Unkilled Is the next Game from ‘Dead Trigger’ Dev Madfinger Games

Just like the undead horde itself, zombie games just keep on shuffling in from development studios all around the world. One of the latest zombie games to be announced is Unkilled, from the developer behind the Dead Trigger games.

Set in New York City, Unkilled is a first-person shooter that will have players attempting to survive the zombie-filled city by completing missions and upgrading weaponry.

Madfinger Games brags about Unkilled’s “breathtaking graphics” every chance they get, and if the game looks as good as it does in the trailer (or even as good at Dead Trigger 2) they have every right to brag.

While the trailer doesn’t show off gameplay in action, it does show a number of zombies walking around the desolate streets of New York City, as well as showcasing a number of the environments that players will undoubetdly find themselves in. From suburbs to subways, Unkilled looks to span across a large amount of area.

From Dead Trigger to Samurai Vengeance, Madfinger Games has a history of releasing well-made action games. We even ranked Dead Trigger 2 as one of the best Android games of last year.

Look for more details about Unkilled as the game’s June release date nears. A playable version of Unkilled will be demoed at GDC, this week.

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