Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World Preview

By Erin Bell |

Quinn has come a long way since she took on her first wedding planning
assignment as a favor for a friend. Now, Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around
the World
finds her firmly established in her career as one of the top
wedding planners around – so much so that she catches the eye of the businessman Mr. Bigger, who asks her to be a contestant on his wedding reality TV show where the winner gets the privilege of planning his daughter Adriana’s wedding.

Based on the preview copy Gamezebo got its hands on, Wedding Dash
looks to stick pretty close to the original Wedding Dash‘s brand of Diner Dash-inspired time management gameplay, with similar graphics right down to many of the same guests and food types. One difference is that the game is now spread across five exotic locations that offer "destination weddings" so you’ll get to see Niagara Falls, a rainforest, a desert, an ice palace and Thailand.

As before, you’ll start by reading a blurb from the couple about their likes
and dislikes and will have to plan the most appropriate food and decor. For
example, if a couple mentions that they like the sea, you should pick the Ocean Blue table linen, and choose lobster and crab bisque soup for the meal.

Then, your job will be to seat guests as they arrive (bearing in mind their
preferences of what table they want to sit at and which guests they want – and don’t want – to sit next to), drop gifts off at the bride and groom’s table, and serve the guests their food. You might also have to deliver drinks and song requests, accommodate requests to be re-seated somewhere else, and send the photographer (Joe Wright, who returns from the first game) over to snap a guest’s picture if they ask for it.

As with the first game, a large part of the challenge is in accommodating the
various wedding guests and their special quirks and habits. Drunken Uncle Ernie, tearful Aunt Ethel, the bride’s slow-eating friend Diane, and social-butterfly Chloe will all be familiar from the first Wedding Dash – although Chloe is not so much of a social butterfly these days since she’s had baby Kathleen. There’s also Uncle Charles, a rich gentlemen who everyone wants to sit next to; Grandpa Norbert, a patient man who takes absolutely forever to eat and is so laid back that he sometimes even forgets to order; Greg and Herb the inseparable twins; and gossipy Barbara, the bride’s cousin, who often asks to be re-seated.

Quinn really gets to come into her own when she’s called upon to avert any of the 11 different "wedding disasters" that can occur at any time, like hungry
pigeons invading the food table, Uncle Charles choking, or baby Kathleen
throwing a tantrum much to the annoyance of the guests around her. If Quinn fails to keep things under control, she risks triggering the bride’s
transformation into a full-fledged Bridezilla – but even that terrifying sight
is nothing compared to the wrath of Groom-Kong.

Fans of Quinn’s pal Flo, the waitress from the original Diner Dash
games, will be happy to learn that Flo make appearances in Wedding Dash
2 as she did in the first game, offering advice and even stepping into
her waitress role when Quinn’s waitress goes down for the count with a broken ankle. As the competition heats up and some shady things start happening (including stolen tables and food tampering), Quinn will need all the support she can get!

Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World is scheduled to launch in mid-May, so be sure to check back for our review and strategy guide.

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