The Golden Years: Way Out West Preview

The Golden Years: Way Out West takes resource management to the frontier

Alawar’s The Golden Years: Way Out West is an upcoming casual building sim from the makers of Hotel Mogul that’s set in America’s Wild West. We spent some time with a preview version of the game, and you can read our impressions behind the cut.

 Way Out West

The story follows the adventures of a frontier family made up of Gertrude, her husband Samuel, and their young son Jacob. The family falls on hard times after their general store burns to the ground and Samuel gets thrown in jail because he can’t replay the debt. Gertrude starts a new business venture by establishing a mining town in Georgia in order to raise the money to pay off their loans and free her husband.

Gameplay resembles My Kingdom for the Princess resource management with a dash of Build-a-lotstyle civil engineering. From your home base, the Municipal Building, you’ll send workers out to harvest resources (like gold and wood), and construct buildings to complete level goals.

 Way Out West

Buildings can be residential, like covered wagons for people to live in, which earn rent; or industrial, like sawmills that produce extra wood. There are also special buildings that serve as amenities to the townspeople, like water towers. You can only build residential builders if they’re within a certain proximity to these amenities.

The Golden Years: Way Out West should be launching later this week on Alawar Games.

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