Wedding Salon 2 Juggles Weddings, Life, and Business Rivalries Soon

By Nadia Oxford |

If you’ve ever attended a swank wedding, then you’ve probably been too tipsy on the endless booze to really appreciate the work that went into everything; from the choice of venue to the tiniest details on the wedding cake. But wedding planners put enormous effort into making every ceremony a storybook affair, a point that’s brought to life in Sugar Games’ upcoming sequel Wedding Salon 2.

wedding salon 2

This follow-up to 2011’s Wedding Salon puts you in charge of a business dedicated to engineering dream weddings. That means engaging with mini-games that let you bake cakes, help the bride and groom make their gift registry, sew a dress, and take care of the countless odds and ends that pop up (and anyone who’s ever had a wedding knows those odds and ends never stop coming).

But sharing in other people’s drama doesn’t put a halt to the drama you have to deal with in your own life. You want to expand your business and open bridal boutiques across different cities, but a rival is threatening to run you out. You also need to find time to decorate your own house and build your own life.


Can you balance work and life? Can you keep your business rivals at bay? Can you bake a delicious wedding cake without losing control and diving into it face-first before the bride and groom even have a chance to see it? Find out for yourself when Wedding Salon 2 joins the Worldwide Premiere program at iWin on Wednesday, May 11th.

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