1010! World Tips, Cheats and Strategies

1010! World is the sequel to Gram Games’ original 1010! Puzzle, a free-matching Tetris-like game where players attempted to best their best scores by placing blocks into a grid, clearing out full rows and columns for points. In the sequel, Gram Games has done away with the one-level experience and has added in multiple levels strung with varying objectives for players to complete.

Where the original was as difficult as you made it, the sequel is an overall pretty easy experience. I get the feeling that it’s geared at kids, with it’s cute and charming fresh coat of paint. But still — some of you may find yourselves struggling to complete some of the game’s challenges. As such, we’ve assembled these 1010! World tips, cheats and strategies for players to keep in mind as they set out into 1010! World.

Assess the Situation

1010! World tips cheats strategies

Players are given block choices in groups of three, giving the player three options to work with at the start of every single level. Carefully consider how the placement of each segment will affect where you can place the remaining two. You don’t want to haphazardly lay a diagonal segment in an area where you could have easily stashed the two small vertical segments you have remaining.

Prioritize opening up space by completing rows and columns. Not only will clearing them out net you points or help to complete objectives, but it will clear out additional space to make placing other segments much easier.

Backed Into a Corner

1010! World tips cheats strategies
This level was challenging because it started you off with gaps in the bottom corners. Just do your best to fill in the rest to try and clear them out.

The phrase “backed into a corner” has a negative connotation to it: usually representing a situation where an object is trapped. In 1010! World you want to back your block segments into any corner you possibly can.

By filling in corners, you’re eliminating the chance of leaving an empty slot. Filling in all the extra room is playing 1010! World smartly. Because you need a full row or column to clear out the line of blocks, by ensuring that all the corners of the grid are filled in, you’re almost guaranteeing that you’ll have multiple rows filled up and ready to harvest for some bountiful point collecting.

Leave No Gap Behind

1010! World tips cheats strategies
As you can see, I filled in what I could, ensuring I left no singular gaps in my segment placement.

As mentioned in the previous tip, leaving an empty slot is a strategically poor decision. Sure there are single-block segments that you can use, but these are the gems of 1010! World and you should treasure them each and every time they pop up. The single-block segments can get you out of a bind, but you should never rely on them because they seem to be the rarest segments to show up.

Just do your best to fill in the corners, and pay attention to each block placement to ensure that you’re not trapping yourself with multiple empty holes.

The Objective is Key

1010! World tips cheats strategies
The objective is always in the upper left of each level. Usually it’s point-based or type-based.

Completing the objective is the ultimate goal in each level. When it comes down to it, you should throw all of these other tips out the window if it means you’ll complete an objective.

Whether the objective is point-based or clearing out particular blocks, as soon as it is complete, the level is over and players can progress onto the next one.

Follow our other tips until the objective is within reach, and then do whatever is needed to quickly complete it. You only have X-amount of segments to place, so the longer you wait, the more you risk failing the level.

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