You Must Build a Boat Creator Teases Next Game With Cryptic Trailer

It’s been 20 months since we received a new game from EightyEight Games, the one-man development house of Luca Redwood. Yes, we’ve been counting, as we are always impatiently excited to see what the developer of 10000000 is up to next. Today we received a tiny teaser of what he’s been working on: a mysterious puzzle game called Photographs.

The trailer below is all we have to go on until a full announcement is made, but we’re already curious. The video features seven people taking turns saying snippets of a poem, which reads together as: “Five souls seek my aid / Five vistas to unfold / Five stories their proving ground / Five choices, one reclaimed,” followed by the Photographs title card. The YouTube description merely states “Photographs is a puzzle game that tells five tragic stories.”

Despite the use of live action video in the trailer, this does not indicate a move to real human characters as in Her Story: Touch Arcade reports that Redwood told their Discord channel Photographs will feature pixel art by Octavi Navarro.

Gameplay-wise, all we know so far is it’s a puzzle game. Although Redwood is best known for his endless runner match-3 series, 10000000 and You Must Build A Boat, he has explored other mechanics and styles, like his multiplayer rock-paper-scissors social experiment, Smarter Than You. We wouldn’t be shocked by a major departure into a totally new genre. The spoken poem seems to hint at five characters in need of help but only being able to choose or save one, using their life stories or experiences as your determining factor. This brings to mind any number of possibilities, from the choice-driven drama Always Sometimes Monsters to the point-and-click family history death spiral of Rusty Lake: Roots.

This is all just-for-fun speculation: basically, we have no idea what to expect. But we are extremely eager to learn more when Redwood is ready to share. His past three games are some of our favorite experiences on mobile, so Photographs already has a spot reserved in our Games folder when it launches sometime this year.

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