The Magikarp Mobile Game You’ve Always Wanted Is on the Way

If you were told to play a guessing game about which Pokemon was receiving its very own mobile game, your first guess would probably be Pikachu. Charizard and Blastoise would likely be close behind, possibly followed by some of the Legendary Pokemon. And somewhere in the hundreds would be Magikarp, though you’d have given up long before you ever got to him.

Yet the joke, apparently, is on all of us. Because there’s a game called Splash! Magikarp that is in the works from a developer called SELECT BUTTON and aiming for a release relatively soon this year on both iOS and Android (and a shout out goes to Touch Arcade for doing the translation work so we could understand that). The gist of it is that holes shaped like everyone’s favorite/least favorite water type Pokemon have appeared around a quiet fishing town.

So is it a puzzle game? Or maybe a fishing simulator, as TA theorizes? We don’t know yet, but even the idea that it’s a thing is fascinating.

Nintendo resisted putting Pokemon on mobile for a long time, content to keep the franchise’s games on its own Nintendo 3DS for the most part. Pokemon GO cracked the door open ever so slightly, and the more recent release of Pokemon Duel suggested they were gearing up to unleash even more.

But let’s be real: if there’s a game featuring Magikarp, that means the flood gates are truly open, no water pun intended. It’s safe to say any Pokemon could end up in a starring role before long. Splash! Magikarp will probably surface in Japan before it heads to North America, so it might be wise to keep an eye over there for other Pokemon mobile games that are in the pipeline.

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