The Binding of Isaac Preview

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The Binding of Isaac combines Zelda-style dungeon crawling with RPG elements

The Binding of Isaac is an indie adventure/RPG about a little boy who flees to his basement after his mother hears the voice of God asking her to sacrifice Isaac to prove her faith. Following Isaac on his journey, players help him fight off mysterious enemies and collect treasures that give him superhuman abilities.

The Binding of Isaac

According to the blog of developer Edmund McMillen, The Binding of Isaac is a world made up of randomly-generated dungeons and rogue-like elements.

“There is not a traditional leveling system in Isaac, instead we used an item system,” says McMillen. “Every level will have a treasure room, shop, boss and other secret/special rooms that might contain unique items. Special items come in 4 sets, Usable items, Special Weapon upgrades, Passive upgrades and stat boosters. 90% of items in the game stack, so as you progress your character will change into a monstrous powerhouse not only in stats and abilities but also in appearance.”

The Binding of Isaac

There are more than 80 unique items to find, 50 enemy types, 14 bosses, 3 unlockable classes, and 4 chapters with multiple endings to unlock.

Look for The Binding of Isaac to launch around the beginning of September for PC and Mac.

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