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Zatun has shared their upcoming game with us, a side-scrolling arcade-style platformer for PC called The Legend of Vraz. The young prince Vraz is in love with Princess Avi, and to win her hand in marriage he agrees to undertake the five tasks set out for him by Avi’s father, the Maharaja of Kund.

The five tasks that Vraz must complete are to collect the biggest and brightest red rose, a diamond-studded heart, a traditional horse and a sword; and to earn 100,000 coins for the wedding.

However, the Vizier of Kund has other plans. He’s in love with Avi himself, and realizes that marrying her is his ticket to becoming the future king of Kund, and perhaps the eventual ruler of the entire region. He is in love with Avi and realizes that if he can marry Avi, he will be the future king of Kund and may be one day of the entire region.

Developed using the Microsoft XNA framework, The Legend of Vraz will feature 15 stages with four distinct and "exotic" locations rendered in a hand-painted art style inspired by Indian miniature paintings. According to the developer, the game will offer six to eight hours of gameplay.

Players will be able to control Vraz with either the mouse or the keyboard, or a combination of both depending on user preference. Vraz’s main weapon is his bow and arrow, and the game will feature five upgradeable arrows.

According to Zatun, The Legend of Vraz is being developed only for the PC at the moment, but the studio also has plans for a downloadable Xbox 360 release (through the Xbox Live Indie Games network) in 2010. Check out screenshots for the PC version here, or talk about the game in our forum.

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