The Pini Society: The Remarkable Truth Preview

By Erin Bell |

The Pini Society is a secret organization dedicated to finding and protecting mankind’s sacred treasures. While this sounds like an intriguing plot point for any casual game, the difference in the case of The Pini Society: The Remarkable Truth is that the Pini Society actually exists in real life. How cool is that?

The Pini Society was founded by James Arthur Pini in 1854, during a time when many of the world’s ancient archaeological relics were being sold or desecrated by grave robbers and treasure seekers. The society was recently re-founded in 2006 by Pini’s great-great-granddaughter Rebecca Jayne in the hopes that members of the public could carry on the mission of helping to preserve the cultural wonders of the world.

Jayne was inspired to partner with game developer Arkadium to create a game based on the Pini Society after playing "serious" games like Food Force, which was developed by the United Nations to educate people about world hunger, and the alternate reality game World Without Oil.

According to Jayne, The Pini Society: The Remarkable Truth will teach players about the original Pini Society and let them get involved with her quest to find information about many of the Society’s most significant finds, which have been lost to time.

In the game, players will be able to visit archaeological sites and expeditions around the world in locations including Egypt, Guatemala and Iraq while completing mosaic tile puzzles to reveal facts about some of the amazing discoveries made by Society members, like King Tut’s tomb.

Players are also invited to join the Society, which plans to donate a portion of the game’s proceeds to the preservation of a historical site that will be selected by its members.

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