The Journey Down Gets its Third and Final Chapter This September

By Rob Rich |

Bwana, Kito, and Lina are back in the final chapter to Skygoblin’s Afro-Caribbean style point-and-click series. Now the trio find themselves in the Underland, exploring the Kwayerumoshi caves and discovering the remnants of an ancient and most likely long-forgotten culture. Will they be able to figure out exactly what the Armando Power Company is up to? You’ll have to see for yourself when it releases on September 21.

Chapter Three looks to maintain the gorgeous hand-painted backgrounds and unique designs that were so notable in the first two, along with the fully-voiced cast and jazz/reggae soundtrack. If you’ve played through those earlier chapters, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. And if not, you should probably go and do that first, otherwise the story might leave you scratching your head.

The first two chapters of The Journey Down were quite well received here at Gamezebo, so of course we’re looking forward to seeing how it all comes together next month.

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