Toysburg Lets You Turn Little Girls Into Nasty Old Pirates

Kids these days don’t know anything about imagination. At least that’s what Angry Mob Games (Muffin Knight, AVP: Evolution) seems to think. Their upcoming free-to-play game, Toysburg, has players designing toys to enlighten children to the magic of the imagination. Seems a little ironic that they are doing this through a video game. But maybe that’s the point.

Angry Mob Games describes Toysburg as a mix of “classic quest adventure games and sandbox simulation games”, wherein players travel around a town and complete the problems brought to their attention by the town’s youth. For example, in the gameplay trailer a little girl tells the player, “I’ve never even seen a toy before,” before demanding to be given a toy. The player, undoubtedly perturbed by the greedy, albeit unfortunate, little girl, decides to give her a pirate doll which promptly turns her into a nasty-old pirate.

She had it coming to her.


However, the girl seems happy with her new look and hobbles off down the road, but not before paying the player with coins and candy. It is then revealed that players will have a large amount of toys that they can distribute to the town’s kids. From pirates to cows to a three-headed bear, every toy trope is prominently featured in Toysburg.

Players are also able to create and share their own toy creations with their friends. I personally can’t wait to patch together an angry-looking leprechaun dressed in a tutu and give him the unwieldy wings of a pterodactyl for arms.


Look for Toysburg in January for both Android and iOS devices.

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