to repair the damage. Doing so will earn you valuable items that you will need to complete more advanced ventures, and may earn you country bucks as well.

2020: My Country

Mishap Menu

  • Tap on the triangle with the “!” icon in the scrolling menu to access the “Mishap Menu.” Here you can see all of the potential mishaps listed instead of having to search all over the screen, as some of these icons will actually float around the screen and can be hard to keep track of.
  • Once in the menu, tap on the mishap you wish to repair. You should see a celebration animation and receive an immediate reward once the mishap is resolved.
  • Incidents – An incident is anything that requires a special building to resolve it. For example, if there is an outbreak of illness you will need to build a hospital and staff it with medical staff before you can resolve the incident.

2020: My Country

Game Currency

  • There are three types of currency used in the game for purchasing special advantages, such as items needed to hire professional employees, mini businesses, and speeding up construction times and refilling energy, as well as completing the repair of mishaps.

Country Bucks and Game Dollars

  • These are the premium currencies of the game. You can use these currencies to purchase advantages such as instant building completion, instant energy meter refills, special mini businesses, help with mishaps, instant hiring of professionals without having to search for items and much more.
  • You will start out with a small amount of free premium currency when you begin the game, which the tutorial forces you to spend to show you how it is used.
  • Each time you level up in the game you are rewarded with one country buck.
  • This premium currency, as well as game dollars, may be purchased with real currency as shown in the image above. You can access the currency menu by tapping on the “+” sign to the right of the currency indicators.
  • Currency purchases are considered “In app” purchases and will be charged to your mobile device.
  • Prices of currency bundles range from $1.99 to $99.99 USD. The larger the bundle you purchase, the better overall rate you will receive.
  • Game Dollars – This is shown as a single or multiple green dollar sign icon, and you collect this currency from your businesses at varying intervals. This is the currency that is used to purchase buildings from the game store as well as décor and mini businesses. You may also earn free game dollars when you level up and complete ventures.
  • Country Bucks – These are shown as a backward cent sign and can be earned when you level up in the game, earn it on the spin wheel, or purchase it with real currency. These will allow you to skip many steps such as performing jobs to locate items to hire employees, or outright purchasing special décor to increase ecology ratings. Ventures are a great way to earn free country bucks as well.
  • When you get country bucks use them wisely. It is best not to use them to skip steps such as collecting game dollars from buildings all at once. Save your country bucks for high level ventures whenever possible.

Gold Coins

  • This is the currency of which you can earn by successfully completing timed tasks. Gold coins will allow you to purchase extra spins on the “Spin and win” wheel if you do not have many businesses with high star ratings. You can also use country bucks to purchase gold coins, or you can tap on “Find” from the menu shown above and it will take you to a timed task.

2020: My Country

2020: My Country

Spin and Win

  • Each time a building earns a star you get a spin on the “Spin and Win” wheel. You have the ability to win country bucks, décor, building upgrades, gold coins, and more.
  • Tap on the wheel and it will count down from three. Tap when you’re ready and your prize will be revealed.
  • Gold coins can be used to purchase more spins on the wheel.

2020: My Country

2020: My Country

Venture Completion

  • Along the left side of the game screen you will see ventures or goals for you to complete. It is wise to follow these as they guide the game for you.
  • Completion of a venture results in game dollars you may use to reinvest in your nation, as well as XP which helps you to level up in the game and unlock more buildings for purchase.
  • Each time a venture is completed, you will be notified of your reward and another venture will appear in its place.
  • Tap on the folder along the bottom of screen to hold all the ventures or expand them.

Land Expansion

  • In order to expand you will have to purchase plots of land, and before you can do so you will need to find specific items around your nation in the various buildings, or you can purchase them using your premium currency of country bucks.
  • Tap on the “Look for items” button and you will be taken to the location where you can find the items. You will need to spend energy points in order to do this.

Game Tips/Additional Information

  • If you need additional gold coins to build mini businesses (such as hot dog stands), you can do a timed task. If you complete the timed task within the allotted time (there is a running countdown clock) you will earn enough coins to build a mini business and earn a spin on the “Spin and win” wheel.
  • Along the bottom left of the game screen next to the large “Build” button there is a scrolling menu. You will need to use your finger to scroll through the options from left to right. Tap on the construction hat if you would like to move a structure, sell it, or purchase a road. Each button will take you to a different menu.
  • You must have roads adjacent to all buildings for them to be functional and for you to collect game dollars and XP from them.
  • There are thirty levels in the game at this time. You will be able to complete achievements in the game once you reach level seven. You can access the achievements menu by tapping on the trophy icon in the scrolling menu. Achievements can earn you XP and game dollar rewards. Be sure to read through them first to organize your gameplay.

2020: My Country

Instant Collection

  • If you are running low on energy, you have the option to tap on the button with multiple “$” above the “Friends” button at the bottom right of the game screen. If you prefer and have the country bucks, you can spend five country bucks and all of your game dollars will be instantly collected at once: bypassing the spending of one energy point for each building you have to collect from. The menu will tell you the amount of funds you will collect before you make the purchase.
  • Population is determined by the residential buildings in your country and ecology is determined not by the number of plants you have on hand, but the amount you purchase and place on the land.
  • Tap on the suitcase icon on the scrolling menu to access “My Office.” Here you can read about game updates, connect to Facebook or Twitter, and access Game Center for achievement points and other games by Game Insight.


  • You have completed the basic quick start guide for 2020: My Country by Game Insight. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo.

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