Wyv and Keep: The Temple of The Lost Idol Preview

By Nadia Oxford |

Dodge traps, hunt treasure, and solve puzzles with Wyv and Keep: Temple of the Lost Idol

The deepest, darkest regions of the world are still brimming with slumbering treasures that are just waiting for an adventurous hero (or two) to uproot them and claim them as their own. So goes the premise for Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol, an independently-developed puzzle-platforming game for the PC, Mac, and Linux.

Wyv and Keep is a gorgeous-looking sprite-based title that plunges you into “Amazonia,” a dangerous land of lost artifacts. Wyv, an educated treasure-hunter who has determined that academia is for sissies, goes straight into the heart of Amazonia’s lost temple with his partner, the cunning blonde Keep.

Wyv and Keep can be played with a pal locally, or you can play together online. Of course, if you’d rather go it alone, that’s an option, too. Either way, each level in Wyv and Keep is thick with traps and puzzles that must be surmounted before you can reach the “Exit” gate. Expect the traditional spikes, rolling boulders, and angry natives.

 The Temple of The Lost Idol

 The Temple of The Lost Idol

 The Temple of The Lost Idol

Wyv and Keep combines mind-bending puzzles, intense action-platforming, local/online co-op play, and funny, comic style writing in a novel way,” says A Jolly Corpse, the studio behind the game. “Teamwork, brains, and quick reflexes are critical, but the two adventurers Wyv and Keep have a very fun, comedic relationship, and we hope players will laugh along as they work together to solve each challenging level.”

Will you still be laughing when you take an arrow to the eye, or when a rock brains you for stepping on the wrong tile? Find out when Wyv and Keep is released in Summer 2012.

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