Wacky Farm Fun Awaits in Country Friends

Gameloft, the developers of popular mobile games like the Modern Combat series, Order & Chaos Online, and the Asphalt racing franchise, recently announced their latest endeavor in Country Friends. Country Friends aims to maintain the popular and modern style of bright and colorful visuals mixed with easy and approachable gameplay. While it’s still unclear exactly what the goals of the game are, it looks to be like a mixture of Farmville and strategy games like Clash of Clans.

The game’s tagline of “Play and Grow with Friends” implies not only a persistent simulation or tycoon format for the game, but also a collaborative cooperative atmosphere as well. Rather than competing to develop the most prosperous farm, the intention is to actually work with friends. The big bad guys in Country Friends are the evil processed food corporations. In that way, it’s actually not too far off from reality.


The teaser video above is light on details, but gives a good view of the high-quality visuals on display, which is to be expected from anything Gameloft touches. The production values are as high as the potential, but it remains to be seen how egregious the microtransactions are in this mobile farm manager.

You can keep tabs on Country Friend’s progress at the official website and Facebook page, as it prepares for its debut on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

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