We Don’t Know What Piloteer Is, but We Know You’ll Want to Play It

By Jim Squires |

Whitaker Trebella, aka the mind behind Pivvot and Polymer, has recently used Twitter to announce his third game, Piloteer.

And as with any good game announce, he’s revealed nothing about it.

To be fair, it’s hard to announce much when you limit yourself to 140 characters. Also, a piece of concept art can go a long way towards fueling our imagination. As someone who both owns a “Where is my jetpack?” t-shirt and cites The Rocketeer as his favorite Disney film, it would be hard for me to not get excited about what Trebella teased out at the end of last week.

We reached out to Trebella this morning in an attempt to squeeze out a few more details, but he wouldn’t budge. Whatever the secret is, let’s hope it’s worth the wait.

In related news, this seems like as good a place as any to let you know that The Rocketeer was added to Netflix this past weekend. Go watch it on a loop until @wtrebella breaks his silence.

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