You’re about to Develop a Serious Cat Nip Addiction

When it comes to catnip, cats don’t mess around. A quick YouTube search yields hundreds of videos of cats going absolutely nuts for the stuff.

Hojo Studios’ next game, Nippy Cats, gives players a bag of catnip, then unleashes a constant stream of cats into the room with them. Nippy Cats is a super easy game to get into, as all you need is a finger and the reaction speed to trump cats craving catnip. Which turns out is very fast. Scarily fast.

The cats will burst into the room at impossible speeds, chasing your finger of catnip around the room. Players must drag their finger around the screen, juking and dodging the hyper cats as more cats continue to dash into the room. The player’s score is determined by how many cats are currently in the room. While the game hasn’t seen release yet, Gamezebo was provided with an early copy. My best score is 15 cats, and I’ve been playing it off and on all evening.


Hojo Studios promises multiplayer scoreboard integration, so you can track your friends’ rankings as you compete against their scores.

Look for Nippy Cats when it launches for free next month on both Android and iOS devices.

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