Vainglory Gets a Trailer, Coming in October

By Jim Squires |

While Infinity Blade creators Chair Entertainment didn’t take the stage at today’s Apple Event to debut a new IP (or just another IB game) like we were all hoping, Apple didn’t fail to back a new horse with just as much potential.

Vainglory (which Gamezebo took a look at back in June) is an upcoming MOBA that looks, well… kinda great.

And now, thanks to a trailer from developer Super Evil Megacorp, you can see so for yourself.

Vainglory has been given a tentative release date of October, so expect to see this one on the App Store soon.

UPDATE: We’ve been told the game will be “rolling out globally starting in October,” but the official website suggests that it won’t be a proper worldwide release until December. The site further clarifies that October’s release will be a soft launch in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

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