16 Storm Casters Tips from the Developers

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Skull Keep baddies keep bogging you down? Clock running out while looking for loot? Battle cards not packing enough punch? Fear not Storm Casters players. Mike and Nate – designers at Get Set Games – here with tips and tricks straight from the source on how to be the ultimate storm caster!

Mike’s Tips

  • Try to keep your attack number equal or greater than the floor number you are playing on.
  • Use pillars and corners to take cover when dealing with archers.
  • If you are playing with Dual Stick, aim for the Skeleton Bombers when a group of enemies to take out many enemies with a single shot.
  • You can step on enemies after you use the Shrunken Head bomb.
  • Keep an eye on when your next Evolution is going to happen and start saving up gold about a level ahead. That way you should be able to buy the Evolution quickly and not waste potential experience when you are at the level cap for the evolution.

Nate’s Tips

  • Max your attack and portal time before evolving! Each evolution comes with new pricing on your stat upgrades, get the most out of each level before you evolve.
  • Set a limit to your shuffles! Specific cards are never required and shuffling can get expensive, shuffle a few times to try and get better cards but try not to exhaust your gold reserve every run.
  • Don’t be afraid to leave gold behind! Gold is abundant in the treasures and piles only get more valuable the deeper you get. Spending the extra time to clear a room, destroy every crate and pick up every pile may not be time well spent.
  • Also take note of the type of gold pile that has dropped if deciding whether to go for it or not. A small pile of gold is half as valuable as a medium pile, and only one-quarter as valuable as a Bag-o-Gold!
  • Gather EVERY chest! Chests are invaluable in this game, they are always worth multiple Bag-o-Golds even with their lower end rewards. They are the easiest way to gather cards in the game and have a chance of giving you legendary cards!
  • Use Hazards such as Traps and Lava to your advantage! Monsters get hurt by spike traps, and non-flying enemies will burn up instantly in lava. Monsters aren’t that smart and will try to cut corners when chasing you down! Treat a charging enemy like a bull and Ole’ that baddy into some Lava!
  •  Secrets are everywhere! Many walls in these dungeons fragile and can be destroyed with your spells, look for cracked walls as you play chances are you’re going to find treasure behind them 😉
  • Don’t sweat it if you don’t get a perfect shuffle of 3 Legendary cards! Cards won’t make you a better player. Although many Legendary cards are very strong the entire game can be completed without the need to use them. Some of my best runs involved stacking Common and Rare drop chance cards to ensure I always have the right bomb & weapon equipped. (PSST! When the common card ‘Supplies’ is leveled up it becomes one of the best cards to make sure you will always have a bomb or weapon pickup nearby)
  • Bosses do not get effected by extra status effects, such as from the Shrunken Head & Frost Bomb. Use these in boss rooms to disable the masses of lesser enemies so you can deal with the bosses in a more private matter.
  •  Poison Barrels contain Monster poison. Humans, and especially Storm Casting ones, are immune to the green gasses.
  • Don’t forget to Fuse and upgrade your player stats before heading into your next Dungeon! I know you all want to just get back to blowing up baddies, but you’ll never advance if you don’t get stronger!

We hope these strategies help out on your path to conquering Storm Casters. Thanks to Gamezebo for the chance to share these tips and tricks with you guys and most importantly, thank YOU for playing! We’d love to hear what you think of the game and what YOUR strategies are, so let us know in the comments below or hit us on Twitter and Facebook. Keep on castin’!

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