The Blockheads Preview

The Blockheads is the next 2D mobile crafter to keep an eye out for

Minecraft: Pocket Edition carries the same charm and universe of Mojang’s flagship title, but it’s hard to deny that it’s a far cry from the complete PC title right now. For players seeking a Minecraft-like experience that feels like it was genuinely build from the ground-up for iOS devices, Majic Jungle’s David Frampton is working hard to make your dreams come true. Meet The Blockheads.

The Blockheads

Set in a two-dimensional world, The Blockheads aims to take the renowned terrain and block-based construction formula of Minecraft and repackage it in a way that makes it more accessible to new players. Featuring a control scheme that caters better to a touch-only device, Frampton’s creation aims to retool the crafting system as well.

“Instead of needing to know recipes and being able to craft everything in one location, there are many different kinds of workbenches, each with a handful of items they can craft,” says Frampton. Instead of requiring external charts or guesswork, each workbench will be complete with required components, along with an item description for each new item created.

The Blockheads

Also unique to The Blockheads will be an in-game currency function. Adventurers can mine and explore the land at a natural pace, but more ambitious crafters can spend real money in order to get materials faster.

Aside from a promising premise and clean visuals, there’s still plenty left to be uncovered in The Blockheads. Will there be a combat focus like in similar 2D crafter Terraria? Will there be multiplayer? If you’ve found yourself craving a clean and capable crafting app for iOS, keep on the lookout for The Blockheads.

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