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Where wordsmiths reign supreme

Guess the words and beat your friends in WordSmack, the two-player word-guessing game that lets your smack your opponent upside the head!

What’s that? You don’t get to smack people in the head? Oh. That’s a bit disappointing, but I suppose you can still have some fun with it — especially if you’re a fan of multiplayer word games. Each player in WordSmack is presented with the first and last letters of a five-letter word and 15 opportunities to guess it. A correct guess brings up a new word, and although the game isn’t timed, the fewer tries it takes to guess a word, the more points you’ll earn and the more opportunities you’ll have to guess at more words.


Power-ups can be purchased with gold coins that are earned by playing the game, but they can also be purchased through the online store. A “hint” will display a synonym of the word you’re guessing at, while “the hammer” will knock five tiles that don’t belong in the word off the board. Games run for three rounds, with victory going to whoever puts up the highest total score.

It’s very much like a cross between Hangman and Mastermind, with the added benefit of not forcing you to dedicate any more time to it than you want. You can make all your guesses at once, or do just a few and come back to the rest later. It’s easy to play and reasonably challenging, too — but alas, there is no smacking.

WordSmack requires an active network connection and iOS 4.3 or later, and is set to arrive sometime in the near future.

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