WarGames: WOPR Preview

Are you ready for the third World War?

Be-Rad Entertainment’s upcoming iOS game is based on the classic 80s film WarGames, but this time around you’ll be playing as the computer, trying to thwart all those pesky humans who want to shut down your launch process and keep you from blowing the world to smithereens.

Shall we play a game? That was the big question of 1983, when Matthew Broderick drove Dabney Coleman to distraction with his computer-hacking ways and nearly started World War Three in the process in the hit film WarGames. Now Be-Rad Entertainment, the studio behind Lame Castle HD and Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack, has the license to bring that movie back as an iOS game, but you won’t be playing as a young Mr. Broderick. You’re the WOPR computer in this game, and you want to start a war.

You don’t actually want to start a war, in the strictest sense, but that’s what you’ve been told to do – and as a good computer that follows instructions, that’s precisely what you’re going to do. But why are all these people trying to stop the launch? Annoying humans. Don’t they know that you have a job to do?

WarGames WarGames

To put your nuclear-tipped birds into the sky, you’ll have to beat six “human” opponents in a matching game with a decidedly thermonuclear theme. Put together chains of suitably retro-looking missiles, radar dishes, peace symbols and more to earn cash, gain experience, restore your health and deal damage to your enemies, all while they work feverishly to pull your plug before you turn the world into a cinder.

Gameplay details are still pretty thin, but Be-Rad says it hopes to make fans happy with plenty of content like sound effects and voice samples taken directly from the film. Sounds like a lot more fun than chess, eh? Keep your eyes peeled for WarGames sometime within the next couple of months.

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