Tiny Tower Vegas is Now Available (in Canada)

By Jim Squires |

NimbleBit makes some tremendously cool games between Tiny Tower releases, so I’m quick to forgive them for returning to the cash cow that is their biggest franchise. Besides, it’s pretty great too.

The third go-round (after Tiny Tower and Tiny Death Star), Tiny Tower Vegas changes things up by putting players in charge of a growing casino. In addition to building floors, you’ll be presented with some gambling mini-games associated with those floors. (on our slot machine floor, for example, we can play slots). This can pay off with Bux, the in-game currency. It’s a nice touch.


We’ve started to dabble with Tiny Tower Vegas, and even in the first few minutes you can’t help but applaud them for capturing that Vegas vibe so nicely. The music seems like a chiptune tribute to swinging hepcats everywhere.

Tiny Tower Vegas is only available in Canada right now, so you can either wait for its worldwide release, or follow our tips on how to get a Canadian iTunes account.

Either way, we’ll see you at the blackjack table.

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