The Weakest Link & Friends Preview

How’s that link thing going for you? Test your strength with Weakest Link & Friends.

Remember in the early Aughts when everyone would chirp at each other, “You are the weakest link; Goodbye!”? Yeah, wasn’t that great? No. It really wasn’t. Thankfully, The Weakest Link & Friends offers you the full Weakest Link trivia game show experience on iOS, and witty quips are optional—unless you just hate your friends enough to call them up and titter the expression whenever you all play a round.

The Weakest Link & Friends

In fact, given the nature of its source material, The Weakest Link & Friends may lead you to snip off the half of the title that says, “& Friends.” Like the show it’s based on, Weakest Link & Friends can get a little brutal. Maybe even snarky. After all, it attempts to emulate the show as closely as possible.

The digital game works much like the original game show. Contestants climb the chain and vie for the title of the Strongest Link as they answer several of thousands of knowledge questions. As you climb, you earn money. Said money can be banked for safety, or you can cling to your earnings as you keep on going. If you screw up and lose your unbanked earnings, bad news: you are the weakest you-know-what.

The Weakest Link & Friends

The Weakest Link & Friends

Weakest Link & Friends lets you play with pals or the online community. All of the aesthetic elements from the game show are present, including the theme music and the somewhat intimidating chain board. Social features let you go head-to-head with friends and then post/brag about your best scores.

Already available on the Canadian App Store, The Weakest Link & Friends should be hitting worldwide soon, so toughen yourself up as a link. We recommend push-ups and squats.

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