The Rocky Horror Show is Getting a Mobile Game in 2017

Move over Dance Dance Revolution, it’s time for Dance Dance Rocky Horror. The newly formed Rocket Lolly Games have revealed their first project today at Casual Connect Europe, and it’s one that takes the music of the most celebrated cult classic of all time and warps it into a playable experience on your iOS and Android devices.

Dubbed The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me, we don’t know much about the game beyond who is creating it and the genre it will occupy. We’ve been told that players can expect “a tacticle/touch dance rhythm game,” and that Rocket Lolly Games aims to “socially connect players to create shared moments by tapping into the quintessential aspect of The Rocky Horror show – what it is to be an audience member.”

Want to learn more? So do we. Keep your fingers crossed that more details sneak out from over at the Frankenstein place before the game’s planned 2017 release.

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