The Three Stooges: Treasure Hunt Hijinks Preview

By Erin Bell |

I always thought that The Three Stooges’ zany brand of slapstick humor would make a great time management game (maybe something to do with waiters and pies? Or fast-moving hospital gurneys?), but as it turns out, the upcoming Stooges game from eGames, The Three Stooges: Treasure Hunt Hijinks, will be of the seek-and-find variety.

Players will get to assist Larry, Curly and Moe as they search for treasure while keeping one step ahead of their landlord, Mr. G. Reedy (the name says it all). Stooges fans can look forward to the fact that levels will be modelled after classic Stooges shorts and movies.

The Three Stooges: Treasure Hunt Hijinks will launch this summer on Big Fish Games first, followed by a wider launch on additional game portals. In the meantime, check out the screenshots that eGames sent us.

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