Watch This Clash Royale Animated Short

Everybody is playing Clash Royale right now, and the Gamezebo crew are no exception. But even when everybody is playing something, you’ve got to assume there are a few holdouts here and there. Should you be count yourself among them, Supercell has one more trick up its sleeve to convince you: a cartoon.

The above video, dubbed “Clash-A-Rama: Welcome to the Arena!” is a cute little animated short about the characters from Clash of Clans discovering a new way to play.

We have no idea if there are more shorts in the works, but we’re hopeful. Between this, the Liam Neeson Super Bowl ad, and the recent celebrity driven kick-off for True Tales of Clash Achievery, Supercell is one of the few mobile games companies with YouTube channels that are totally worth subscribing to. More Clash Royale cartoons could only sweeten the pot.

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