This Lumino City Trailer Is the Prettiest Thing You’ll See All Day

By Jim Squires |

State of Play is a game developer that knows how to keep a secret. Since the announcement of Lumino City in early 2013, only the slightest of screenshots and details (and a brief teaser trailer) have leaked out. They wanted to keep this thing as much a surprise as possible.

Today they showed more of their hand than ever with the launch of a lengthy trailer. Not only is it gorgeous, but it shows actual gameplay footage.

Lumino City – Official Trailer from State of Play on Vimeo.

You read that right. This drool-inducing papercraft world you see in the video above is actual gameplay.

There’s still no hard date on a release, but if you’re itching for a taste, you can always check out the game’s predecessor Lume for about the price of a Venti Macchiato.

[via Kill Screen]

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