Thimbleweed Park Gets a Spooky Great Trailer

Few games are quite as high on my “to watch” list as Thimbleweed Park. The next project from Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick (creators of Maniac Mansion), Thimbleweed Park is the spiritual successor to their 1987 classic; right down to the art style and word-drive point-and-click interface.

Today the team released a new trailer that helps clearly set the tone for the game, and it’s everything fans of their earlier work are hoping for. The whole thing has a darkly funny vibe; like something lost between Twin Peaks and The Rocky Horror Show.

There’s still no release date beyond the vague “late 2016,” but they’ll be showing the game at at GDC in San Francisco next week, so it must be nearing something like a presentable state.

Since this trailer seems to focus on one character, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for more trailers from different perspectives to arrive in the coming days / weeks / months.

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