Torchlight Mobile Is an Awesome Idea That’s Actually Happening

In the pantheon of dungeon-crawling action RPGs, the Diablo series sits at the top. Not quite as renowned but still plenty enjoyable were the Torchlight games from Runic Games and Perfect World — so why not see if the franchise can translate to mobile devices?

“Why not, indeed,” said representatives from both companies in an imaginary planning session I just made up. Nevertheless, Torchlight Mobile is really happening, coming to iOS and Android and quite possibly making an appearance of some sort at E3 this week.

Right now, all that’s been released about the game exists at, and it’s not much. Some social media links, a field where you can enter your email address to be informed about the game’s progress and some downloadable art files, one of which you can see above. It certainly looks like a Torchlight game, for sure.

Perfect World hasn’t done a ton of mobile to date, though it did publish the card battle game Elemental Kingdoms along with Fedeen Games, who is also helping out with Torchlight Mobile. If I was a betting man, I’d wager the game will have several character classes, randomly generated dungeons and plenty of loot that you’ll be able to hunt down while teaming with other players. Solid controls could be the tricky part on mobile, but this is an idea worth getting excited about.

[via IGN]

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