The Mystery of the Mary Celeste Preview

By Erin Bell |

Merscom has given us an exclusive preview of an upcoming casual adventure game based on one of the greatest unsolved mysteries, the legendary ghost ship Mary Celeste.

The Mary Celeste was a merchant ship discovered in 1872 unmanned and abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean, despite setting off in beautiful weather and with a crew of able and experienced seamen. The ship itself was in perfect condition and still under full sail, with over six months of food and water still on board. Her cargo was effectively untouched and the personal belongings of the crew and passengers were still in place, including valuables. The crew was never seen or heard from again, and what happened to them is often cited as the greatest maratime mystery of all time.

As the ancestor of the person who found the abandoned Mary Celeste, you take on the role of Mary Morehouse as she joins guests and crew of the Mary Celeste II on its maiden voyage. Shortly after the boat leaves the dock, however, strange events start to happen and Mary must work to escape the ill-fated ship.

In The Mystery of Mary Celeste, you’ll explore the mysterious theories behind the disappearance of the original Mary Celeste while trying to save yourself from the same fate that befell her original crew. By finding clues and solving puzzles, you’ll find the items you need to save both ships from disaster.

The game is launching soon. In the meantime, check out some screenshots and chat about The Mystery of Mary Celeste in our forum.

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