The Dream Voyagers Preview

By Erin Bell |

Residents in the small town of Slumberton are experiencing horrible nightmares where their dreams are being haunted by their worst fears and phobias — whether it’s ghosts, the thought of losing their wealth, or even squirrels! As someone with the unique power to soothe troubled dreams, you’re the only one who can help bring peaceful sleep back to Slumberton in GameHouse’s upcoming hidden object game The Dream Voyagers.

The Dream Voyagers

You play a “dream voyager” – a kind of sandman who has the magical ability to enter peoples’ dreams and calm their nightmares. The master of your guild sends you to Slumberton with two goals: to enter the troubled dreams of the residents and fix their nightmares, and to get to the bottom of what’s causing the nightmares in the first place.

With each chapter you’ll travel into the mind of a different resident to remove what scares them by clearing the cluttered scenes of hidden objects to open up new pathways. The game is timed, and uses a unique three-tiered hint system that offers different ways of revealing particular hard to find objects.

The Dream Voyagers is launching later this month on GameHouse.

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