We Rule Preview

Ngmoco’s next release for the iPhone is set to be a mix of fantasy, city-building and social gameplay elements – and it should be hitting the iTunes App Store shortly. We take a look at We Rule, an upcoming iPhone title that puts players in control of their very own kingdom.

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Set in a world of fantasy and magic, We Rule is a city-building game that tasks players to develop their kingdom however they see fit. Landscaping and city planning decisions all rest firmly in the hands of the player. Gameplay will feature a variety of city-centric tasks such as tax collection, farming, and conducting trade with neighboring kingdoms.

Rather than being populated with randomly generated trade partners, neighboring kingdoms will be made up of other players. The game takes advantage of ngmoco’s own Plus+ social gaming network, allowing you to visit your friends’ kingdoms and search out open businesses to place special orders that otherwise remain unavailable.

We Rule

The game is being published by ngmoco, and developed by Newtoy. Newtoy has recently seen success in the AppStore with the free-to-play titles Words with Friends and Chess with Friends, but is best known as the development house founded by Paul and David Bettner – creators of the Age of Empires franchise.

We recently had a chance to talk with We Rule‘s producer Matt Roberts, who was eager to share his excitement about the upcoming title:

“With We Rule, we have always aimed to build a new, completely native experience for the iPhone and iPod touch. There is something uniquely powerful about controlling this world at your fingertips. It’s a simple, natural player experience – just tap on an item that interests you and choose what will happen next. We Rule is about being creative and expressing yourself through these choices: for example, you are free to edit and redesign your kingdom at any time without penalty. And since friends on Plus+ can easily visit your kingdom with a simple touch of the screen, players will strive to design the coolest, most unique space they can build.”

Following the free-to-play business model that ngmoco has recently affirmed its commitment to, We Rule will be available to iPhone gamers at no cost. The game has already been submitted to Apple for approval, so expect to see it hit the App Store shortly.

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