The Dark Knight Rises Preview

What do bread and The Dark Knight have in common?

Say what you will about The Dark Knight, but he always manages to rise to the occasion. Be it taking down The Joker or putting up with the ire of the confused citizens of Gotham, he takes it all in stride. Everyone will be able to experience this stoic heroism in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises game, coming to iOS and Android later this summer.

The game is meant to complement the upcoming film of the same name, though I doubt any of you have even heard of it. It’s just some third film in a series featuring a bunch of no-name actors like Christian Bale and Gary Oldman. Who even are they, right? That’s okay, though. We can just pretend like it isn’t happening and enjoy this game instead.

Going by the trailer — wherein Batman punches a lot of people in the face — the game will be action-packed. As certain as I am that it will be a lot of fun gameplay-wise, I can’t help but be more mesmerized by its visuals. Seriously, that’s one sharp-looking game. Appearance is important here, because the game is set to have open-world characteristics, not to mention the inclusion of characters like Catwoman, Bane and others. The last thing I want is to have to look at a blocky, awkward version of Bane. He’s creepy enough as it is.

Developer Gameloft is working closely with WB on the game, though both companies are choosing to be silent on details at the moment. Then again, Batman always was kind of the silent type. Also really good at poker, I hear.

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