The Clockwork Man Preview

By Erin Bell |

RealGames just sent us some tantalizing new screenshots and gameplay info for The Clockwork Man, an upcoming hidden object game from Total Eclipse that is scheduled to launch early next week.

Here’s what RealGames told us:

In The Clockwork Man you’ll peel back the curtain and visit a 19th Century world that never existed – a world of steam-powered robots, flying airships and strange scientific experiments.

Miranda Calomy stems from a long line of engineers and inventors. When a cryptic letter from her grandfather arrives at her London flat, Miranda sets aside her plans for a university education and embarks on a transcontinental adventure. Miranda is joined by her sidekick robot Sprocket, whose gears of iron and steel hide a steadfast, loyal heart.

The Clockwork Man takes seek-and-find gameplay to new dimensions. Zoomable rooms allows you to get up close to tricky puzzles, while Scrolling Rooms let you look around and explore your surroundings. You’ll need all the tools and engineering know-how at Miranda’s disposal, and plenty of help from Sprocket, to solve the puzzles, help your grandfather and save the day.

Click here to check out five exclusive new screenshots.

The Clockwork Man is launching on March 18. Check back to Gamezebo if you want to know the instant the game comes out.

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