Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet Preview

Author James Patterson’s thrilling Women’s Murder Club hit book series (and now television series) is coming to life in this soon-to-be-released murder-mystery game. Meet Lindsay Boxer, Claire Washburn, Cindy Thomas and Jill Bernhardt – four friends who together form the Women’s Murder Club, or WMC for short – as they work together to solve a gruesome homicide.

Each character has a different area of expertise that they bring to the table. As a homicide detective, a medical examiner, a newspaper reporter and an assistant district attorney, the four women create a powerful team and possess all the skills necessary to solve the cities biggest crimes.

The Women’s Murder Club game gives the player the opportunity to play as each of the women to collect and examine enough evidence to solve the case. As the game begins, you will be informed of a murder and taken to visit the crime scene. Collect objects from the scene that will help in your investigation via a hidden object puzzle. Examine the body for clues and collect any forensic evidence that can be found.

Back at the crime lab, use the scientific skills of the medical examiner to analyze the evidence you’ve collected by playing a series of interesting puzzle games after collecting some items necessary for the forensic analysis. Play a short hidden object game to collect the items needed to analyze a blood sample then head to the lab’s computer. Enter the data from the chemical testing as you check the reaction of each sample into the computer and discover important clues about the crimes such as blood types and the presence of a mysterious poison!

Finally, put all of the pieces of the puzzle together at the police station by using the crime computer to analyze the data and draft the Victim ID Report. But don’t relax now – the crime is far from solved and another body has been found! A serial killer is on the loose and its up to the team to see the case through to the very end!

The story unfolds as you work through five different murder cases, each one revealing more and more of the plot and leading you closer to the enigmatic Secret Lotus Society. Were the murdered women working as courtesans to the rich and powerful? Who could be behind such a group and how are all of the murders related? It’s up to you to find out.

The plot and the characters are just as gritty, strong and intelligent as they are in their literary and television forms, and Women’s Murder Club gives everyone a chance to try their hand at solving a grisly crime from beginning to end. The game is launching later this month, so stay tuned for our review and strategy guide.

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