Tiny Tower Vegas Goes ‘All in’ This Thursday

Always bet on the house. And by the house, we mean the house that Tiny Tower built.

Nimblebit – purveyors of such fine games as Nimble Quest, Disco Zoo, and Pocket Planes – have just confirmed that the third entry in their Tiny Tower series will be hitting the App Store and Google Play this Thursday, August 28th.

We’ve been playing the game since it’s soft launch in Canada earlier this summer, and are happy to report that the game is great fun. While the bulk of the offering is a straight up reskinning of the Tiny Tower formula, there are enough little tweaks and changes to help it all add up to a new experience.

Also, you can gamble. A lot. If you want to win big, take our advice and stick to the slots.

Please fasten your tray tables and put your seats in their upright positions. We’ll be landing in Vegas this Thursday.

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