10 DC Legends Tips and Tricks to Make Your Team Heroic


It’s always awesome to be able to command the heroes and villains from the pages of DC Comics in any video game. In the case of DC Legends, the turn-based nature means their powers are under your full control, and the cool twist on Blackest Night in the game’s narrative gives you plenty of reason to play daily.

Even with multiple game modes and a number of ways to improve your characters, DC Legends is a pretty straightforward affair. On the other hand, it’s never a bad thing to admit you could use a hand, and we’ve gone straight to the source — not The Source, for all you longtime DC fans out there, but rather the people at Warner Bros. Interactive.

Here are top 10 DC Legends tips and tricks offered up by the very people who made the game, though interpreted in our own inimitable style.

Read Your Abilities

DC Legends

Not all super powers are created equal. That’s especially true in DC Legends, where every character begins with two different abilities and can unlock more as they level up.

While one ability is always a simple attack, others can be multi-target attacks, buffs or debuffs, heals and more. Make sure you familiarize yourself with every Super Power for every member of your team. Simply tap on an ability and hold down to get a pop-up window that describes exactly what it does. That way you’ll know when and how to use it to maximum effect.

Take Control and Focus Targets

DC Legends

Most games with turn-based combat allow you to hand control over to the AI to make combat go faster and require fewer decisions, and DC Legends is no exception. Simply tap the ‘AUTO’ button at the top of the screen and your team fights on its own.

But is that always the best idea? Probably not unless the foes you are fighting are obviously inferior. For tougher battles, you want to make sure you’re in control.

Rank Up Your Characters

DC Legends

Leveling up your heroes and villains is the easiest way to make them more powerful. Yet in order for them to reach their full potential, you’ll want to bump them up to higher ranks as well.

Every character has a rank determined by a number of stars. Collecting the proper number of shards will allow you to advance a hero or villain to the next rank, which not only boosts their base stats but also unlocks new Super Powers to give you more options in combat.

Do Hard Battles

DC Legends

The Story Campaign holds secrets and rewards for you even after you’ve cleared out each chapter on normal difficulty. Switch things over to ‘Heroic’ at the top of the level select screen and you’ll find more difficult challenges.

The rewards for hard battles are worth it, though. Most notably, you’ll find that hard battles are the easiest and most reliable way to earn more character shards. You can only play each Heroic level three times per day, but if you’re looking to rank up a character, you’ll want to do exactly that.


DC Legends

It’s not always about throwing together the four characters with the highest overall power numbers into your team and calling it a day. You’ll want to ensure you have a lineup that offers you a combination of abilities that works well together.

Considering the rock-paper-scissors relationship between the three factions of characters, it’s a good idea to have all of them covered. On top of that, you’ll always want to keep in mind when you unlock new heroes or Super Powers how they might work together with some of your proven favorites.

Keep Your Characters in Tip Top Shape

DC Legends

Whenever you acquire resources to level or rank up your characters, you should do it. DC Legends gets increasingly more challenging no matter what game mode is your favorite, so keeping your team members as powerful as possible at all times is always advisable.

This applies to gear as well. It’s easy to overlook gear when tending to your heroes and villains, but it’s an important part of the overall formula that goes into their power ratings. And don’t forget that you can tap on any piece of gear to find out where to get the resources you need to level it up.

On a related note …

Use the Find Materials Feature

DC Legends

Not sure where to find the character shards you need? Just tap the ‘FIND’ button in the bottom-right corner of his or her profile screen and you’ll find out exactly where you need to go.

The Shop is obviously the answer a lot of times, but as we’ve already noted, Heroic difficulty battles can yield fragments as well. The ‘FIND FRAGMENTS’ screen will tell you exactly which battles to take on and let you jump right there with just a tap.

Powerful Ascension Abilities

DC Legends

Considering the game is called DC Legends, it follows that you’ll want to get your characters to the Legendary Ranks as quickly as possible (though it takes some persistence to do it). What you might not know is that once you hit the Legendary Rank, you’ll be able to permanently enhance one of the character’s abilities.

This is a one-shot deal, one that can’t be undone or selected again. So make sure you’re comfortable with your decision before you finalize it.

Take Part in Timed Events

DC Legends

The ‘Timed Events’ area of the main screen is one you’ll definitely want to visit regularly. It’s a great place to find specific powerups, ability materials, character shard fragments and more.

There is a catch, though: Some of the events are only around for a limited time, and others are on a rotation that see them active on specific days of the week. Act quickly when you see one you want to tackle.

Collect Your Daily Rewards

DC Legends

Perhaps the easiest way to earn rewards in DC Legends is just to log into the game daily. You don’t even need to play any battles, just sign in for a few seconds.

The game’s daily rewards include essence, free XP and essence. There’s really no reason not to claim it for free, and the more days you play in any given month, the better the loot gets.

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