Can Andy Samberg Get You to Play Monster Strike?

Even if you’re a mobile games enthusiast, there’s a pretty good chance you haven’t played Monster Strike. And yet, it’s huuuge. It’s the top grossing app in the Japanese App Store, beating out everything from Puzzle & Dragons to Clash of Clans — and it’s been that way for a long time.

But for some reason, nobody in the West really cares. The game has been available in the US since October 2014, but has consistently failed to burn up the charts. The game’s mix of pinball and RPG mechanics makes it a unique combination, and everyone from Supercell to Rovio has tried their hands at mimicking it.

Maybe all that’s really needed to give it Stateside success is a celebrity — and who better that former SNL cast member, star of Hot Rod, and Brooklyn Nine Niner Andy Samberg?

The video above is making the rounds on social media starting now, and while the team behind it haven’t mentioned plans for a TV campaign, you’ve got to think it’s only a matter of time. After all — the best way to get your game to the top of the App Store is to tell everyone about it between back-to-back episodes of Sports Center.

Monster Strike is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

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