The Forgotten Pharaoh Preview

By Erin Bell |

Gogii Games’ fascination with museums continues with The Forgotten Pharaoh, the company’s latest hidden object adventure. Many details about the title are still under wraps (Gogii promises that more will be revealed, including a very unique twist that we’ve never seen before in casual games, next week), but in the meantime we have some screenshots and story info to share with you.

The Forgotten Pharaoh

A young family is invited to visit a newly opened museum in Egypt, and while touring the museum they discover the long-forgotten tomb of a cursed Pharaoh named Raned. After the family gets separated, you have to help them reunite – by playing as each of the members of the family – discover the story behind the fascinating tomb and the treasures buried within, and of course make it out safely.

The Forgotten Pharaoh

Gogii Games promises to release more details about The Forgotten Pharaoh very soon, so stay tuned to Gamezebo for the low-down.

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