The Clumsys Preview

By Erin Bell |

Tim and his mischievous friends got themselves into quite a pickle when they discovered Grandpas latest invention at his birthday party: The Time Machine. In the upcoming hidden object / adventure game from Gogii Games (of Nanny Mania, Escape the Museum and The Hidden Object Show fame) entitled The Clumsy’s, help Grandpa track down 20 kids who have been lost in time and clean up any traces they left behind. Who knows what kind of chain reaction a toy car could cause in the year 200BC?

According to Gogii, The Clumsy’s will feature "never before seen" game modes – unfortunately, we can’t tell you anything else about the modes other than there will be 4 of them in total. We can tell you that the game will featue a whopping 120 levels, 3 unique gadgets and 2 mini-games, and will be launching in a couple of weeks.

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